Monday, February 25, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  I recieved this and the one for straight hair for product review.  Since I had just had my hair digipermed at the time, this setting spray for curled hair is what I have been using since then.  the cd is somewhere in my room.  this available at the Beauty Bar and is PhP450 a bottle.
I've also been using this for about 3-4weeks now so at least I can tell you if it did any damage to my hair or scalp or what not.
the nozzle, it sprays a diffused spritz and has done so since i've started using it.  so the product doesn't dry and get stuck at the spout.
as always the good people behind beautyboxcorp and prostyle fuwarie philippines provide english translation of the japanese writing at the back of the bottle.
and instructions on how to unlock and lock the nozzle back to prevent accidental spraying of your client's face or your own.
the ingredients are below
the other side of the ingredient list
the locking mechanism
and the back as a whole
my hair after a good wash
or after i wake up
but eoni at the parlor said not to comb my hair and just use my fingers and dry my hair without heat.  so i just run my fingers through my hair and crumple my hair and this is what i achieve after i use my setting spray from fuwarie
so far when i use this my hair is more finished and looks more kept than not having sprayed this on.
yes, i spray my bangs with this, too.

  • the formula, it's not too sticky thick
  • because of that, the nozzle does not get clogged
  • the locking mechanism, it's sweet that they thought of putting that.  how many times have we sprayed our faces specially our eyes with hair spray, perfume, etc.
  • going back to the formula not being sticky thick, because of that i can leave the house without rewashing my hand and not my hand feel icky sticky and gel like with product 
  • but it is effective in keeping my hair like that in the picture until i wash my hair
  • since it isn't sticky, it doesn't weigh down my really think hair.  so my curls aren't pulled down with the weight of my hair being together like that.
  • UNLIKE aquanet and depp hahaha (at least you know what decade i grew up at) this does not flake after within the day
  • doesn't smell alcoholy
  • doesn't and has not dried up my hair
  • doesn't cause any split ends on me
  • doesn't cause any dandruff
  • good sized packaging, not too big, not too small, easy for me to hold, too
  • works without heat, sorry i didn't add that here considering the picture on the packaging you see a girl with a hot iron/straightener etc
  • decently priced, too
NONE that i can think of
NEUTRAL: I suppose i have to find that cd provided to me to find out why there are two variants of the same principle of product. LOL.  if you're into styling, hot ironing your hair (even after that kid burned off her hair after using a curling iron) then you could do well using fuwarie products.


εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

thanks for sharing ate marge, ang interesting nung name :D sayang di ako masyadong gumagamit nang hair products sa hair XD

Marge said...

oh hehehe the name, ah well it's japanese.

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