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DISCLAIMER:  this set was given as a gift by Tony Moly Philippines.  but i will still do my best to review the product well and fairly.
the box is a set.  you get the awesomely packaged compact and a sample bb cream from the same oriental gyeol goun line.
the shade i got for the compact.
so it does come with a sample tube of the bb cream, so i'll be writing about that as well.
the compact has a mirror
and those really soft and nice puffs
and it has a lid separator so that your puff does not stay on top fo the product to be a little more hygienic.
the pressed powder boasts of spf48 and pa of +++
the description of the product is below and the english ver is on the right side so please click on the picture to enlarge
the product description is on top but below is the ingredients for the compact /press powder.

the bb cream i have is in 01, the lighter shade
below are the ingredients for the bb cream well, the ingredients that the company wants to high light.  if you want to know the full set of ingredients you can drop by the nearest tony moly store and look at the box of the full sized bb cream.

Tony moly The oriental Gyeol Goun BB Cream SPF46 PA++
▶ Volume : 50g
: Deer antlers collagen water, five color powder rouge on the cheeks and the forehead
▶ Product Description
 Adhesion and covering for lively face
Smooth texture
Can feel skin care and makeup at once
Talc-free, mineral oil-free, organic pigment-free, bezophenone-free, petrolatium-free
 ▶ How to Use
After skin care, apply in cheek, forehead, nose, and chin

The Oriental Gyeol Goun Bb Cream 01 or 02
Price: P 1,578.00

OMG, DEER ANTLERS??? poor bambi!

below is me with just the bb cream, photo taken with no flash.  makes me look slightly ashy on the right side huh? sorry for the messy hair.  after all i just got to where i go everyday LOL.
and the photo below is with the flash on.  so it's a bit reflective a has that classic Korean bb cream gray cast
but on to the powder.  isn't the embossing lovely? it's in keeping with the design of the compact.
and here's my mug after the bb cream has been applied on my entire face and set with the powder
and with the flash on.
and under the sun, where it looks normal on me
the BB cream:

  • high spf of 46 and pa of +++
  • sample size is a tube and not a sachet
  • medium to full coverage
  • lasts all day
  • does not break me out
  • easily blendable
  • does not cake up throughout the day
  • satin finish
  • only slight oxidation, it does not go orange-y
  • available in the Philippines at Tony Moly stores in major department stores
  • almost has zero oil control
  • it smells weird, like fresh vegetables, told you, kinda weird
  • gray cast specially on flash photography
  • 1500 locally available at Tony Moly kiosks and boutiques in major department stores.
the compact pressed powder
  • pretty packaging very ladylike 
  • the embossing, hehehe, i knew i had to take many photos of it.  by the time the dream kpop fantasy concert started i have flattened one of the flowers already hahaha
  • available in the philippines for php1348
  • has a lid separator that keeps the puff provided away from the product
  • compact has a mirror
  • compact packaging is not flimsy or it doesn't feel like cheap plastic (it better not be considering the price)
  • spf48 pa +++
  • great for travel because it's compact and it's pressed powder so it's not messy for travel
  • smells nice, really faint but smells perfume-y 
  • doesn't break me out
  • moderate oil control on a scale of 1-5 it's about a 3
  • used this to freshen up and touch up last saturday and yep, i didn't redden or become darker from being in the sun (shaded) but in the sun nonetheless waiting for the dream kpop concert to begin.  i waited about 12 hours LOL.  some were there by 3am!
  • 14 grams of product!
  • does not oxidize
  • does not cake up the foundation or bb i apply this on top over
  • does not settle or sink into my pores or fine lines
  • really nice puff provided
  • kinda pricey for a compact, the price is like for a high end brand!
Do I recommend the bb cream? - if you have dry skin, it should work for you much better than it did on my face.
Do I recommend the compact/pressed powder? - yes definitely, if it is within your budget then by all means!
Looks like I covered most of it, but if you have further questions, just drop a comment below ^_^


Kath Rivera said...

I Tried the this bb cream sa kiosk nila and para sakin naman amoy matanda. after few hours strolling sa mall may shine na sa face ko. I'm not sure if it turned ashy kasi minsan yung ilaw sa malls nakakaloko.

Abby Alejar said...

Would you recommend these products for someone with oily skin? :) Naku, I find Tony Moly to be quite a pricey brand. Haha

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

parang ang sarap nyang mahalin kasi ang ganda nang packaging pero hindi ko masyadong trip yung effect >.< kinda makes the skin dull? >.<

Marge said...

hay, the bb oo. may gray cast kasi. the compact/pressed powder is ok naman, at least keri sya for pics rin naman ^_^

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