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DISCLAIMER: this was sent to me by Kanefil, the importer of Kanebo products in Manila for review.  this is php1k ++ at your nearest Kanebo counters in major malls in the city.  that being said, i will still provide the same honest, frank and detailed review as i do with my personally purchased items. 

This is one of the latest foundations by Kate, it came out about the September but arrived in Manila around November.  Kanefil even had a promo where in you print their promo ad from their facebook and you get a sample size of this foundation.

My shade is OC-C but i'm glad to see there are more than three shades for this foundation. that is actually an improvement for these Asian brands as they usually come out with one or two shades!
again, my shade written at the bottom and the content of 30mils
ok let me just say, that for any brand that charges at least 1k for their foundation, it is a must to include a pump (and a pump you don't have to buy separately, ahem, those brands that do not put pumps on their foundations).  and this one though oddly looking is a pump that works and is very controllable.  one small squeeze and i am dispensed just the right amount and it's hygienic (because i don't have to open the bottle to get my product out and on to my face)
aaaannnddd no crazy doohickey squeeze tube that squeezes out it's content on a sponge tip applicator for me to clean the sponge after i use.
more product info in japanese, so it's 2k yen, so it's just right this thing is php1k++ here.
ingredient list?

Information i found on the internet regarding this product:
from: Ratzillacosme:
please click on the pictures below to see the information 
and the ingredient list:
swatchee time.  oc-c is my shade with just the right amount of yellow undertone

as you can see, i didn't blend it well and some of you may see the outline of the area of the back of my hand with the foundation and without.
and finished face, no flash and yes, i didn't set this with powder.
and with flash
so as the product description says, Kate is the drugstore brand of Kanebo targeted for the teens and early 20's women who are in need of higher coverage.  so this brand is supposed to do two or three things here: be more affordable for our young ladies (in Japan hehehe) because it's a drugstore brand it has to have higher coverage because our girls would still be suffering from acne marks and blemishes that they would need to cover and have a finish to give a young and fresh look.  sounds about right ^_^

  • available in the Philippines
  • pump! an awesome pump that does not over dispense the product
  • no scent
  • easy to blend
  • not too watery
  • did not break me out
  • oc-c is the right shade for me
  • comes in 5 shades
  • does not oxidize on me throughout the day
  • coverage lasts throughout the day, does not fade even if i blot the oils off my face
  • medium to buildable coverage
  • coverage does not make me too made up
  • does not smudge/smear on the rims of my glasses
  • does not affect the shade of my blush
  •  easy to remove at the end of the day
  • does not need setting with powder
  • matte but not flat finish, at least it leaves room for you to apply highlighter or a glittery blush without overwhelming your face and make you look like a disco ball
  • you can reuse the plastic container (meaning the pump can be opened by unscrewing it from the bottle and you can refill it with whatever)
  • not too bulky to bring along in your kit
  • plastic container, you have nothing to fear that it'll break in your bag
  • and plastic container does not have a plasticy-synthetic stench
  • spf is only 20 so it's not too reflective on flash photography
  • 1k++ is something difficult to buy for our younger ladies who are not in the alta de siudad socio economic strata
I think the fact that there are a couple of shades will make this a good investment for our young ladies.  specially now, JS proms are coming up and graduation.  our young ladies will need a foundation that has a matte yet not flat finish, hardly need setting and is long lasting.  it's  also great for photos.

Do I recommend - yes, if it's within your budget


Kay Orillano said...

Hi. I loved the review... Hoping to buy it this month... but where can I buy this item

o_apol said...

Sana magkaron sila ng sample sa sample room.para matry muna.hehe

Marge said...

Hello Kay:
Thank you for your inquiry and interest in this review. Please find the answer below:

"this is php1k ++ at your nearest Kanebo counters in major malls in the city."


Marge said...

sana nga, try mo kung may samples pa sila sa kanebo stalls sa mga mall

Isay ♥ said...

I love how it is available in 5 shades. It's hard to find

Isabel said...

Sorry about that unfinished published comment. :) As I was saying, I love how it is available in 5 shades. It's hard to find foundations that will suit your skintone just right. I like how it looks so natural on you. :))

♥, ohstrawberryyy

Marge said...

yes, i like how natural it is on me and isn't too reflective with the flash. so i do recommend this for the JS prom/graduation season this feb-april ^_^
yep 5 shades at least our young ladies won't look like floating heads in their pictures

Kay Orillano said...

ah di kasi ako familiar pero I loved the review

Marge said...

ey thanks, yeh, kate/kanebo has always been there along with fascio but i guess we overlooked it because the bigger kiosks belong to covergirl and revlon LOL

Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for the review sis :) I have the sample of this through the FB promo. Na try ko once and ang ganda nga. Is this the sign na dapat mag try na din ako ng fondi? laking bb creams kasi ako. hahaha. I just use my fingers to blend this.

Marge said...

yep, fingers rin lang gamit ko hehehe, tipid sa pag hugas ng brush at sponge LOL
yep, this is great for our climate and cultural sensibilities, dito kasi ayaw ng tao ang dewy, hahaha kanong kano

couchpotato_md said...

hay, another foundation to try... pahaba ng pahaba ang list. it looks so natural just the way i like it. I'm not so much of a fan of the too made up look. Of topic marge, i am hoping you make a comparison of the kate bb cream and the fairy drops bb cream. Pretty please!

Marge said...

naku yang fairy drops bb cream, baka pagalitan nanaman ko nung blogger na marunong mag hapon pero di nakagisnan ang filipino. ano kayang masasabi ni Rizal hehehe

couchpotato_md said...

ha!ha! i had to backtrack to your fairy drops bb cream post to understand what you were saying... didn't know blogging can have dramas din pala

Marge said...

yep, unfortunately, it's my pet peeve. this essentially my domain, and it would be nice not to be used all caps on when commenting. all caps is both condescending and screaming. albeit that was not her intent, it still had that effect. and if she really does read my blog then she knows that i'm quite fluent in filipino and will use it to blog and comment with (apparently her pet peeve is to be spoken to in filipino. so haler butting heads. i think she saw me at the picc at the phil kpop con. oh who knows, some girl who looks like that blogger smiled at me so i smiled back, i'm not a complete asshole hehehe.
huwell, papel, more fairy drops and kpalette reviews to come muahahaha :P

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