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I've been meaning to do this review for quite sometime, since I got it.  but I received a question when I got this a while back, which is the reason for the delay (on top of the fact that I haven't truly caught up since that fateful day when I was supposed to be at the beauty bar for the formal launch of this product with the K-Palette trainer-mua, Noriko Imura, that I posted about here)
The question was, and i'm paraphrasing, 'overtime, does the tint or ink in the pen fade in intensity?'
I think now I can answer that.
Below is a description, and precautions on the product
and the ingredient list.
out of the case.
and the really fine tip so you can just draw brows along the areas needing to be filled in on your brows.
and the powder to set.  this powder feels kinda sticky and it feels kinda cool or wet upon application on bare skin (vs on your brows that ideally has some hair)
seen here below, you can see a glimpse of the tint, and the powder has a more brown hue while the tint (the liquid) has a more gray black tinge to it.
BUT the powder MUST BE on TOP of the liquid tint for this to work.  as you can see the water washed off the tint i drew below the brown powder. while the brown powder remained.  as i hinted with my description above, the powder is the key.  it sets the liquid and it stays there!  my tap is cold but had this been warmer, the powder will slide off, too.  which is how you remove the k-palette 1day tattoo anyway, not with makeup remover ;-)
here it is in action
a bit darker than what i'm used to.
but, no one looks at me that close up, so from at arms length like the picture below, it looks just right, not as black as my hair but has some tint to fill in the sparse areas of my brows and to complete the look of the face with foundation and powder.

  • available in the philippines at the beauty bar and on the beauty bar online store
  • doesn't wipe of, smudge off onto the rims of my glasses
  • doesn't smear off 
  • and at this concert i went to at the mosh pit, it didn't get wiped off even though i was swimming in my own sweat (eh di ba nga it gets washed off with warm water?) so i suppose it does not get washed off with salt water either, (if sweat doesn't, right?) - sorry, unless it's life or death i do not go to the beach to swim or anything so i haven't tested this in real swimming conditions.
  • takes a little to paint both my brows so this can last a while
  • HAS NOT FADED in its container since july and it's december. (meaning the liquid tint still has the same intensity as when i first used it) - which answers the question asked of me when i received this
  • no scent
  • no harsh reaction from my skin, or brow hairs
  • it's quite easy to remove with makeup remover or warm water (as instructed)
  • with it's pen type packaging (and not a cake brow kit) it's much easier to travel with (wag mo lang iwala dahil ang payat nya, di ba? - just don't loose it, because it's slim and can fit into a nook or cranny of your makeup it)
  • i think the brand would be better served with another shade, a third one, don't you?
Do I recommend:  most definitely! for PhP1050 for this lasting two way kit (not 895 as on the online store on beauty bar) it's certainly worth it, specially to those folks that have events in really humid and sweaty conditions or for those women who like to swim but not look like a person undergoing chemo therapy with no brows.
Will I repurchase - Most likely, i need it for travel!


Clair said...

K-Palette is one of the brands that I find very good for those with oily skin or live in very humid places. :) Di madaling mag-smudge yung eyeliner nila. Glad to know that this eyebrow liner is like that too.

Marge said...

i definitely agree, the beach going people on my twitter list also hail this one for remaining on their brows even after swimming

BelleB said...

promising. pero kelangan pinagiipunan he he..medyo mabigat sa price but based naman sa reviews mo sis e worth it sya. how do you manage to always look fresh, idk. ha ha.. inggit lang! :)

prettythrifty said...

Nanalo ako sa giveaway ng ganito ate Marge kaya lang hindi nakarating saken ang product. Nagspam daw yung message ko dun sa nagpagiveaway, that's why she ended up drawing new winner. So sad, it looks good pa naman, since I have sparse on my eyebrows, pasaway na pimples kasi pati sa eyebrows tumutubo. hehe It looks natural naman on you. Mejo pricey lang pero worth it naman talaga.

Marge said...

naku sayang naman yung chance na yun. kaya ako sa rafflecopter ko lagi umaasa eh para automatic na.
yeh, medyo pricey nga but yeah worth it sya. at matipid naman gamitin ^_^

Marge said...

uys thanks, yeh, japanese products laging mahal pero ok naman.
hmmm i have 3 cats that calm me down, kaya fresh looking ko lagi? LOL

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