Monday, December 17, 2012


Once again, I've been meaning to post about these lippies since i got them. let me just say right here and right now, that this is the second brand of matte lippies that didn't completely destroy my lips. HA!
these are first, well they at shu say, the first ever lippies from shu that are completely pigmented.  and look exactly how they are when you see the stick like these pictures.
the ingredients are below.
this is the OR570
below is the RD165
me wearing the rd165 a bold and dark red as in a more blue (no hint of pink) kinda red - the kind of red that makes your teeth looking whiter than they really are kind of red
and a red orange, matchy matchy with my blouse that even my boss' boss commented so, hehehe.
can i just say, i soooo love love love these lippies, i'm inclined to get another, a pink one LOL! they remind me of my intense lippies from this Korean brand the snow crystal intense lipstick that are matte and that i so love, too.
I'm so loving how intense the pigmentation of these lippies are.  these are matte lippies though, so be aware, have no shimmer fillers that will fill in or deflect the light off of your lips making them seem fuller or make your lips less wrinkly.  you can opt to apply a not so shimmery lip balm first or a lip base to fill in your lip lines first then this lipstick if you think you have lines on your lips that will show when you wear these matte lipsticks.  yes, do that, even though the foremost ingredient is dimethicone!

  • super pigmented
  • did not dry out, crack or chap my lips
  • convenient packaging, you see the shade you want because of the clear top
  • surprisingly not as pricey as say MAC or hehehe Lunasol
  • does not bleed
  • so i don't need a lip pencil liner
  • doesn't stain my teeth since it stays put after i apply it
  • super lasting after all, it's matte and doesn't have shimmer fillers that tend to fade out lipsticks from your lips just by rubbing your lips together.
  • no weird chemically scent
  • does not stain my lips soooo
  • it's easy to remove either by toothbrushing your lips or with a lip and eye makeup remover
  • and it doesn't stain my lips (remember how our elders say, don't wear lipsticks! they will darken your lips! that's the effect of lead like Pb [or was it mercury like Hg?].  the darker or more pigmented your lipstick is the more of either of those two elements that lipstick has.  it's either Pb or Hg lead or mercury that darken lips.)  I was advised that shu lippies have no mercury or lead unlike ahem other matte lippie i tried last year, yung mura pero sobrang sikat.  sooooo no fear of darkening lips with shu lippies like these.
  • available in manila at many malls.
  • because these are so awesome i think there should be more shades! i think for now there are only 6
  • the price - it is after all a high end brand and a japanese one at that, that means it's pricier than most western brands and certainly korean ones.
Do I recommend: DEFINITELY, a great Christmas gift for her this Christmas and New Years'.  the colors are great for party makeup, too!


whitechoco said...

Wow both suited you really well! I want the red one!!! :(

Marge said...

the red one is fantastic, suitable for any skin tone ♥

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