Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The great thing about Korean brands is that they are very generous in giving away samples.  and depending on the brand the sample sachets can contain a pretty substantial amount of product, enough for a weekend getaway, in fact!
When going abroad, i always bring these babies that way i don't have to bring anything back home which means space in my luggage. My recent trips out of the country were no exception.
My face wash while i was visiting Seoul is from none other than, Laneige.
I was a tad wary of the 'moisture' part of the labeling but i wanted to try this facial wash none the less.  And anyway when i went to Seoul, it was autumn and the weather was dry.
And look, there are English and another language for directions and description.
the ingredient list below
nice packaging, easy to tear and not too flimsy either so it will prop up in the shower without sliding and sliding.

this amount is enough for lathering up my entire face!

  • the scent! of course! it smells like a berry fruit kinda citrusy kinda sweet and clean smelling
  • it takes a little amount for a good cleanse
  • can remove difficult to remove makeup like my laneige snow bb cushion
  • leaves my skin fresh feeling, squeaky clean but not stretchy dry
  • i'm assured of a good cleanse because i don't see any more discoloration on my cotton pad when i apply toner on my face
  • available in the Philippines 
  • kinda pricey for a facial wash but if you happen to have this facial wash, think twice before giving this away
Will I purchase the full size?
  • now that i'm in the tropics again, i may not, and opt for the laneige multi cleanser instead which i feel better suited for the Philippine climate and weather.
Do I recommend:
  • if you have the budget for it, then i do recommend this specially if you have normal to dry skin.


angelamhiere said...

I have yet to try more Laneige products! I so love the Multi-berry Yogurt Repair Mask you sent me. Really helps in calming my skin! ^__^

Marge said...

hehehe that's the one thing i really like about laneige, their skin care and face products like bb creams and foundations, their lippies are ok, too. ^_^

angelamhiere said...

People's initial reactions pag nirecommend mo sa kanila K-Brands like Skin Food and Laneige, is, "It's so pricey!" Di nila alam, the reason why they are pricey is because they are truly effective! =)

Marge said...

nyek, skin food is only expensive outside of Korea. while laneige targets working women so their price range is like that, but laneige is from a company that has etude house so they can target a different market, the high school market ♥
and you're right if it works, stick with it, you'll end up spending more looking for the best dupe than just buying the real deal - i learned that the hard way buying all those nyx lippies, pffft

angelamhiere said...

Yep... sobra mahal ng Skinfood sa atin... grabe kasi ang Pilipinas magtax! =(

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