Monday, December 3, 2012


Finally, a new snail cream.  I've been itching to try this snail cream since i've received this from my korean multiply store suki, kkochipida.  I actually ordered the full size of this, but i got to use the sample size first since i was traveling.
this boasts 91% snail mucin.
and yes, even if it's just a sample it's still has a seal
this is the exact same 'ingredients list' as on the box, tsk

and what it looks like, kinda looks like snot.
and it spreads like snot, too.

  • easily absorbed
  • no scent, and doesn't make me sneeze (ahem it's skin)
  • WORKS! works to prevent my monthly break out
  • and works on the pimples on the skin i didn't get to apply this product on (as in my brows.  i didn't think of applying this on my brows because of the hair, but because I JUST HAD to have a zit once a month and it had to erupt on the skin that doesn't get the twice a day treatment from this) kuha? nagka pimple parin ako sa place na hindi ko nalalagyan nito araw araw in my case sa brows ko.  but when i did apply it on my brows that grew a zit, in about a day the zit dried up and luckily it didn't grow an 'eye' and get puss in it.
  • no harsh skin reaction
  • I DIDN'T GET A ZIT after my visit to Bangkok, Thailand (which i did before when i first went to Thailand before i got into this snail cream craze.)
  • meaning because of it's fast absorbing nature and not oily, it's good to use it in a hot and humid country like Thailand or where I'm from, the Philippines.
  • only available online and even in Seoul, it was kinda hard to find
  • the full size is kinda pricey but it's to be expected because of the purity of the snail cream - 91%
Will I repurchase - yes!
Do I recommend - definitely, if you can get your hands on this, by all means do so!


Julie said...

I need to check this out since it's been good for breakouts on you!

Marge said...

oh you should! it's been keeping my fine lines around my eye area at bay, too. ^_^

andyloveskawaii said...

anyeong ate marge! how much is the sample size? :3

Marge said...

hello there. i got it this sample size free when i purchased the full size from kkochipida

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

im totally buying this for bf! ^^ thanks ate marge ^^

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

oh does it heal post acne scars? ^^

Marge said...

it should, when the scab healed and peeled off my most recent pimple it didn't seem to have left a scar too much (yung parang violet ang kulay na peklat)

Marge said...

kewl! yeh it works on all skin types, dry, normal, combo, male or female ♥

Jenilene Panganiban said...

How much full size? :)

Kanou said...

This or Tony Moly?

Marge said...

this, by elishacoy, tony moly only has 80% snail mucin ^_^

DIANNE said...

Would you choose ElishaCoy's snail cream over The Skin Shop's? :D

Marge said...

the skin shop wins hehehe because the full size of this comes in a tub and you get a scooper, so it's not so sanitary. but the skin shop is not only in the philippines it comes in container with a pump ^_^

Marge said...

yes they both lighten acne scars, there is no difference in speed

Kanou said...

Hi again. Sorry I ask alot of questions, but which is better in everything, like fading scars, brightening and anti aging, Elisha Coy Snail Cream, Tony Moly Snail Essence or The Face Shop Snail cream?

Marge said...

the tony moly snail essence ^_^ the one the glass bottle with the medicine dropper

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