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DISCLAIMER: I received this as a press kit.  This is available at the Beauty Bar Philippines.  but though this product was given to me, i will still be as frank and honest as i usually am.. In addition to my disclaimer, this is an apology.  i lost the cd that came with the press kit.  It's somewhere in the room along with the printed version of the contents of the cd.  so to those who can read hiragana and katakana, hehehe well, lambast me if i fumble my through this review.
there is a description sticker, please click on the picture below to enlarge.  for further info you can visit k-palette philippines' facebook page
what it looks like
the ingredients
the fine as in really fine brush wand
and it's curved in the middle
my friend Ria's lashes before any product applied on her lashes
below are her lashes after being curled and applied with a thin coat of the 1day lash perm
you guise recall my lashes right?  here there are again before any product:
and here are my lashes with just one coat of the 1day lash perm
and a front view
below are my friend, Farah's lashes below any product.
and after.  but she applied lash serum before she applied on the 1day lash perm.
ok...disclaimer again.  i got this product monthSS ago so i may have opened this too late and the thing may have dried up a great deal. so by the time i got to this product i and my ghels found this dry.  mind you though, some girls do prefer a drier formula, and that would be Farah, the last girl in the set of pictures.

  • available in the Philippines and not that too pricey considering it is a Japanese product and is sold at the Beauty Bar
  • the wand applicator
  • the wand applicator
  • the wand applicator
  • ooohh have i mentioned the wand applicator? lol!  it's just so fine (like pino) applies the dry formula along each lash really precisely
  • not clumpy even if my 1day lash perm is dry
  • super lengthened my lashes
  • emphasized Ria's and Farah's lashes though i didn't notice too much lengthening on their lashes any more.  their lashes are like thick and long to begin with
  • no weird scent
  • no flaking
  • none of us looked like pandas at the end of the day
  • easy to remove
  • one coat does the trick
  • our eyes didn't react violently with product, didn't give us itching or reddening
  • my lashes didn't feel stiff like applied hair spray on my lashes hehehe 
  • kept some of the curl through out the day
  • it's really black 
  • more than one coat weighs my lashes down and i'd loose my curl within a couple of hours
  • personally (and the first girl, Ria) we prefer a more wet formula to our mascaras
  • price may be a little too high for my usual readership
Do I recommend: actually i do, if all the 1day lash perms are as dry as my product here then this would be great for women who wear false lashes for work, or for a wedding, or prom, or graduation.  WHY? because it's not too thick, and this thin sorta dry formula can coat your real lashes along with the false ones you stick on.  gets? it can stick your real lashes to your falsies and combine them better.

I think I covered most of it, but should you have any further questions leave your comments below.


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