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when i review foundations, i take the opportunity to find out if i have sunscreen to review as well.  so while i was reviewing and testing out the most recent foundation (whose spf was just 20), i was using this sunscreen underneath that way i am protected more.
This is from the brand Lioele.  They're actually in the Philippines.  and they have stalls in Rob Manila and St. Francis Square and I hear they're opening up more stalls in other malls going further south.  for further info please visit the Lioele FB page
I bought this sample while I was in Hong Kong last year.  It was in a gift set kind of box.  I like buying or procuring samples that way i get to try out the product first without investing in a full size.  This sample is also great because it's handy for travel AND it's in a squeeze tube rather than just a sachet.
What it looks like below. Indeed, it really just a sunscreen, nothing more.  
the cap and the tip of the tube.  the cap has this hard plastic that penetrates the tip of the tube to ensure no product will squirt out of the tube and into the cap preventing product from oozing out when you unscrew the cap.
ingredients from the full size box of blogger lavender-lilac-dream the link goes to her review of this same lioele product...
as you can see from the ingredients below that there is no Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide that are physical sunscreens.  so most of the ingredients below are of chemical sun screens.  so you will need to reapply after a couple of hours if under the sun for too long like on the beach.
but if you're like me if you just wanna have extra protection in case you need to cross the street or go out in the sun to walk several city blocks away then this is good for me the whole day and i can just reapply a physical sunscreen like my mineral (loose powder) foundation with spf20.
below is a picture of me with the sunscreen under my japanese foundation.  i did not turn on the flash.
and below, i had he flash on.  so it's only a bit reflective.

  • available in the Philippines
  • NO weird, medicine type of scent, you know what i mean? the sun block smell which hurts the nose.  the coppertone scent.
  • works, i didn't get red when i walked along ADB avenue this one afternoon while i was using this
  • prices will vary for the full size depending on your supplier, but online it's about us$20-us$30
  • did not break me out - even with an added product on top of it (the foundation)
  • has a matte finish so it did not affect the finish of the foundation i applied on top of it
  • did not make me go extra oily throughout the day
  • did not break me out, make me itch, no new millia
  • did not oxidize my foundation
  • easy to apply and blend out (with all the dimethicones in it)
  • not too watery just the right creamy texture
  • does not cake up my foundation
  • i didn't get any white cream around the rims of my glasses 
  • a little too pricey for sunscreen when you have drugstore brands that will do the same job for half the price
Do I recommend - yes, if it's within your budget then go for it. the squeeze tube with tip of the full size is something good to have since it's very portable and hygienic. it is also a good sunscreen, just reapply within 3hours if you'll go swimming.

I think I covered most of it, but if you have further questions just leave a comment below.


조이 said...

Hemeyged! Your skin is glowing in the photos! I love! Parang hindi napupuyat sa Anipang ang fez, hehe. :)

Marge said...

hahaha thanks!
sent you a heart this morning ^_^ hehehe adik lang :P

couchpotato_md said...

which you do prefer marge, this one or the tony moly one? Or equal lang sila?

Breena Estillore said...

You have beautiful skin. T_T I'm envious. You don't have to put too much product. Sigh~ Anyway, may I ask what Japanese foundation you're using? :)

whitechoco said...

Ang weird ng ibang location ng stall nila. Nakakita ako sa 168 pati sa Gift Market sa Market Market.

Marge said...

equal lang, parehong matte ang finish eh. yung acai kyeme ng tfs ang nagka pimple akech :'(

Marge said...

ay ay, may paliwanag yan.
Lioele kasi ang ginawa nila ay parang avon. so may mga avon sa buong pinas right? yung main yun dun ka kukuha ng products to sell to your office mates, neighbors, etc.
so ganon ginawa ng lioele dito may main office in manila and cavite, tapos direct selling sila parang amway, pero hindi pyramiding hahaha direct selling lang talaga gaya ng avon at triumph. so yung mga nakikita nating stall sa kung saan saang anik mga iba ibang direct sellers na yun na can-afford na magka pwesto sa 168, st francis, etc hehehe
mahirap ipenetrate ang malls gaya ng sm eh, wala kang halos kita sa sm. bukod sa rent may porsyento pang binibigay sa sm for every sale. chaka di ba? (hahaha ehto nanaman ko sa pag okray sa sm hehehe)

Marge said...

hello there.
thank you for the compliment.
with this sun screen i was using the kate powderless liquid for cover ~_^

Missplpify Missplpify said...

I miss your videos na! ^_^ and I miss YOU! ^_^



Marge said...

i miss having videos, too.
but i do not miss editing and the wait time to upload.
I miss you, too. ^_^

couchpotato_md said...

Thanks, i'll skip the tfs acai something pag nag-repurchase ako ng sunblock

Marge said...

hehehe yep, pero baka naman sa face ko lang yun. if tfs still gives out the acai sun screen sachet samples then at least you don't have to purchase the full bottle ^_^

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