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aaaaand I'm back! still not quite over the most recent visit from U-Kiss to Manila.  but life does go on and so will this blog.  and continue to blog about Asian cosmetics and skin care this blog shall.  This week it will be snail cream of the quarter.  This snail cream is from the face shop.  i've had this for some time and i generally don't write a review for a specific skin care product unless i've gone through half of the container or at least a month's worth of usage.
and two months have gone by and here's my two cents worth on the product.  this is now available, by the way, at our local the face shop stores and its srp is php2695. below is the product info.  it boasts of 60% snail mucin and the fact that it has no parabens (preservatives)
the  ingredients below.
it's in a tub and users are provided with a spatula and a product insert. hay, i miss have a pump container for my snail cream.
what the product looks like, it looks like your basic night cream.
but this feels more gel like or 'slimy'
this is me with absolutely NO makeup whatsoever.  first thing in the morning when i get to the office.  i hardly take pictures at home now.  it's too dark.  but here's what i look like without any make up and with just skin care on.  these days though i apply a serum before i apply this snail cream. the serum is supposed to enhance the effect of any skin care we are currently using because of it's high rhamnose content.  so i will be reviewing that soon and will be using the same picture or same set of pictures with the same background and chicken nest hair.
  • recently became available in the Philippines at our nearest the face shop boutiques in major malls in the city.  
  • somewhat scented but does not make me sneeze the way the snail cream from it's skin does.
  • does not break me out
  • HELPS prevent pimples.  how do i know some of you may ask? i still get pimples during that time of the month.  where you might ask? on my brow, at the hairline of my forehead and once at the outer rim of one of my nostrils.  yes, the areas where i neglect or choose not to apply snail cream on.  MEANING - i do not get pimples on the areas of my face where i most commonly apply this product.
  • takes very little product to get a good coating of product on my face.  it's gonna be a while until i finish this tub of product.
  • english product description
  • comes with its own spatula
  • does not feel sticky after it has been absorbed
  • i don't end up looking like a grease ball the next morning
  • because even my oily skin type of face absorbs this well, the foundation or bb cream i apply on top does not slide off or melt off easily throughout the day.  (disclaimer: i work in a controlled environment so women who work in the field may experience something different and look like a grease ball after a couple of hours)
  • anti-wrinkle - the lines on my under eye areas are still there still as deep, but didn't get deeper even during the toxic months of the holidays.
  • whitening- but then again, it's me so i never notice whitening
- now why did i discuss those two neutral bullet points? because the promise of snail cream is repair and whitening. so this really does repair and prevent pimples but in so far as wrinkle repair, i haven't used long enough or i don't have too many wrinkles to fix YET.
  • each 50ml tub of  snail cream is PhP2695 - it's cheap considering how much i paid for the the it's skin one.  but for just 60% of snail mucin compared to others' 80-90% snail cream for the same price then i would say the srp of this is kinda steep.
  • in a tub.  it's always better to have lotion like products to be dispensed by a pump to keep the product hygienic
  • not specific - other brands have come out with snail cream specific for dry or oily skin.  this product claims to be useful to women of all skin types.
Do I recommend: definitely, I do. 
I'm really not a skin care type of person (you know the type, the one that does the entire regimen of washing the face [check!-i at least do that LOL], toner, serum, emulsion/essence, then final step.)  i just apply snail cream after washing my face ever since i got sent my first ever snail cream.  that way i can sleep right away after my skin care and not care too much that all that product is gonna go onto my pillow O.O 

so if you're like me but are interested in taking care of your skin now before it's too late, then start with snail cream.
Will I repurchase: i hardly repurchase stuff except if i really really love it.  I don't repurchase stuff because i wanna try the same thing but from a different brand.

I think i've covered most of it.  but if you have questions do leave a comment down below.


Linda Li said...

hello love!! i took a break from blogging but now i'm back!! :) i love to eat escargot but never thought of it as a facial cream. definitely an interesting product!

fran said...

ano pong serum ang gamit nyo ms.marge?

Marge said...

yung samples ng tsuya skin serum galing sa shu uemura ^_^

fran said...

gusto ko din un kaya lang ang mahal.. hehe! try ko n lang siguro ung sa thebodyshop. ;) hnd ko na po ba need gumamit ng eyecream pag gumamit po ako ng snailcream na to? thanks for the quick reply Ms.Marge. ^_^

Marge said...

no prablem ♥

Raquel said...

im pregnant, is it ok to use this?

Marge said...

this is quite the new ‘in’ product in the anti aging/whitening/cure all market. i have yet to see any empirical evidence to support that this is unsafe to be used by women who are pregnant.
but if your doctor says no then don’t use it. i have not practiced medicine in 10 years and only go by published documents on the internet and have not attended any seminars to update myself so i will not be the best provider for an answer to your query.

spaupau said...

ms. marge which do you prefer in terms of effectiveness on preventing zits? this one or the skin shop? im hooked to your snail cream reviews! you have a veryy goood skin :))

spaupau said...

hi ms.marge, which do you prefer in terms of effectiveness in preventing zits, this one or the skin shop? thanks :))

Marge said...

i prefer the skin shop, imho

Marge said...

i like tony moly's and the skin shop...ok din yun elisha coy

mysupremeboss1 said...

Ang ganda po ng skin nyo Ma'am. mabibili po ba ang cream na to sa watsons? or ano po ba ang ibang stores na pwede kong mabilhan nito? kasalukuyan po akong gumagamit ng Lifecell anti-aging science cream at gustong gusto ko naman po ang resulta. Pero na curious din po ako sa gamit nyo kasi ang ganda po ng skin nyo :)

chris said...

where can i find this products?

Marge said...

at the face shop

Marge said...

snail cream gamit ko, ito ay nabibili sa the face shop

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