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Product description: copied from the Tony Moly Philippines website here
SPF50+ PA+++, lightly applied to skin without sticky feeling and create bright skin tone, sun block cream with sufficient capacity. Water Melon – protect skin from UV rays, Welbor-7 – natural vitamin complex ingredients improve skin soothing, moisturizing and immune system, primrose – antioxidant, protect skin, mistletoe – boost blood circulation, prevent skin trouble, moisturizing.
Price (srp) in the Philippines found here and a picture of the full size looks like

The ingredient list, please click on the pictures below to 

and what it looks like on a bare face
Price: P 848.00
I am supposing that the product description was merely copied off the Korean site with English translation which is why it is so full of awesome engRish and fragments.  hehehe i know fragmented when i see it, because duh? i write fragmentedly (lol-ing at my new adverb!) and see, it's so new year and christmasy who'd've thunk to put a mistletoe in my sunscreen? only them people!

  • SPF50+ PA +++ (say what? a plus sign after the numeric value of 50? well let's just say it's 50 but in the west, the rule is not to go over 70 as it gives people a fall sense of security and not reapply every 2-4 hours)
  • truly has no sticky feeling
  • light weight feeling
  • does not affect the bb cream i was wearing so it didn't oxidize, cake up, or...
  • break me out with the combo of the spf-less bb
  • effective enough to keep me from getting darker when i go out and walk around ortigas
  • scent does not make me sneeze...i think that's the watermelon part of the product description
  • that one sachet lasted me 5-6 days! a little goes a long way
  • and it's not that expensive either, considering how much the armada costs for the same amount of product, at php848, it's actually something i'll put under a pro ^_^
  • available in the philippines at tony moly boutiques
  • packaging of the full size is an ideal squeezy tube and a tip
  • none that i can think of
Do I recommend: yes, definitely
Will I purchase the full size: most likely ^_^


couchpotato_md said...

I love this sunblock cream. Mine came in an orange tube with a pump similar to the design on your sample sachet. What i love about it is that its has spf 50 but did not clogged my pores. I used this on out of town trips and in swimming vacation starting last summer. Of course I use another swimming sunblock on top of this when I am already swimming, but this had help me lessen the darkening effects of staying too long under the sun, so i didn't darkened on the face as much as I normally would at the end of summer. I can attest that it does not leave a white cast and even if you sweat, your sweat does not turn white or milky revealing that you had sunblock on your face. And a lot goes a long way, I haven't finish mine even if I use it several times for retouch and shared it with friends during a Pinatubo trekking trip.

Marge said...

no white cast
does not clog pores
help prevent darkening while under the sun
takes very little for a full face application
--yes, yes, yes, yes ^_^
i usually hate applying sunscreen unless it's already 'built in' with the bb cream and foundation, but this one from tony moly is refreshingly different, yey! ♥

Marge said...

no, a base is what you apply before foundation or bb cream ^_^

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