Tuesday, February 19, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  I received this for review and I can no longer find the cd that came with the press kit. But this is available (but may no longer have the same pink pen packaging) at the Beauty Bar on line and at their physical stores for PhP895.
The product description is below and the good people at the beauty box corp have english translation and stuck it at the back of the packaging.
the ingredients are below
behold, how pointed it is.
and how it writes in descending order: U-KISS in English, U-KISS in Japanese and of course U-KISS in Hangul.
and that test, the running water test!
and the smudge it all around test
and on my lash line.  now mind you it's not everyday i cry or have water thrown at my face at some bar brawl so if there is any thing that can smear or smudge this it's my OWN OILy lids 
see how fine and precise this the point is? it's also great to tight line right below your lash line. i do that, i see the ink flowing down the whites of my eyes, but it that ink does not sting my eyes at all.
this is what i brought and kept on wearing while i was in cambodia last week.  there was some, very slight melting of the ink down the outer corners of my eyes, i see it, but i doubt anyone else would, they'd have to look at my eyes really really close.

  • pointed as in pointed tip
  • draws really really fine lines
  • does not bleed while you apply the liner
  • does not blot while you apply the liner
  • does not sting my eyes
  • no weird inky smell
  • lasts until i have to remove it
  • really really water proof
  • cute limited edition package design
  • available at my local beauty bar (in the philippines)
  • my skin around my eyes does not react harshly to the ink
  • does not flake off
  • can easily be removed by eye makeup remover
  • the length of the pen is handy for travel (not too long)
  • none that i can think of
I highly recommend this to anyone with steady hands but more so, get liquid liners that come in this pen type packaging rather than the brush tip that you dip in some bottle, it helps with the application a lot easier.


Krisella Chua said...

great review! makes me want to buy one! Have a great day!!


Marge said...

you won't regret it if you do buy one ^_^

Kv Chien said...

I love how you tested the liner with UKISS! Haha LOL. I've been eyeing on this liner for so long. Thank you for the review! <3

Liz Carrido said...

nice review~ so cute! and perfect! thanks! now i know kung ano kkunin ko ;) hihi


Marge said...

hehehe U-KISS is ♥
it's worth the investment to buy this. the normal (not pink packaging) has just the same length and it's blue

Monica Santos said...

wow, good eyeliner! :) I want to try this too, pero gusto ko muna itry yung kill black ng Clio. Will check this out next time. :)

photoescape said...

nice review ~~ I'm currently using UD 24/7 liquid eye liner...once that runs out for sure bibili ako nito ~~ And I agree mas maganda talaga if you get the pen type so you won't have to get again from the container which saves you lots of time ^^,

Valerie Deoferio said...

hi ate marge :D do you think this is better than the majolica majorca perfect automatic eye liner? :D

Marge said...

uys, kaw na teh ang naka UD ^_^ charot :P

Marge said...

di naman sa pag aano pero di ko pa muna papansinin ang MM dito sa pinas, nung wala pa mm dito gusto ko sya, na blog ko na rin yan for their eye shadows and mascara and cheek tint. but unless the item is on dealdozen, tititigan ko na lang kiosk nila sa S(hitty) Mall

Marge said...

homay clio, pag naging sandara na yung asa picture ng packaging bibili ko nun LOL

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