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 yey! an etude house foundation review! or is it a bb cream? say it quickly 10 times, bbdation bbdation bbdation...and well you end up vibrating your mouth...well that's kinda a sad attempt of making a third spin on the bbdation name :P
the description of the foundation i got is below
 while the ingredients are below
 the awesome awesome pump
 and no i didn't get the vibrator :P, i use my god child of a sonia kashuk and beauty blender sponge from etude house.  yes! omg yes! you are able to buy this bb cream or this foundation withOUT the vibrating doohickey! i already have one from another brand and i didn't wanna shell out another 700 bucks on a vibrator when i already have one.
 on the back of my hand.
 blended out, my shade is w13
like any yellow to beige colored foundation, it made me look evened out and covered my yellow areas around my eyes. maaaah gahh, sorry for the foundation mustache
 ah, but with a sucky flash, the bbdation is quite reflective.  it is after all spf 40 with a pa of +++, forgive the foundation mustache.  i eventually saw it and blended it out with my little pink love child.
but without flash, it looks normal and i don't look jaundiced, and i look polished.
 and with real light oh ha, ♪Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!♫
 and with my hair back.  so once blended well, set or not, this thing is super awesome!  so yes, it's my peach wearing color wearing week LOL.
so no i didn't buy the doohickey vibrating thing.  but i suppose it would be fantastic baby since the shape of it would be able to go around the nooks and crannies of your fez like the corners of your eyes and nose.  but  i really am no believer of these things so i skipped it.
 there are only three shades of this bbdation.  c'mon Korea, we have women of color of here that wanna try your foundations! i mean Hyori isn't as fair as Hye Kyo or Hye Sun or Hwang Bo isn't as fair as Sandara.  booh!

  • spf40 pa +++ i can go out and walk around ortigas with this on!
  • easy to blend with my fingers or with my love child
  • awesome awesome pump
  • can i say it again? a pump! the pump! ♫pump up the jam, pump it up....oooh waaahh♪. (i just aged myself right there, huh?)
  • the container is a thick plastic so it can go around my bag and not break like a glass hahaha
  • the container is kinda see through so you'll know when you're about to run out
  • really easy to blend
  • i don't end up with puddles of bb cream on my ginormous pores
  • does not oxidize so it won't turn orangey on me by mid day
  • oil control is fair, i blot about 3-4 hours after application
  • the finish - not too dewy but NOT matte so it reminds me of the mineral gel bb from...that i really like
  • the name hahaha c'mon the name!
  • it doesn't cake up at any point
  • didn't break me out
  • has decent coverage as you can see, it almost covered my zit
  • does not affect the color of my blush or the setting powder
  • so yeah i walked around ortigas and i didn't grow dark (from one san miguel to richmonde and further down)
  • and no it didn't melt or smear around the rims of my glasses
  • you can buy this separately! so let's say you already bought the set, really liked the bbdation then you don't have to buy the entire set again.  squeeee
  • wow, this thing is almost 1k, for an etude house? but ok, it deserves it, it's great anyway
Do i recommend?  - yes, just cuz Arlene my big bang fangirl friend said i looked great and not look like what i often think i look like - a wax work from madame tussauds' museum (the forgotten museum)
Will I repurchase - i would if i didn't have a bu+t load of other foundations and bb creams :P
Leave your questions below :P i'm sure i forgot something here  


시 재 said...

BBDation is so Beblesh, lol!
I wanna try this! But I think I'll go for testers muna before going full size. :)

Eula said...

I was hoping you'd review this! It looks really promising. I actually can't tell if a face base is good based on your photos, because you're really photogenic, so I appreciate the detail you put in your reviews!

Krisella said...

ooohhh.. I wanna try it, but I'm still currently using The Face Shop's BB Perfection! :)

Gellie Abogado said...

One thing I love EH products is super cute talaga lagi ng packaging ;)

Marge said...

hehehe i can't agree more. they sure upped the ante on kawaii packaging ♥

Marge said...

yehp, meron naman sa mga sachets, and a little goes a long way naman ^_^

Marge said...

ey the bb perfection is nice, too! great for our humid and hot weather because that one from the face shop is really oil controlling (at least on my oily combo skin) ^_^

Marge said...

yes, this is also the reason why i've decreased the number of foundation and bb cream reviews. on me they're ending up looking alike. the only epic bad bb cream that looked horrible on me was the one from the face shop, it's on my side bar for one of my most read/viewed post hehehe. another would be the honey bb from tony moly, dang! that was dark on me! LOL.
but yeah, i like this bbdation, it's WAY BETTER than the sun bb. phhhft now i don't know what to do with that :'(
thanks for thinking i'm photogenic hahaha i appreciate that.

Krystal Garcia, RN said...

I was waiting for this review. Thanks!

Marge said...

you're welcome ♥

tinee said...

i dont understand why etude prices here in phils get pricier and pricier hahaha :) thanks for the review! i've been contemplating on whether i should buy this or not :) i think i'll pass this one haha. and i also do not believe in the expensive vibrating thing :)) hope you can review the new etude surprise concealer kit!! :)

Marge said...

i didn't go in the many etude house stores in Seoul so i didn't check how much mark up rosa fiore puts on their items. but compared to bangkok, singapore, and hong kong, hands down, i'd rather buy from etude house stores in the philippines hehehe.
true, if you have many other bb creams then you can skip this. but if you have nothing but matte finish bb creams/foundations then this is a good bb cream/foundation to have in your kit.
hmmm, i'll see if i can get the surprise concealer kit. what i do have is the eraser pen and mascara eraser. i'll get to those during the xmas break LOL

Labrynthe said...

Hi! What can you say about the Miss Etoinette collection of Etude House?

elisatot.kv said...

awesome results,
i am a bb cream lover.



Chriselle Sy said...

Nagmamahal na nga talaga ang Etude House noh? Di ko na afford. Parang mas gusto ko na Tony Moly. Mas cute nga lang ang EH packaging... hihi

How much yung sponge ng EH?

Marge said...

haven't seen it personally, just on their facebook so i haven't tried it

Marge said...

true, i guess i'm just pleased as punch about this bb / foundation because the last one [the sun bb] was a total let down at least for me :'(

Nikki said...

Almost 1k? wow, pero in fairness sa kanya, ok ang shade sayo and it blends into your skin so well! :D Pero sis, with or without BB cream, your skin looks great :D

Marge said...

yep, foundation price na sya and western brand foundation price at that.
silly me i forgot to look for this in Seoul while i was there :'(
yes, it does look great. and i'd use this and or the bb cushion if i'll travel to hot countries like cambodia or bangkok again ♥

Marge said...

uys, hehehe mas mura parin ang eh sa tony moly dito sa manila hahaha. but yeah, nagulat din ko sa mahal ng eh foundation na itey.
yung sponge na itong pink? 300plus yan. kung yung bbdation set with the vibrator kyeme asa 1600, so wow, gamahal LOL

Eula said...

That explains it. I miss the times when you blogged almost every day. Oh I love the Sun BB on me so I'll probably have to try this one too.

Marge said...

hi there!
yeah, i miss it blogging almost daily, too. i just haven't fully recovered from that day, july21, hahaha by jan1, i will get over it and stop blaming big bang and sm tickets for ruining my blogging mojo LOL

Josephine said...

Ooh, really gorgeous application! >w<
Ah, that's a bit expensive though... -.-
Haha, but it's still looks like a really amazing product!
Thank you for the review!

Lyndale Chanbonpin said...

HI! im planning to buy a bb cream. So far, what's the best bb cream for you? :) thanks :)

Marge said...

for dewy look the laneige snow crystal or kate gel bb
for a matte finish the tony moly expert triple or the face shop hd bb
all brands and bb creams available in metro manila

o_apol said...

You skin look dewy with this. I think I'll try this.

Marge said...

yep, it's like the kate mineral gel bb cream, only this one has higher spf ^_^

Abby Alejar said...

that BB cream looks great on you! :) May I ask which BB cream would you recommend for a gal with oily skin? :) I actually look at your blog posts for foundie recommendations. ;)

Marge said...

i like the laneige snow bb cushion and the tony moly expert triple bb cream for oily skin

Blaise Shang said...

hello Miss Marge! what blush are you using on this one?

Marge said...

hello, i think i used this blush

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