Tuesday, January 8, 2013


happy new year folks! soooow, who's been drinking too much and sleeping too little during the holidays? are you glad to be back from the holidays?
certainly not me, huhuhu i wish i was either asleep or eating or in transit to do one or the other! 

well we're here now and the weather has been weird lately and chapped lips is my usual problem with the slightest bit of weather change.
so when the lovely people at the shu uemura trinoma branch used this on me before they sampled on me their matte lippies on me, i knew i had found the one lips salve to rule all!
from the sea they say.
so further down the line, after all the ingredients to make the product easily spread on the lips, to make the product maintain it's gel like state, we see, maris aqua.  some of you who use nasal sprays maybe familiar with this isotonized aqua maris nasal spray for nose cleansing.
but from what marketing / advertising write ups i did find, please read the below:
Spring Sea Aqua (Maris Aqua) Protects the skin against loss of moisture and supplies it with long-lasting moisture.
Maris aqua orgins form the deep sea stratum of northwest france, which is preserved in the most natural way between the earth's crust rock layers, it's molecular is active and tiny, also is rich in natural mineral such as na (sodium), k (potassium), mn (manganese), silicates (silicates), zn (zine), ca (calcium), mg (magnesium) and so on, and also will achieve the best state of equilibrium because of the rich mineral substance, providing massive moisture contents and no harm to the cell protein.

nose bleed ate Marge! well, bottom line, it isn't just sea water with plankton, dead fish particles, kelp etc, it's sea water that isn't 'salty' i will use that word loosely 
and what the applicator tip looks like
what the gel like product looks like
after the product has been spread.
product insert says! (please click on the picture to enlarge it)
the promise
in vitro tests?

  • very smooth to apply
  • does not have any weird taste 
  • no weird scent
  • compact enough for travel but not too tiny that it'll be the last thing at the bottom that you find in your makeup kit (this after you've dug out every other thing in your kit first)
  • cap screws on, and not something you pop in and out, which makes it more secure.  yes, there have been plenty of times when i've retrieved a capless chap stick or lip balm.
  • very good ingredient list
  • available in Manila where you can find Shu Uemura boutiques
  • really does sooth my chapped lips
  • does not give me that white line of product/saliva/lip skin after several hours of application or even re-application
  • i don't need to reapply until after i eat or wash my mouth
  • not greasy on my lips
  • so i don't end up looking i had lechon or barbecue for lunch
  • the usual, the price, but it's a japanese product so i really can't complain about something that's been that way for a while. (it's PhP1k+)
there is no substitute for proper diet that includes proper hydration.  as in if you drink a cup of coffee you need to drink 3 cups of water to counter the diuretic effects of the coffee.
but if you're already properly hydrated yet you still suffer from chapped lips this could help you out.

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Nikka Salvatierra said...

Amazing! The SA did not mention this the last time I went to shu trinoma. He just gave me samples of the deepsea hydrability cream, emulsion and toner-ish moisturizing lotion. When a lip balm is what I need at that time. Oh well, something to save up for. Is there a sample of this product? That would be cool if I buy something else and get a sample of this for free. =))

Marge said...

hi there! i doubt there's a sample of this product. tester lang meron sila dun.

o_apol said...

wow expensive but It's good. like they say you get what you pay for.


Marge said...

in this case, i do get what i paid for ^_^

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