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Hurray for another review.  for the people who are going to ask here it is.  I bought this when the hubby and I went to South Korea last October.
I was matched by the innisfree girl at the subway station near the hotel where we stayed and we decided on shade W2 for my skin tone.
i♥ these companies that use recycled paper for their boxes and use soy ink for their printing.
product description below and in english.
with directions
the ingredient list in hangul
and the Jeju natural mineral powder, Jeju green tea water  being described below with the diagram

the packaging.  yes, it's a compact and is a cream foundation. 
a rubber puff, you've seen this before, on my review for the snow bb cushion.  these are about one thousand won, less than 1usd. i like using these actually, it gives an airbrushed flawless finish.
there are five shades for this foundation, a trend that I am seeing with Asian face products who used to have just two shades, for the fair and the very fair! please click on the pic to enlarge

the ingredients are listed below cr: KoreaDepart
please click the pic to enlarge
 what it looks like, so you have a plastic lid separating the product from the rubber sponge puff thingy.  and it reminds me of a covergirl face product with the swirls of olay moisturizer.
swatcheee, it's a bit orangy at first.
but you can blend that out.
and pictures below with half of my face with and without the foundation.  below is a picture taken without flash
and with flash and it was quite sunny
and once it has set and dusted with your favorite setting powder (today i used my colorstay mineral aqua)
and camwhoring :P
  • 5 shades, wow, i'm loving this trend! whereas back in 2008 and 9 a lot of filipina women would find it difficult to find a good match so broadening their horizons with Asian brands was not commonly done as it is now.
  • w2 shade suits me fine, i like the second to the last pic of me, the foundation clearly evened out my skin 
  • has at least spf32 pa of ++
  • but is not reflective at all on flash photography
  • really easy to apply and blend using the puff, a synthetic foundation brush, or my personal favorite, my fingers.  so i don't get puddles of foundation in my pores
  • readily available online, of course i go to my suki's (trusted seller-kkochipida) site but in Seoul this is about php800
  • conveniently packaged - with mirror and a lid to protect the product and to keep the puff separate
  • travel friendly since it's in a compact and is not liquid, this will be a good thing to bring along in colder countries
  • did not break me out
  • did not oxidize
  • has a satin finish, i love satin finishes - satin finish the in between dewy and matte.
  • does not rub off on the rims of my glasses
  • AND when i do blot the oils from my nose and cheeks you don't get product transferred on to your oil blotting film (in short, once this foundation is set on your face it's there and will not be easily removed)
  • the product is easy to wash off from the puff
  • does not affect the shade of blush i'm wearing (meaning it doesn't oxidize the blush i'm wearing)
  • coverage is medium to full, great pore coverage, too.  
  • doesn't cake up through out the day
  • no weird scent either.
  • easy to remove or wash off my face
  • nice ingredients, too 
  • endorsed by lee min ho hahaha yes, it's a pro and i have to say it :P 
  • the company uses recycled paper and soy ink for their packaging
  • not yet available in the Philippines - anyone interested generally have to order online.
Do I recommend: yes, definitely.  specially now, I heard that my favorite bb cream is currently being phased out and is no longer available in manila.  and since the finish of this foundation is very very similar to that mineral bb gel cream then at least I have a substitute and eventually a replacement.
Will I repurchase: I could, but i'd like to try Innisfree's liquid foundation next time.


Tran said...

How long does it last because I have oily skin :P
I'm currently using Revlon Colorstay foundation for Oily/Comb skin in shade 180-Sand Beige. If I use this Innisfree foundation, which shade is kinda similar to the Revlon's shade ? :P

Marge said...

hello there, it lasts until i remove it. i have oily combo skin, too. all i do is use oil blotting films to touch up. i haven't tried this under the sun for too long though.
i use shell #3 for the photoready by revlon, is that close to the sand beige? the #3 shell beige is a little lighter than this w2.

zackgo said...

What's your fave bb cream ate Marge that is already phased out?

Marge said...

the kate mineral bb gel cream :-(

couchpotato_md said...

shoot! phase out na? I shouldn't have waited because I have 3 other bb creams to finish up. Wala na talaga??? Darn it.

Marge said...

oo, i got an email from Kanefil since may nag inquire sa page ko kung pwede daw umorder.
yeh, baka sa ibang bansa na siguro baka available :'( malamang hk nanaman LOL

DanitzaGalvez said...

Wow! This product really surprised me!O: I really like the packaging and that it is portable! I'll have more account on Innisfree products now hehe ^^
Thanks for the review! and btw is moisturizing(?)
Have a nice day!n__n

Marge said...

yep, it's this and the laneige snow bb cushion that are really portable.
yes, this is moisturizing.

Monica Santos said...

Hi Ms. Marge! Which one do you like better, the Laneige snow bb cushion or thi Innisfree mineral melting ? I have comb/oily skin. I'm torn, I want to try both but I can't buy those two at the same time. :( thank you :)

Marge said...

wow what a tough question ^_^
i guess it depends on my day. i still use the snow bb cushion for long days that i can't retouch much such as the dream kpop fantasy concert recently (where i stood in line for almost 13 hours). and i needed the higher spf
and i use the innisfree for days when i'm just at the office. both look natural and are awesome. but at the office i don't need as much spf ^_^

Monica Santos said...

"both looks natural and awesome". ang hirap pumili T_T. haha. thank you po for the reply :)

Marge said...

hehehe at least laneige is here? and you can try it mismo sa stalls nila, unlike innisfree wala pa dito :'(

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