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ERRATUM: please read the comments below.  i still am unable to clean my sponge head, but the comments below this post should help those who want to find out a way to clean the sponge more thoroughly.
Product Description given by BeautyBox Corp
Cream What it is:
  • A BB Cream that makes skin look flawless even while on camera with 5 treatment essences
  • 5 kinds of treatment essence to moisturize and for healthy glowing skin: Hydrolyzed Collagen, Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Jojoba Seed Oil and Panthenol
  • This oil-free, waterproof and lightweight formula BB Cream has micro-gold pearls that hide scars and freckles, diffuses light to hidewrinkles and smoothens and softens skin
What else you need to know:
  • No SPF. SPF gives off a white cast when one is photographed
  • Doesn’t look flat on skin
  • Comes in two shades: Ochre and Light Ochre
How to use it
  • Apply a small dab to your cheeks, forehead, and chin. 
  • Spread with your fingertips or with applicator sponge
  • Apply loose powder to set it 
  • Let sit for a few minutes if one wants to build up the coverage to avoid it from caking 
DISCLAIMER:  Though this was a gift, I am by no means being paid by Fairydrops Philippines or by the Beauty Bar Philippines to give this item a positive review.  The opinions I have below are my own, from my personal experience and is not influenced by anyone.
the ingredient list and the distributor, BeautyBox Corp. and its price in Japanese Yen, take note of that (forex to convert that in php is usually just divide the amount in yen in two. a close enough forex.)
more product info but in Japanese
the applicator
the product is supposed to ooze out but there are no instructions if you're supposed to moisten the sponge before use.  so since the rule of thumb is to moisten your sponges before you use it for foundation then SPRITZ THE SPONGE and not put this in a bowl of water or under your tap.
BUT  you can remove the sponge doohickey.  DO NOT PULL OFF THE SPONGE, or you'll be like me who almost tore off the sponge from the plastic base.  you can unscrew it and you will be revealed this tube tip.
but since it's spankin' new it was squirting product but, i like light ochre, it's the perfect 'in between' shade between my fairer neck / chest area and my darker face.  soooo, the transition IS seamless.
oi! iz oil free
has a matte but not flat finish
hardly needs setting! the light ochre is a tad, just a smidge deeper than my skin tone from my neck down, but  is lighter than the skin tone on my face.  
I really like this bb cream, it's natural looking but it's a little lighter than my own skin tone so when i wear it i look finished rather than having full on makeup.  
BUT, when i did use the sponge thingy,  it was really nice actually, because it wasn't like the previous bb i reviewed with the same idea for a sponge tip applicator BUT whose sponge actually pops off.  this one from Fairydrops (whose sponge, as i mentioned i almost tore off) is glued tight to its plastic base.  but it could possibly be a dud  MEANING, at least with this sponge tip from fairydrops, the sponge doesn't roll off its base and roll off while i use it on my fez!  that was relieving.
HOWEVER, come cleaning time.  i had less area to squeeze it, i could only squeeze it from the top downwards.  never mind it's water proof so no amount of soap and water can wash the sponge.  i needed to drench the sponge with baby oil (well cleansing oil).  then i was getting the bb out of the sponge and was able to clean it off.  now because there is the plastic base, it'll be hard for you to tell if the underparts of the sponge is properly dry.  and you know if you have left over moisture and if it can't be aired out or sun dried and if you live in the tropical humid environment you may risk the sponge for bacterial growth.  ON TOP OF WHICH, it's that bottom end that sits on top of the tube tip of the bb cream.  so whatever moisture you left behind, the POSSIBLE medium of bacterial growth since it's moist and warm (unless you have your a/c set to 14 all day everyday) touches the entrance or the spout of the bb cream. 
so again in tagalog:
ayun, hindi maalis yung sponge, the good side is, hindi ka mahirapan gamitin dahil hindi natatanggal habang nagaapply ka ng bb using the sponge.  kaso once lalabhan mo na since hindi nga naaalis, mas mahirap syang labhan.  at piga-in.  so kung ano mang hindi mo napiga at naiwang moisture sa pinaka ilalim ng sponge (yung area pa na tumatakip sa dulo ng tube ng bb) baka yun ang mag ka bacterial growth.  so may pro at con na hindi naaalis yung sponge.

  • the light ochre is one of the best shades i've tried 
  • and it's matte but not flat so the dewy glow can come from my blush and setting powder
  • didn't break me out, i've been using this for 5 days straight.
  • very easy to blend on my face (after my moisturizer) - so i don't get the puddles of bb cream stuck in my pores
  • creates a very good canvass on my face
  • only have to blot the oil from my face once in the 10 hours that i have this on.
  • the sponge doesn't roll off its base and roll around my face like the other bb i tried with the same product delivery/packaging
  • no scent
  • very good pore coverage
  • does not oxidize on me
  • does not affect the shade of blush i put on (or eye shadow)
  • does not cake up through out the day
  • really is light weight on the skin
  • AVAILABLE LOCALLY either at the store or online via Beauty Bar
  • great on pix!


  • the sponge - it's both a pro and a con as per my explanation above
  • no spf - so it's an extra step to apply sun screen first then the bb cream, la lang i'm lazy so i'm putting it under a con.  
Do I recommend? - definitely, it's something our shy filipina's who go to work or school should put on instead of white talcum baby powder.  to make them look finished rather than a white floating head over a darker neck.
Retails for Php1550.00 - just a couple of hundred bucks mark up from the yen price!
it is after all japanese, so it's a given that it's more expensive than other asian brands so i won't question that.


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Tricia Farin said...

Yay! More Japanese brands coming to the Philippines!

Edith Callas said...

Hey there! Do you know of any other BB creams without SPF? This looks great, but it sounds a tad too expensive for me. :( Thank you!

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

grabe te marge, ive been hearing a lot from fairy drops lately from bloggers dito sa phil ^^ i think this is great for night outs dahil sa flash photog ^^

Shari said...

Shucks, 1550 for a BB cream? Konti na lang foundation na! But is it worth it? :) From the review, it looks like naman :) Shall keep this in mind. Thanks!!


anyajang said...

Thank for the review! ^^ I wanted to buy it before, thx god I didnt! This color wont suit my skin tone, it looks dark..

Marge said...

true! and i don't look like a floating white toshio head wearing these japanese bb creams LOL

Marge said...

ay, they have 2 shades one for people like me and a more natural looking shade. i think they have testers naman LOL

Marge said...

yep, eggzaklee, di naman na siguro kailangan ng spf sa gabi di ba? LOL

Marge said...

i don't think i've come across a bb cream without spf since its beginnings are for people who've recently had laser surgery so these patients need the protection from the sun as their skin are still sensitive.

Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for the review MArge :) naku, naguluhan nanaman ako between this and kate bb creams :(

Irene said...

Fairydrops makes a BB Cream?! COOL! I wish their brand was sold in the US. Well, one of their mascaras is sold at Sephora but that's it. This looks neat though.

Dawn said...

Interesting. I'm glad that it doesn't give a white cast under flash photography but I like my BB Creams with SPF. Tamad din ako maglagay pa ng sunscreen. Haha! Besides, if ever I want good coverage without much SPF, I'll just go back sa mga trusted foundations ko. :P

Marge said...

oooh hehehe mahirap na choice nga yan ^_^

Marge said...

true, hehehe tamad ko mag lagay ng sun screen then wait for it to get absorbed then apply the bb.
but i suppose this is great for evening events where there is no sun and a lot of cameras with flashes ^_^

Marge said...

ey, it's the Irene ^_^
hopefully they expand enough to sell this bb cream as well. i'll be trying their mascara next week ^_^
thanks for dropping by ^_^

couchpotato_md said...

The finish really looks nice and natural looking. Can you pls make a short comparison of this and the kate bb cream if you have the time. Naguluhan tuloy ako on what to try next after I finish my laneige cushion BB

Marge said...

after you're done with the bb cushion the kate gel bb is your next bet hehehe, albeit just a 30spf :P

Marge said...

japanese product eh so may kamahalan. to think la pang sun screen yan ha. pero may mga natural ingredients sya for hydration naman at parang foundation na rin naman ang coverage nya ^_^

Ada Agupitan said...

Hey, just wanted to comment on the fact that you CAN actually remove the sponge from the plastic nozzle o_o even removing the plastic attachment to just leave the sponge itself for easy washing. I just didn't want your post to dissuade people from the fact that this is one of the better BB creams out there for morenas. How to remove the sponge is also at the back of the packaging if you're so inclined to check. It's really easy and really sanitary as well. The packaging itself is very well-thought out :)

Marge said...

ma'am ang sabi ko po, hindi maalis yung sponge mula po sa kanyang base, yung pong base na ito ay na-unscrew naman po revealing the tip of the tube of the bb cream. ito po yung picture na naalis ko sya.
ang akin lang since may plastic base pa po, mas matagal matuyo yung ilalim ng spongha. so habang pinapatuyo ko ito wala namang takip yung bb cream except for the main one with the design. unless ibalik ko itong sponge with base na medyo basa pa yung pinaka ilalalim. yep, may tagalog instruction pa nga na provided ang mga nagbigay nitong bb cream sa akin which is the beauty bar / beautybox corp (distributor).
if this post dissuades people from purchasing this bb cream then it is their money after all. my post is about how I experienced this bb cream from it's packaging down to it's effects on my skin. we all have different opinions, this is the beauty of the world wide web, we can provide people our own experiences and give them an idea of how a product is like. companies actually expect these feedback, so we're like beta testers, that way they can improve on an item if they think a point is valid enough.

Pinkoolaid said...

ay takot ako sa araw and mahilig ako sa kabuki/japayuki look hahaha so baka this one's not for me =p

Marge said...

bwahahaha ako rin! hehehe, and this is why i ended up using AND reviewing that sun screen from tony moly. hehehe i applied that first then this bb cream... super lucky i didn't get any zit ^_^

Ada Agupitan said...

I was planning on saving this for a review of my own,because you seem to be insistent on a wrong observation, I thought I'd share this. I understand Japanese and followed the instructions CORRECTLY.

This is how the sponge looks like FULLY detached.

It is their money, but they have the right to know that they have an option of cleaning it PROPERLY in your review. I'm telling you this instead of just posting this on my blog by myself because you have a far wider audience and I thought it'd disseminate quicker if I informed you.

Marge said...

am i even being asked if i tried removing the sponge from its base? nope, i am merely being dismissed as someone assuming this is how it goes. clearly from my previous posts that i take pictures of the backs, fronts and sides of boxes.
thank you for providing your picture. as i said this is the world wide web, we have our ways or lack there of, that is the point of this whole blogging thing to share. like i said this is MY EXPERIENCE, nahirapan ako alisin yung spongha sa base so hindi ko na pinilit baka mapunit masira ko pa gift na nga lang, OK? natural sinubukan ko yung drawing, ok ka lang? EH SA HINDI KO NGA MAALIS EH. either i got a dud cap or it got glued on there tight, YAN ANG NA EXPERIENCE KO. so kung iba sa iyo eh di write about YOUR experience. wag mong pinipilit yung iyo.
thank you though for educating me and my wide audience as you so put it. we are so humbled and truly, quite grateful for your knowledge of hiragana and katakana. but as you say i and my wider audience do not know either hiragana and katakana so we go by the diagram. a diagram i did try to follow but failed to do so because i feared tearing off the sponge. now did i get a dud of a sponge, i do not know. BUT I DIDNT JUDGE THE BB CREAM SOLELY ON THE SPONGE.

Marge said...

apology accepted.
although i will not edit or delete your comments. comments are most welcome here and generally not shot down specially if the comments are made with mutual respect and the proper use of positive scripting.
why? kasi di naman tayo magkakilala, so di ko alam kung yung tono (tone of voice) kung panermon man agad or nagbibigay ka lamang ng gentle reminder. gaya din ng animo'y pag taas ng iyong kilay sa pagtawag ko sa iyo ng ma'am at pag gamit ko ng po sa aking unang reply sa iyong comment. dumadami na ang kabataang lumilihis sa pag gamit ng po at opo at pag naririnig yan ay parang sermon na din ang dating. hindi ko iiwasan gamitin at hindi rin ako hihingi ng paumanhin sa pag gamit nito. kung ika'y nailang hindi ko na kargo yun.
ang aking gagawin ay palitan ang unang pangungusap upang basahin ng tao ang ating balitaktakan ukol sa takip ng produktong ito.

Pinkoolaid said...

aaah :) my fave sunscreen ng tm is the uv sunset all day long sun base, very light and may mattifying effect :)

Marge said...

yeh, yan yung hiningan ko ng ingredient list sana kay Rea hehehe, eh well, i dropped by the mega shop na lang and took a picture of the box where the ingredients were listed hahaha

JhoAnne Luna said...

hi di ba ito nagooxidize sa oily skin?

Marge said...

nope, not at all, i have oily to combo skin and it didn't oxidize on my face ^_^

JhoAnne Luna said...

Thanks Marge for the reply..ang hirap mamili hahaha sa dami ng magagandang bb creams ngayon

Marge said...

this is great for makeup artists who know that their clients will be photographed within the day. but as for an all purpose makeup hunter like me, i would be inclined to find my usuals, like bb or cc with spf ♥

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