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DISCLAIMER - though this is a gift from the face shop philippines I was not paid by the face shop to review this item.  my opinions and notes below are unbiased and are my own. 
It's  Christmas Party / New Year's Celebration season and it's time for a party look.
This is from the Son Dae Sik Collection.
the 4Minute Smoky kit.
it has a diagram on how to use.
and a description of the products included in this kit
it even has a mirror AND AN INSTRUCTION LEAFLET.
that's right, you see four shadows, two double ended applicators, a pencil liner, and a mascara 
you have a black, matte liner shade, a sparkley olive shade and a light satin champagne light peach, quite similar to stila's kitten. and an eye brow shade (the shade on the far right)
the liner, is like a khol pencil very very sticky, i need to melt it a bit at the back of my hand for me to blend it well on my eyes and the eyes of my friends.
swatches.  the olive green shade is actually quite sparkly just not on my skin tone, but the sparkle really shows up on women with skin tones suitable for mac foundation of mac nc or nw 30 on wards.
and the mascara.  nice brush huh?  
the double ended synthetic brush for spreading/blending and smoking out the black liner, the other end being the tip for your brows.  and the other tool have sponge tip applicators.  there was actually not much reading that i did. all i did was follow the diagram and the shape of the respective brush to use and ....
voila here's Farah's eyes! thanks beh!
the shadows are easy enough to blend on each other using the tools that came with the kit.
below are Myra's eyes
the gradient is pretty much easy to blend out
and my own.  with false lashes
so under certain lighting our eyes do sparkle so the golden olive with the stila kitten looking champagne peach shade do bring out the bling on your eyes.
and even through the Christmas Party, the liner DID NOT SMEAR and stayed put.
excuse the flat and unstyled hair hehehe.

  • the kit is ONLY PhP1495 for an entire set! 4 shades, an eye liner, a mascara, and two double ended tools that come in a kit with a mirror and instructions.  SOME mascara's alone already cost 1500 di ba? or even just the four shades lang.
  • the synthetic brush tip tool.  they made my life simple that afternoon i was applying my own and 3 other people's eye liner and the slanted tip for the brows is a cup cake of a tool, too.  very fine lines that you can draw with it using the brow cake shade, so you can truly fill in the spots in your brows that are kinda bare
  • it has a mirror
  • no scent on the powders, the liner or the mascara
  • the liner is really really black, quite sticky to apply but at least it won't smear easily and it didn't melt off on any of us, but easy enough to remove with eye makeup remover
  • the mascara is really really black
  • shadows are easy to blend except for the black, that took some work but the rubber sponge tip applicator was very helpful
  • didn't crease and didn't fade through out the party neither for me or my ghels and one guy ^_^
  • you can apply the shadows as light or as dark as you want for a more subdued smoky that's wearable for office wear or like this for a night time.
  • the mascara smooth to apply and depending on how you curled your lashes should not clump your lashes
  • the mascara kept the curls of my girls
  • come removal time, i was not left with glitter here and there around my eyes so it's quite easy to remove with lip and eye makeup remover.
  • i had no harsh reactions to my and my girls didn't report any redness or itchiness due to wearing this eye makeup.  i even put the black liner on my water line and i didn't get itchy or get a pink eye (sty)
  • instructions! sure, it's in hangul but i can follow the diagrams hehehe because they made sense.
  • the liner could be softer but that would mean the liner might smear
  • the black matte shade takes some work to blend it out, like any black matte shade, but it sure did set the black khol liner.
  • the packaging is kinda flimsy with the too faced / sigma makeup carton box type of packaging.  so yeah, don't spill anything on this, don't put it on top of anything wet
Do I recommend - i sure do, for the price, this kit is sure worth it!
So get your girl this kit while it's the party season! ;-)


Julie said...

I really like this idea of the set and the how to aspect!

Bianca Yzabelle Gabalfin said...

Thanks for the review! ♥

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Marge said...

indeed ^_^ i didn't time myself though. how extreme, applying makeup on an eye in 2mins? then the other be able clock it at 4minutes! hahaha

Missplpify Missplpify said...

looove the new hair girl! miss you!




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Marge said...

thanks! miss you, too!

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