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Hello and I'm back!  Some of you who follow on me twitter, my face book page and my instagram know how i spent the weekend.  
Lee Min Ho was in town and naturally i'd be on official capacity for this blog to where he'd be workin' that smile, officially.  hehehe so no, i didn't check in at his hotel, i didn't stalk him around the city and the restaurant he'd eat at.  no i didn't even fetch him at the airport hahaha.  but, my guardian angel made sure that even before I left for Seoul last October, that this blog will be present at the press con.
And here I am.  lafang mode at the Shangri La Makati.  Thank you Bench!
A familiar face! it's Ms Sam Oh! you may remember her when she hosted the recent 21st Korean - Filipino Cultural Event held at the Aliw Theatre next to the CCP.  Ms Oh has conveyed the organizer's and Bench's apologies as Lee Min Ho's flight was delayed two hours and naturally that's going to have a domino effect on the rest of his activities for the rest of the day.
But all good things come to those who wait.  I've been waiting, since Boys over Flowers exploded in popularity, for Lee Min Ho to come to the Philippines, what's another hour?  
So they began to show footage of Lee Min Ho's filming and photoshoot for Bench Clothing to indicate his entrance to the hotel's ballroom where the press conference was to be held.
And our statuesque idol arrives and the first thing he does is apologize for the delay and explained that his flight was late.
the lovely Ms Sam Oh has the questions compiled from the press and bloggers ready for MinHo-ssi
the interview portion was about twenty minutes.
he answered quite thoughtfully and with his own style of candidness.
 though quite tired he was still answered clearly and was quite happy go lucky.
but like all good things, they end. but at least i got a photo op with Ms Sam Oh herself! something I missed out on when we were at the 21st Korean-Filipino Cultural event.
hehehe selca time :P
no decent pic of  MinHo-ssi? well I filmed the interview and it's below.  have a look see!
the next day was the fan meet for korean super star Lee Min Ho.  Given name is Min Ho and his last name/surname/family name is Lee.
Last Friday, November 16, I had a guardian angel, too!  her earthbound name is Des, and she's the blogger for Chic Sassy Mom.  
I had this insane idea that the organizer's learned from their Siwon Donghae event of not having seats near the front of the stage.  and the fact that this event is/was held at the araneta, they were already expecting a huge crowd.
and the crowd was huge. the queue was four tiered and around the araneta coliseum.  so imagine a long queue of people like say that silly donut place, jco or something or other, multiply that by about 12-15 thousand people, baking in the sun since well before sunrise.  some people were there the night before.
and you can see below
and the people behind me and Des
that we basically filled up the dome for yet another thrilla in Manila!  and you can watch the entire event from my fancam on the video below.  i got it from start to finish, from interview to the games.
the next day, the Philippine Star featured Min Ho on the society pages!  written by Don Jaucian.
Des and I actually had patron tickets! but while waiting, she got offered a chance to downgrade her ticket (and mine) to upper box.  as early as lunch time, they heard that there will be no seats for the patron ticket holders! (so that basket ball court area will be the entire mosh pit!)  Des knew, that as much as i loved my big bang experience last oct 24, she knew that i had a hard time at the pit and immediately called me at work and asked if i was with her for a downgrade to upper box for seats and better ventilation! 
So I immediately took the opportunity!
In return for our downgrade we got these.  entry stubs to his mall tours.  yes, assured entry (not autographed items and handshake) to the enclosure.  so we certainly took that opportunity!
and sunday finally arrived.  and i was early at the mall.
after some confusion with my favorite mall's security, Bench people stepped in saved the day and cleared up which line goes first. 
we waited
and waited
and waited some more!
here i am :P almost melted
oh the people behind me got to get in because they bought and wore lee min ho bench shirts!
and he arrives in a cute preppy look thanks to Bench Clothing.
awwww so cute
the sweet Ms Sam Oh hosted and translated once again.
i'm so loving the ensemble look!
awww that smile!
i love the red, too!

and the autographed poster with high five event begins.
look at the face!
his entourage are not bad looking either!
but as with everything, things do end
and it was time to say farewell.
but before he went he bid us his good tidings and shared with us the few filipino words he's learned while he was here.
and i have it recorded and uploaded, the last few moments that I see my Gu JunPyo in my country.
ayun si Emy! my long time FB chatmate.  she has one of those autographed posters! and was able to do a high five with MinHo.
From Thursday at the press conference to the mall tour last Sunday.  it was a very good experience.  thank you Lawrence.  THANK YOU, MS MARGE! and thank you Des ^_^


Tricia Ladiana said...

Wow!!Nice sis! ^^ You already! :)

Marge said...

hello there!
thank you! yes, katas ng blogging ^_^
true gwapo na ang bait pa ♥

Rowena Cortes said...

lee min ho thnks visit the philipines i hope u enjoy in manila hows the adobo

Chic Sassy Mom Des said...

You are most welcome! It's a pleasure! ^^ Sa uulitin! :-D

Chic Sassy Mom Des said...

Haha! Finally figured out Disqus! ^^ More comments to come! I love Lee Min Ho! ^^

Patricia Tan said...

I love him not until he cut his haircut to this haha or siguro hindi lng siya nakaayos :D

Marge said...

hello! and welcome to disqus hehehe
true! Lee MinHo is ♥♥♥♥

Marge said...

thanks for that hun, yep, there will be a next time, hopefully soon for our kdrama favorite star comes to manila ♥

Marge said...

hehehe the hair is ok, i just concentrate on his beautiful smile ♥

pawankalyan said...

nice post


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