Wednesday, February 6, 2013

BLUSH OF THE WEEK: Holika Holika Hello Holika Chic Blusher #01

Soon as I saw this at the Venetian in Macau back in 2011, I knew I'd regret not getting it then and there. but i bought so much already and that this was a tad more expensive at the newly established K cosmetics store at the Venetian, so i had to back away LOL.
There are two variants of this blush / highlighter compact and a 02 variant which is a more cool tone pink and a more straight up highlighter than it is a blush.
unfortunately i am unable to find the ingredients in english for this product.
I purchased this directly from a Holika Holika boutique/store in Myeoungdong so it's about US$17.  The Holika Holika branch is a type of store that deducts that vat from your purchases so i paid even less than US$17. (so why did i post this pic? - it's to show everyone the real cost of this item in Korea, that way if you see this item online - and hopefully you have read this blog entry, you can determine if the price quoted for you is just way too high compared to this SKW18,000 (it is acceptable in my opinion to have a markup of about PhP500 anything more is just, too high)
weee what it looks like.  i know this blush has been around awhile but it's still remarkably unique and cute.  thank heavens it's not a limited ed, that even after a full year of its release, i was still able to find it.
sorry for the powdery looking swatches on my finger tips LOL.  i promise once combined on your face, it applies smoothly and blends in a satin finish and not like a cullen disco-ball glittery finish.
here's my comparative dupe.  under certain angling of the light the anterior part of the cat is exactly like Nars' super orgasm
and swatchieee time, it's a little lighter than the orgasm and a little more sparkly than the orgasm, so yeah, the super orgasm is what reminded me when i started wearing this blush. so depending how the light hits the blush it can go pinkie sparkly.
or peachy gold.
but under natural light, it kinda looks like i just had a super ... o huh? looking at Eli can tend to do that :P
i love this blush, i'm glad i got to finally purchase this.  this will be one of those blushes that i will try to make last as long as i can!
  • natural looking flush
  • natural looking glow
  • only looks chunky but applies really fine(ly) on my cheeks
  • does not oxidize on me, unlike my nars blushes that do oxidize on my cheeks :'(
  • lasts a good 6 hours on my face, the only reason why it doesn't last longer is i end up wiping off some of the powder off my face with my oil blotting film O.o
  • lightly scented, and i really like the scent!
  • oh wait, how can i forget this - the embossing! IT'S WHAT MADE ME BUY IT to begin with LOL
  • the packaging is cute too, and quite sturdy, not at all cheap and not at all flimsy
  • the protective plastic sheet is sturdy, too.  i'll be keeping that plastic 'film' to cover the product and avoid accidental scrapes.
  • does not break me out
  • easy to remove
  • doesn't seem to transfer to the bottom rims of my glasses
  • cheaper than hehehe Nars :P
  • still not available locally in Manila.  but can be ordered online from trusted resellers that do cater to Philippine residents and who now ship internationally 
  • for that price, they couldn't include a puff? 
RECOMMENDATIONS: if you can wait for the preordering and the shipping, i highly recommend this blush, it's cute, handy, and it's less expensive than its western dupe.  this 01 is also a complete package (no puff though, boo!) it's a blush gradient with highlight.


Bunni Hunni said...

It looks great on you! :D And I hope it will become available in Manila because I'd buy it, and I'm going home soon in a couple of months. I'm not into buying stuff online (shipping boo lol) I love anything peach color. Thanks for the review!

Marge said...

i doubt if this brand will be here in a couple of months. i do hope you give my trusted resellers a try
Kkochipida - link to their online site here
Hipstyle - link to their site here
their shipping rates are reasonable and so is their markup for the items that are genuine and direct from Korea. and they both ship internationally if you can't order while you're in Manila

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

wah so ganda talaga, i always dreamed about this blush, great review as always, you look younger :) i wonder how u look like with colored hair hmmm, i wana see lol :))

Park Chan Seul said...

eonni, it's me! you're so pretty :)

the blush cuteeeeee ♥

Bunni Hunni said...

Thanks for the info! I'll give the sites you gave me a try once I'm in Manila! ^^ And if I do purchase an item from one of the sites, I'll do a beauty review :D

Marge said...

uys thanks, early this century laging brown ang hair color ko, kaso tinamad at nagsawa na rin ko kaka pakulay LOL.
this is a good blush, if you come by it, you should go for it ^_^

Marge said...

hello there!
yes, the blush is really cute ^_^

Joy said...

The blush looks beautiful on you! Lovely!

Marge said...

hello there. thank you ^_^

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

Ate Marge! I have this too and yes, ang ganda nya!! ^_^ I have the more peachy version :D But wait, this should come with a mini blush applicator/brush, wasn't it included in your box? >.<

Marge said...

ewan ko nga ba, ba't di ko na check at walang brush or puff man lang. parang it should have a very slender brush kasi parang may space naman LOL. :'(

couchpotato_md said...

super cute naman the design... parang ayaw mo na sya gamitin. He-he! LOL at "looking at Eli tend to do that" . Btw, I caught some episodes of tasty road, and he is cute and funny especially when he has to endure to eat a lot of vegggies

Marge said...

true, kaka hinayang gamitin minsan hahaha, but i love the effect and the fact that it doesn't oxiidize and gives a nice satin -y natural 'glow' LOL i hope i can get my hands on another one, and this time check if there's a brush with it LOL
HAHAHA si Eli, yep, very endearing and cute, at hindi nya matago pag ayaw nya talaga yung food LOL

Valerie Deoferio said...

aww sayang naman kasi it's soft din, ideal for traveling :(

Marge said...

ay, hmmm, mabalikan nga LOL

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