Monday, January 14, 2013


all these makeup that Marge has, but how does Marge remove it all? well here's one of my ways.  I use this baby to remove my eye makeup and long wearing lipsticks.
the ingredients are in korean.  and i haven't found any ingredient listing online.  sorry bout that.
i did find this LOL - i do not know what soapwort water and i don't think i wanna know hehehe
at the bottom we have an idea when the product was bottled.
and it's sealed
this makeup remover was tested last Christmas, during the party season.
when i wore smudge proof and water proof makeup to our office company Christmas party.
and here's the aftermath. after about 5 seconds of soaking the the makeup with the makeup remover around my eyes.
and the result.  weow, the mascara i used is seriously smudge and waterproof! (there's still some mascara left on my lashes even after a few minutes of soaking with this eye remover)
but it removed all traces of the really waterproof japanese brow tattoo thing i applied on my brow and the really difficult to remove kohl type of lesson 01 eye liner i used for the Christmas party.
oh well it's kinda oily, you have to shake it really well for the oil to really combine well with the 'rose water' and be less oily.

  • available in the Philippines via their boutiques in department stores or their online store kindly check nature republic philippines' facebook page for further info.
  • really effective
  • does NOT sting my eyes (yeah, don't let my red veins fool you, it was just merely a long night and i needed to sleep)
  • takes a little product to remove what i need removing from my eyes, and whatever is left on the cotton i just flip the cotton over and i use that to clean my lips
  • clear container, so i at least i know how much i have left of the product
  • i like the very faint and floral scent, really not overwhelming and annoying
  • does not make me sneeze
  • does not make me cry
  • does not dry out my lips
  • doesn't taste funky either
  • the price is not to competitive with its korean and western counterparts.  but if they're all out of stock then come to the nearest nature republic branch and get this 110ml for php460, anyway it lasts very long since it only takes a little to remove a lot of eye and lip makeup
  • funny name - hehehe water proof remover? missing a word there huh? maybe the word makeup! hahaha
Do I recommend - yep, definitely
Will I repurchase - no, they've got other makeup removers (also nature republic i wanna try ;-) )


Felyn Orejudos said...

I use st ives olive oil cleanser and make-up removed. P255 lang and it's very effective!

Marge said...

hehehe babalik ko sa etude house ko siguro (kaso laging out of stock, yung sa eh 198 lang LOL, may points pa ko sa card nila hahaha)

elisatot.kv said...

great review.
i hated the makeup remover
that i bought from ever bilena.
it stings.


<3 keyti of brushesandpens

Marge said...

ay, sorry to hear that, this one and the ones from etude house even the one from the face shop, they don't sting the eyes ^_^

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