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DISCLAIMER:  this was a given to me for review purposes. this is PhP1195 at our local the face shop boutiques
Information below is provided by the face shop philippines
"Moist skin comes with 5 promises made by THEFACESHOP!
1. Contains 100% CHIASEED extracts instead of water
2. Uses organic CHIASEED (manufactured via the Fresh Extraction method within 24 hours)
3. A Moisture Hug System
4. Formula without 7 additives
5. Dermatology tested
An innovative natural skincare set that brings superb moisture to your skin has arrived! Naturalism-based cosmetic brand, THEFACESHOP, has brought the ultimate weapon against dry skin for all. Main ingredients based on natural Chiaseed with its massive hydration within, CHIASEED series is here to cast spell on those who are hungry for naturally glowing skin. 

The brilliant basic skincare line includes 7 individual moisturizing products, Moisture-Holding Seed Cream as its main item. Starting with Boosting Essence, Soothing Mist Toner, Watery Toner, Watery Lotion, Watery Eye & Spot Essence, Moisture-Holding Seed Essence and Moisture-Holding Seed cream, all products literally hold moisture as their names tell. 

What exactly is Chiaseed?
Considered as one of power foods, Chiaseed is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. Native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemela, its nutritious seed provides calcium and protein to body tissues. Also rich in boron, the seed helps the body assimilate and use up calcium. The seed can soak up ten times its weight in water.  When applied or consumed, the seed can help you stay hydrated longer!

Strongly recommended for customers in their 20’s
Both men and women who seek for non-sticky skincare with full hydration
For those existing customers who seek for faster absorption of moisture essence"

the product information on the box when you buy this.
the ingredients
the container
a protective cap, what a cute flap!
a gel like product
that isn't runny but not too creamy
that gets absorbed almost instantly with no greasy residue on my skin
and the next day, i don't end up looking like a grease ball.
that has consistent results throughout the day, meaning my skin is moisturized yet I am do not end up looking like a grease ball throughout the day.
the collaterals 
and leader

  • now available in the Philippines at our local the face shop boutiques found in major malls in the country
  • suited for all types of skin, even for oily combination skin like mine
  • absorbs by the skin, even for someone's skin as NOT dry as mine, very quickly.
  • really moisturizing without making me go oily
  • does not conflict with my tsuya serum AND the face shop's sseal secret seal of nature escargot cream
  • AND AND AS IN AND!!! i'm actually less greasy when I started using this WITH the face shop's sseal secret seal of nature escargot cream.  (whereas i would end up getting greasy by morning - when i wake up when i applied JUST the escargot cream)
  • a little product goes a long way to cover my entire face
  • does not break me out or give me dry patches like on the sides of my jaw or forehead, you know what i mean, a bad dry scaly itchy reaction when your skin doesn't like it's new thing
  • since it's absorbed quickly, it does not affect my foundation, therefore my foundation or bb cream does not slide off my face throughout the day

  • because of my current skin care the tsuya skin and escargot cream, i can't tell if my skin is MORE supple now then when i started.  but at least it doesn't dry my skin
  • the packaging, it's in a tub, whereas it could've been in a pump bottle, the product is certainly smooth enough to go through a pump.  we are provided with a spatula though.
RECOMMENDATION: you know i walked around in heat today with this under all my makeup, and well, my makeup held and didn't slide off considering the time released moisture of the product.  i do recommend this to women with dry skin and even women with oily combination skin. this product is cooling on the skin and really moisturizing without overwhelming my skin.


조이 Czjai said...

Uuuy, I have a tester of this. Ma-try nga rin. :)

couchpotato_md said...

I have a sample of this also. Mahalungkat nga... Good to know that its compatible with oily -combination skin

Sabs Hernandez-Dy Liacco said...

Looks like a very interesting products. I've never tried this before, let alone heard about it! Will definitely try this one ;) I love your blog! Specially the photos because they are so
detailed and clear, I can really understand about your post. I followed you on
GFC! Maybe you can come by mine too and maybe follow each
other? :) Thank you for this post! I can't wait to read more of your posts.
More power to you!


Your new follower,

Marge said...

hi there, yep, it's worth a try ^_^

Marge said...

it's definitely worth a try ^_^

Valerie Deoferio said...

oh my, ate marge, this sounds so promising. I have really dry skin and would love to try this after I finish my Nature Republic Hyaluron face lotion!! ^0^

Marge said...

oooh the hyaluron ^_^ di ba mahal?

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