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and now for the Sonia ^_^
Hey I'm back, again, LOL.
How have you all been?
I wanted to try blogging on a more consistent manner and will try to do so by posting on the products that are over due.  but first things first!
Though this set was sent to me as a gift, I was not paid by Ms Sophie Uy of Beautynomics / Beauty and Minerals for this review.  This review / product feature will be an unbiased opinion of this travel makeup brush set.

Product Description from the Beauty and Minerals online store:
'Charm Travel Pro SONIA Makeup Brush Set

In celebration of Charm’s fifth year, Sonia’s brushes’ come in golden ferrules which triumphs the five successful years that the brand has been in the market. “Charm Brushes are more than just tools -- to me and my clients, it’s an accessory that we just don’t leave home without. Kind of like its name, charm,” Sophie says with a smile.

Charm Travel Pro, for the first time, is available in a limited edition design, in luxurious gold ferrules, sleek black handles, housed in animal print for that timeless, elegant take in fashion. Luxury. Elegance. Fashion statement. What more can you ask for ?

Travel with Sonia'
and here she is!
a travel set to make any woman purrrrrr
with golden ferrules and a cougar print...yes, i went there!

i love these little details.
each brush has it's plastic wrap and the big ones have their own cover.
let's look at the case, just one more time, hehehe rawr!
each side of the inside has a plastic film to cover the tips of the brushes
the concealer brush, with synthetic bristles that i really really love.  i really do not have eye bags, i do have these dark circles. and this concealer brush  fits at the inner corner of my eyes.  with a few little twists the tapered tip of this (and the other version, the hot pink travel pro set) can apply a cream or liquid concealer and set with  powder.
the foundation brush also has the same synthetic bristles that i really like.  this foundation brush is really one of the best things about this set.  it's densely packed, the bristles are fine yet firm enough for that give or yield when pressing in the product but firm enough to really apply or pack in the product whether it's cream, liquid, or mousse foundations.
the angled face brush for contouring or dusting on the blush.  somehow, to me, the goat and sable hair used in this Sonia set is softer than that used on the hot pink travel pro set which are bit scratchy.  update from Ms Sophie - brush used on the face and angled blush - contouring brush is of fine goat hair
the face brush for setting with powder or dusting off too much blush or contour powder.  as mentioned above the goat and sable hair used in this brush, too, is softer than the face brush in the hot pink travel pro set.
the stippling duo fiber brush, this is exactly the same as the duo fiber stippling brush of the hot pink travel pro set, except of course for the golden ferrule and the label also in gold.
and now brushes for the eye area.
i'd have to say this brush in particular, my least favorite brush, is the all over eye brush, for your base shade or a high lighter shade (as you can see, it has a really fine tapered tip so you can dip the tip of this brush on your high lighter shade, and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes and that brow area, you know the one, the one right below the arch where we apply high lighter as well)
i just think the bristles used on this one and the hot pink travel pro set, is a tad too stiff and is liable to poke my eye when i use this for my inner corner high lighting. Update from Ms Sophie - brush used on this eye shadow brush is of sable hair.
the angled shadow brush, as compared to the brush i've written about above, this angled shadow brush is one of my favorites in this set.  it's soft yet very effective to apply a gradient shade, a darker eye lid contouring shade and blend it all out.  it's angled just so it can fit right under the outer v area.
the pencil brush.  i use this to apply the darkest shade in the inner most aspect of that v area on the outer corner of my eye,  i'm not a huge fan of this brush as i am of the angled shadow brush, but this serves the purpose.
ooooh this one, the 217! lol, it's what i call it.  mac has a brush almost exactly like this.  this is a blending brush.  and it really does blend, blend well it does.  hmmm but i haven't tried it on cream products so this is more like the mac 222.
another fave of mine to apply liner shadows.  this is thin, precise, FIRM, yet has a very slight give just so i don't poke myself in my eye and yell.
ok, i must confess, i have two brushes that i hardly use in this and the hot pink travel pro set, this is one of them.  like my previous opinion of this bent liner brush, i must say that i really do prefer that my gel liner brush (or liquid) be a brush with synthetic bristles.  i think the bristles on this brush are too thinly packed, has too much give or yield and is, for me, quite ineffective in applying my gel liners.  
ooooh this thing! thank the gods of olympus i have another one.  i've used and over used the one from the hot pink travel pro set to death.  this is one of the most perfect brow brushes, at least for me.  i think this is effective even on the most bushy and coarse brows! this brush is stiff and a little coarse to brush the brow hairs and apply the brow powder at the same time.
and the spooley brush.  the perfect partner to the brush above.  great for keeping my brows up when trimming, and effective in blending out the brow powder i've just applied with the brow brush above.
and the lip brush.  you can just take this thing in your party purse and it'll just be a unique thing in there LOL
but when you slide out the brush you get a really really stiff brush.  this picks up lip stick pigment from a pan or a stick really well and applies it precisely that you needn't use a lip pencil!
as with all products, brands or people, nothing or no one is perfect.  but this set and the hot pink travel pro set is comes to being almost perfect.
this and the hot pink travel pro set are very handy, great for travel, very light and is quite complete if you ask me.  
this limited edition set retails for PhP2750 while the hot pink travel pro set is PhP2500.  for the additional PhP250 you get the limited edition with the spunky travel leatherette kit.  the zipper is high quality and isn't likely to unthread itself.  the brush heads are very stable in their golden ferrules.  Neither this nor the hot pink travel pro has shed or has bristles that have broken off. soooo...
frankly, php2500 or php2750 is quite INexpensive for a 14 piece brush set! so for personal or for a little more pro and for travel, i recommend this set for MUA's starting out ^_^



I'm drooling over this set! <3

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it is quite pretty ^_^

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