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DISCLAIMER:  Though this was a gift, i was not paid by Jenny or Celine to review their product.  This will be an unbiased opinion of this new brush cleaner.
As someone who loves makeup and i love makeup a lot and a lot of makeup i have, i've finally come to a small collection of brushes to apply all that makeup.  
often i've been asked what i use to clean my brushes. I always say firstly, depends on the brush.  if the brush is animal hair, i use shampoo AND conditioner while if the brush has synthetic hair, i use liquid hand soap.
But now we have an inexpensive alternative to all of that.
here we have the J & C Superclean Solutions.
The women behind J&C Superclean Solutions, Jenny Yrasuegui and Celine Gabriel-Lim, thus J & C are both working women and who love their cosmetics as much as I do.  Such as they are they want processes to be quick and easy.
One of their solutions, get it? solutions? hehehe is to have something to quickly and easily clean their makeup brushes. and now they share what they have found to be the best to clean their makeup brushes with all of us.
Seems easy enough right?  Just spritz your brush make sure it's damp enough then wipe your brush with a cleaning cloth and repeat until you no longer see any makeup residue on your tissue or cloth.
and the ingredients, with that much alcohol, both ethyl and isopropyl your sure that you've disinfected your brushes from germs.
and the atomizer.  this is a fine mist atomizer.  great to spritz enough of the product in the most densely packed brush head for a good soak.
I was at the launch of this product about a month ago.
and got to try it for myself.
you can either follow the instructions to save product usage or like what we did here, put a small amount of product in cup and soak your brushes in the product.
then wipe off then let dry.
now since it's mostly ALCOHOL it's gonna dry VERY VERY QUICKLY.  so if your the type to clean your brushes nightly, you can be assured that your brush will be DRY by morning or even sooner.

  • very inexpensive compared to other brush cleaners at Php395.00 for a 120ml bottle
  • i use it only on my synthetic brushes either that way of soaking or spot cleaning and it really does very dries very very quickly
  • cleans very very well 
  • available in the Philippines
  • smells great! the spearmint oil makes the brushes smell really fresh and clean even after a long time.
  • the atomizer, has a really fine mist when spritzed
  • very controllable pump, so i can either spritz or pump out a really small amount.
  • none that i can think of.
Do i recommend: definitely I do specially to synthetic brush users.
My two scents worth, i've been fortunate enough to have collected good quality brushes from Charm and my one really pricey brush from shu uemura, the 18 goat foundation brush.  I would certainly use the superclean solutions on synthetic brushes but i would think twice dipping my goat and sable haired brushes in alcohol.  imagine dipping your own hair in alcohol -- and see the oils going away from your hair, now imagine doing that to your animal hair bristled brushes.  but that's my opinion.

Do check out this product at their the J & C Superclean Solutions facebook page


soleil1031 said...

How do you compare this with the ellana brush cleaner?

Marge said...

i haven't tried the ellana brush cleaner

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