Thursday, December 6, 2012


ERHMAGERD! Marge is reviewing a maybelline product, woah Marge, istatyu?
Not to break from my usual Asian cosmetics, even though this is Maybelline, this is still Hello Kitty and this is still Japanese.
Some of you may have noticed that one of my prizes in my holiday giveaway is this mascara, check out my giveaway here.
I bought back ups of this item.  After all, it was Michelle Phan who said that Maybelline is the king of mascaras, so buying one or in my case THREE of these hehehe would be worth it.  and after all it's hello kitty! what's not to like?
and the ingredient list is below.
the Sanrio seal is at the back
and the feline print along with hello kitty.  you're not seeing double, i really have more than two of this item.
up close.
and the awesome comb mascara applicator.
which has two rows.
here a couple of views of my stray hair hehehe i mean my lashes.  my lashes are short and grow stick straight and downwards, yes, my lashes are a sad bunch.
just like me, my lashes are short.
but with just ONE COAT as in 1, hana, ichi, isang coat only.
and this is NOT even a fiber wig type of mascara.
this mascara is so much win! a gold mine of awesome ^_^
  • supposedly limited ed but every now and again i see it so i get it and it's php499 at the maybelline counters in most department stores
  • can keep the curl all day - meaning the formula doesn't weigh your lashes down
  • does not flake - so it doesn't turn to a fine dust so it won't hurt your eyes or make you cry OR, OR make you have those nasty eye boogers that's kinda black because the color of this mascara is black
  • will only clump depending on how you curl your lashes.  if you curl your lashes and some lashes will bend to the right to the left, then if you apply a liquid pigment like this it's bound to look 'clumped' together, because naturally the wax and the pigment made the individual strand look thicker than it is then the wax of the product may stick the individual lashes together.  so FROM THE GET GO, make sure you curl your lashes in a way that the lashes do not swivel left or right.  tough job! because lashes don't grow like hair fake golf course grass! lash pulps can form next to each other farther away from each other, and so on.
  • does not smear off around my eyes through out the day, this is water proof, well, tears and eye drops (rhoto) proof
  • no weird scent
  • the applicator, it's not a spoolie brush.  this works for me considering how sparse, thin, and stick straight my lashes are
  • kinda hard to remove, well, it's part of its durability on your lashes nga naman
  • hard to come up upon, it's always out of stock.  soon as they open the box for this for new stock womenz of all ages, shapes and sizes dive in like this was rationed rice or samting!
Do i recommend - most definitely, if you can happen upon it, don't wait, buy it already, ma-out of stock pa 
Will i repurchase - yep, i've got a back of this already and one i'm giving away on my holiday giveaway here


katrina maryse villanueva said...

hello kitty and maybelline?
what a great combo!



Marge said...

ikr ^_^
it's why i always grab 2 when i happen to see it ^_^

prettythrifty said...

Wow galing. Ako hindi nageexist ang eyelashes ko ate Marge! At cute ang packaging. Agree ako ate Marge na Maybelline has the best mascaras, lalo na kasi it's affordable. I own a yves rocher mascara (got it for free) and it cost around 700.00 pero Maybelline hypercurl mascara (the regular one) is far way better than YR. I will definitely buy a new mascara this month and syempre from Maybelline siya! Nice review teh :)

Marge said...

naku pag dating sa mga items sa mata na kailangan ng itapon within about 6mos, di ko keri bumili ng mahal eh, hangang 700 rin lang gaya ng dolly wink ko dati (may kasama pang eye liner yun so package)
hehehe sige noted though di naman ko kakagat s yr since di asian at hehehe mahal

Ari said...

I still want their Falsies mascara! It's apparently one of the best mascaras ever. But this is cute <3 I've seen it a bunch of times before at dep stores

Mary Claire Gatchalian said...

Sakto sa mga hello kitty fans itong giveaway na to :D

Kath Rivera said...

Wow! Bibile na talaga ako nito :) Ang tagal ko na naghahanap ng mascara and sa dami ng pagpipiliian nalilito na ko. Since you said to buy it na and kitang-kita naman sa lashes mo na may pababago. I'll buy na :D

Marge said...

hehehe worth it talaga sya, ke sa packaging, keh sa effectivity ng formula ng mascara ^_^

Marge said...

true ^_^ di nga ko naka punta sa hello kitty event eh

Marge said...

true, i've heard how awesome that falsies mascara is, ah well it's maybelline, i'll only get that if it were on sale hehehe

Gellie Abogado said...

omg! im so buying this!!!

Marge said...

buy 2 agad! ;-)

o_apol said...

I'm a huge fan of mascaras. I'd definitely try this.

Marge said...

yep, it's definitely worth watching and looking out for since it's not always in stock ^_^

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