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Any one who has ever purchased anything in retail specially consumer products, gamble and risk money and health when they purchase something they've never tried before.  
Recently, as in more than half a decade now, we have youtube and bloggers and online reviews that we can refer to before buying something.  BUT even before the dawn of the wide scale use of the internet as a reference guide for purchasing, we always had samples.  
Either taste testing at the grocery, perfume samples, skin care samples, ahem people who go to Sasa. we love our samples because we won't find it such a complete waste if the perfume is monkey balls awful or if the moisturizer broke you out, there is much less wastage of the product if you just throw the sachet or giveaway or throw away the tube of sample perfume.  and USUALLY the brands give these samples for FREE.
Some western brands that do have samples to give out.
Asian brands on the picture below, click to enlarge picture for a crisper and better view of it.
Below are just SOME of the samples that Korean and one Japanese brand(s) shower me with.  from bb creams to moisturizer with toner gift set to sun screens to snail creams.
BUT, for a while now the concept of getting charm (as in charm like phone charm?) sized containers of products to try them out for subscription has been around since about last year.  so you subscribe to a certain site and this site will send you a box of goodies.  but that site fizzled out in popularity specially on youtube because that particular site kinda gives you a box of chocolates, as in you never know what you're gonna get! hahaha ☺
SO for a while now, the Philippines not to be outdone, has been coming out with the same idea left and right, one of them even tried to contact me and either totally mispelled my name or has just one megablogger as the person in mind for all their invitations.  well that's that! i prefer my salad(box) with ranch dressing and with croutons and not for a subscription...a lot of you will get my references here hehehe.
SOOOO here comes Sophie to save me from wrinkles who 1.)spelled my name right 2.) made sure the email went to the right (appropriate) person. 
Sophie gives you Sample Room website here
I couldn't go to her blogger event as i was out of the country, but I still received the press kit.
and here's how one can get a hold of the samples one likes from SampleRoom site.

how awesome is that? you get points for being active on her site, meaning if you post reviews on the items you've tried out!  and points entitle you to get more samples of products for the small price of the shipping fee!
So i tried out her site yesterday, as in first day of her website, like the launch! I had fangirl anticipation and kept refreshing and refreshing and voila! here we are!
and the next day i received this in my email, well i received an email confirmation then i logged in to my account and checked my order out.  and it details where i'm having it shipped, a warning of forfeiture if I don't deposit the money for shipping within 24 hours.
but as a side note, back to the press kit.  Do you know that I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED a pen from anyone apart from my dad? like evaaar? and ooooh it's pink! so u-kiss! ~.<
This is just one personal touch i wanted to show people.  That personal touch added with a GINORMOUS DEAL of hard work, perseverance, and belief in what you're doing, will eventually reach or get you your goal.  if your goal also happens to be your dream then kudos to you!  
So in review what Sample Room (website here) is about:
  1. no need to pay for samples like buying from ebay or amazon for trial sizes
  2. you only need to create an account (one account per person please or you breach the TOS)
  4. you can test the product you've been eying before you buy the full size
  6. charm (trial) sizes are awesome for travel as they save space in your luggage
  7. if you provide reviews you get more points
  8. and if you review products you get to meet errrr me? LMAO! you get to interact with more bloggers and other people who wanna share their experiences with the products they've tried. so eventually this site will be a pool of information ♥
Do I recommend? - of course!
Have I tried the site? - indeed i have, naturally, i picked out the Asian brand that had stock left i'll give you a clue what it is -hhhhaaaa SHU! phew, bless me hehehe!
Have fun everyone! The site isn't just for women and women-wannabe's by the way, MEN have hair and have skin, too, as far as i know! hehehe so men can join up and do the same, try products, too! for their hair and skin ^_^


Pinkoolaid said...

this looks interesting! may isa pang sampling thing dito eh pero i didn't like the content of their packages...may alcogel wtf! hahaha!

시 재 said...

I haven't subscribed with any of the sample boxes out in the local market because I was waiting for Sample Room. I love the personal touch on your pen. To me it's a sign of sincerity. :)

Marge said...

uys! miss na kita!
yes, i haven't subscribed to any of the like sites because i was waiting for sample room. apart fr the fact that the one other site that tried to tap, and let's face it, use my blog to expand their customer base didn't have the meticulousness to change the name of the name on their greeting when they sent out their invite to me. no other sample sites have gotten on my radar and well, sagana naman ko sa samples eh hehehe.
yes, once i am turned off, it will take a very pretty and buff korean boy to melt my heart and make everything right in the world again. muhahaha :P

Marge said...

nyahahaha alcogel, omg! that takes the cake LOL

Julie said...

They don't ship outside the Philippines :(

saccharine0158 said...

i've been looking at reviews for sample boxes haha! :D i've received many pens in my lifetime and a couple of fountain pens too. hmmmm...
this is kind of interesting.. :3
i really want to subscribe but i've piled up on too many skincare and makeup items for the time being. sigh... -_-

Marge said...

hi there. yes, unfortunately, for now, the owner wants this site in country. but who knows when this grows really big, she may decide to go global ^_^

Le Klutzypanda said...

Super awesome experience. :D I like it more than the sample boxes because with Sample Room, you get to choose your samples and just pay for shipping. Define sulit talaga. The system is more effective in making people review the products too. :D

Marge said...

eGGzaklee, it's not so much a subscription but a trial of a trial.
yes, and you get to choose the samples you want. we're hoping to have more and more brands to send their samples to sample room ^_^

Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for sharing Marge :) It's nice to know this try before you buy thingy ng sample room. I love samples and yes it keeps me from spending too much for a product na hindi naman ako hiyang.


All the samples now are zero. Can't wait for them to stock up! <3

Marge said...

true, dami ko na ring na sa stuck na items sa stash ko LOL this is the better way at least shipping lang ang babayaran

Marge said...

ay ... yep, magkaka stock din yan, overwhelming response first two days palang ^_^ astig ♥

Jhoye Obsines said...

does the pen come along with the sample? ÜÜÜ thanks for this ms. marge, i now signed up ÜÜÜ

ÜÜÜ stay happy ÜÜÜ


Marge said...

hello there!
nope, the pen is given to partner bloggers who helped spread the word about sample room.
thank you for signing up.
the site will have more samples and more brands soon ♥

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