Thursday, January 10, 2013


This has been in my stash for a while, i guess i've been waiting for the appropriate moment to use this.  and the appropriate time came.  after the holidays when you're trying to get back into the right sleep rhythm but can't because you just came from a long holiday.
and here we are, 1% collagen, vitamin a and e and some green tea extracts - the ingredients oozing out of each sheet.
here are my eyes before i put the two sheets on.  i have some redness  under my eyes.
and some puffiness 
the sheets are cased in a tough plastic envelop
and they are huge
as in huge.  i could not shape them under my eye, well not really.
i had them on for a good thirty minutes
well, parang wala namang naganap hahaha.

  • php78 and i used my etude house philippines card points to pay for it
  • available in the major malls in the country in etude house boutiques and department stores
  • made my under eyes softer and smoother
  • not sticky after i used it
  • made to fit under any eye because of its size
  • the liquid soak it was in got in my eye and it stingSS
  • no real change under my eyes even after 30 minutes of getting soaked under each sheet.
i think i'll give this collagen patches another chance maybe i need to use them more than once? before i see any real effects.  I guess i was hoping for the effects that brightening sheet masks give my face like tea tree and snail sheets.  what i would rather not experience again is the sting my eyes felt when the liquid got into my eyes.  but at least the sclera / whites of my eyes didn't get red, it only felt stingy painful.
Do i recommend: well, yeah, you never know it could work for you ;-) it's less than 100 pesos, may sukli ka pa.


Kath Rivera said...

hahaha naman sa "parang walang naganap" I tried the Nature Republic patch din na pagkahaba-haba ng name. same din sa observation mo mas mahal nga lang yung sa nature republic saka it's gel type.

thebeautyjunkee said...

I tried this and you're right. It doesn't do anything haha.

DanitzaGalvez said...

Thank you for the review!^^
I wish I could buy some because my eyes need a really good rest u__u heheh ^^U
Have a good day!;3

Katrina Maryse Villanueva said...

i tried their collagen mask
and it is pretty much ok naman.



Marge said...

hehehe ah well ang nature republic, in fairness sa np dito, medyo mas mataas nga presyo ng np sa seoul vs sa ibang brand, hehehe
oo sumakit lang mata ko dito hahaha

Marge said...

ey good to know, i'll try that next ^_^

Marge said...

hello there, you're welcome. yep if you're near a branch for php78 bucks, who knows it may work out for you ♥

Marge said...

hehehe it did do something, sting my eye LOL ;-)

april hollie arnado said...

I saw this at Etude House too, makes me want to try it, it's 78pesos lng naman eh...hehe

Marge said...

yeh, true that, malay natin mag work for you ;-)

couchpotato_md said...

I've tried this marge, for about 5 eye patches done use after every other day, well supple yung feeling under the area after and puffiness decreased, but long term effects... hmm wala rin naganap. better na lang siguro to invest in the eye cream

Marge said...

hehehe yep eye cream na lang bet ko parin talaga yung kay bobbi brown at yung sa the body shop. yun lang saksakan ng mahal for eye cream :'(

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