Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kikaytrekkie's Holiday Giveaway Recipients - Read to the end before you unfollow, unsub, and dislike ;-)

Thank you Rafflecopter. Thank you all that joined my giveaway, wow that was almost overwhelming! had it not been for the rafflecopter i would not know how to handle more than one thousand entries!

Before y'all click on unfollow on twitter, unlike on facebook, unsub on youtube and unfollow on instagram: please be reminded that i have giveaways at least twice a year, and do not be discouraged! I may have another one as early as next week!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE! - and yes, since i didn't have a random pairer, i just put two screens of classtools side by side hehehe
Congrats to Eula T for being picked to get the Garnier Set
Congrats Lisa for for being picked to get the Maybelline Set!
  and to Mary Claire for getting picked to get the Flawless set!
please expect an email from me within the day and reply to that with your addresses so i can ship your prizes off by Friday.  

Thank you for joining my giveaway.
I will have another one very soon, like really soon!! 


Jam ♥ said...

Congrats to the winners! Nakakainggit, the Maybelline set! =))

Marge said...

thank you for checking out the winners ^_^
sana sumali ka next week ha, may giveaway ko ulit ♥

January Gemorie said...

wow, i feel envious to the Maybelline winner, i'll definitely be checking regularly from now onwards :)

Raych said...

awww better luck next time. haha but thanks for this!!! :)

Marge said...

hello there! please stay tuned, i'll be posting another giveaway by next week ^_^

Marge said...

hi there! hopefully by mid next year i'll have my birthday give away or if i hit another milestone hmmm like 3k likes on my page? i'll have another set of maybelline items ^_^
but please stay tuned i've got another giveaway lined up for next week ^_^

Jam ♥ said...

Yay! I will be watching out for that po! :)

Marge said...

thanks ^_^
hopefully i get to pick up the prizes this week for my next week's giveaway

angelamhiere said...

Congrats!!! ^__^
I enjoyed being one of your ka-kulitan during MAMA 2012. Eonni!!! ^__^

Marge said...

ey thanks! ♥

Hazel Uri said...

Congratulations to the winner! I'm having a giveaway too, [Open Worldwide] Win a pair of glasses from Firmoo or 1 out of 25 $20 Firmoo vouchers!

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