Sunday, January 13, 2013


Something not Korean or Japanese, nonetheless, from the east, the Middle East that is ^_^  Do you happen to see this brand around? Yes, this brand is in Manila, have been for a while now.  please visit their facebook page for more information.
and oh they have sale on going please see picture below for details:
and here goes. the promise
the description
and in different languages
ingredient list
GmbH - company with limited liability hehehe
the product packaging
shelf life upon opening.
product insert.
what it looks like

  • available in the Philippines, please one of the pictures above or click the link above for their facebook page to find out where their kiosks can be found
  • smells really nice, baby powder scent that lasts!
  • lasting softness on the hands and arms, about 3-4 hours
  • matte finish, hehehe what i mean is, not oily after it has been absorbed by the skin.  unlike a body butters where it takes a while for the product to get in the skin so body butters kinda feel oily
  • compared to johnson's baby lotion, the blue one, this lotion from Ahava is not at all watery considering the first ingredient is water.  
  • very easy to spread and is not icky sticky
  • has the shelf life revealed on the packaging so all you need to do is get a magic marker or a cd/dvd marker and write the date when you first used the product (or opened) 
  • none that i can think of.  people will expect me to put the price as a con, price is something we have very little control of as a consumer, unless we ALL stop buying a particular product or from a particular mall, maybe our voices can be heard.
i think i covered most of what you can think of about lotion, but if you have further questions just leave a comment below and i'll answer them when i can ^_^


Felyn Orejudos said...

dahil dyan oorderin ko na to sa sampleroom...

Marge said...

good luck ^_^

Valerie Summers said...

this is a good review. is giving away discount on ahava products

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