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DISCLAIMER:  i seem to have lost the dvd rom that came with this set (with the bb cream) so if anyone out there will reprimand me, i'm apologizing in advance.  this review will be based on my experience and how the mascara performed on my lashes.
Here's a pretty straightforward diagram on how to use the mascara. and yeah it's supposed to be a fiberwig as the word fiber is listed below after volume up powder and wax.
information at the back.
and each portion does have an english translation of the japanese writing.
instructions on how to remove with warnings
the ingredients
and distributor information. this is sold at the Beauty Bar for PhP950 but fairydrops has their own fb page here and even their own twitter: @Fairydrops_PH
it's sealed.
and the brush/applicator. it's your classi brush as in brush applicator, the difference is the shape, it's like a spiral or
 remember my stick straight and really short lashes?
so depending on your eye makeup
the fiberwig either shows up really well, or not
 so when i have simple eye makeup, the fiberwig stands out.
 and really does volumizes and lengthen my lashes.
This is also their waterproof mascara (as opposed to their smudge-proof mascara, that one is in a pink tube packaging).
the results speak for themselves in my pictures.  although the fiber in this mascara isn't as much as the all time favorite fiber wig mascara, i must concede to the fact that, depending on your application (and how you curled your lashes today) there are fibers that stick to my lashes making  them seem longer and thicker.
  • no weird scent
  • applies decently, don't let the applicator/wand fool you
  • though it doesn't make me look like a vegas show girl, (thank goodness) it does give my lashes a good coat of mascara to make me look polished but not totally made up like entering a pageant
  • does not feel stiff on my lashes, (the way hair feels when you've sprayed too much aquanet on your hair) this mascara doesn't feel that way
  • yet, it keeps the curl
  • and it doesn't feel heavy on my lashes
  • it's quite easy to remove even with an almost dry makeup remover wipe
  • it doesn't smudge or melt off through out the day
  • it doesn't flake off
  • so no panda eyes in the middle of the day
  • so no product will get in to the eye unless you accidentally poke yourself in the eye
  • no harsh reaction from my eyes or my lashes (like lash root dandruff)
  • dries quickly but not too quickly yet, i don't get any black dots of transfers on my upper lids
  • i like this formula, it's creamy, not too wet, and not dry.
  • it's waterproof - i often wet my eyes with eye drops and it doesn't affect my curled and fiber added lashes.
  • the fiber doesn't fall off my lashes, hahaha, that has happened and it hurts, it hurts just as much as a regular lash getting in your eye, only it's harder to remove from your eye LOL
Dislikes - the price, but like i always say about Japanese anything, the price is higher when it comes to Japanese products.  so there's not much we can do about that.
Recommendations - for those who wanna try a new mascara, this is definitely not a let down, if you can afford it then it's worth a try.


Anna said...

Wow, this looks like really good mascara. It reminds me of Covergirl's Clump Crusher. Thanks for the thorough review!

Marge said...

ah really? you know i haven't tried anything from cg except their lipsticks? LOL crazy huh?
i'm glad you found the review thorough ^_^

Monica Santos said...

I'd like to try Fairy Drops bb and this mascara too. Your lashes looks natural, how many coats did you apply po? Buti hindi naman nag clump or parang naninigas. :) Japanese products are just pricey lang talaga.

Marge said...

actually, halos 1- 1 and 1/2 coats lang yan eh, yung medyo clumpy na last pic 2 coats yun hehehe, better to with just one coat lang para ma maximize yung fiberwig at para di mag clump ^_^ yeh, lahat ng japanese products mahal hahaha

Linda Li said...

oooo i heard about the wonders of this product! thanks for sharing the pictures!!

Marge said...

hello there, you're welcome ^_^

Denisse Samantha said...

I'm glad that i'm a follower and came across this post. Thanks for reviewing. Will definitely try this! I hope I can easily find it online as theres not much Japanese products here in London.

Feel free to visit my blog =]

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