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DISCLAIMER:  I received this as a Christmas gift from trusted seller Kkochipida on multiply when i met her at the 4th Phil KPOP Con.
This brand is TheSaem, I have not researched why they chose that name.  but IU and GDragon endorses this brand so here I am reviewing this ^_^
Below is the packaging
The Saem Skin Fit Silk Finish BB Cream
The Saem Gem Miracle Diamond All-In Toner Essence
▶ Capacity:50ml
▶ Product description
 : Covers skin naturally like using powder.
 : Formulated with cotton extracts, sebum control powder
 : Keeps moisture and oil balance on skin by covering excessive sebum.
:Silk amino acid clearly attached on skin creates clear and perfect skin
 : Silky texture
▶ Instruction
:After skin care, apply a proper amount to skin texture with puff.



ardemt lady BB cream series ,light weight but long lasting moisture
BB cream
non greasy BB cream no need to put apply powder over BB cream
all in one BB cream 
control skin oil and water balance
sebum oil powder control your oil and makes looks like
put powder over BB cream
long lasting BB cream

perfect natural cover ,3 different kind powder complex makes perfet skin

wow - di uso proof reading dun noh? and i thought my writing is bad :'(
sad to say i could not find any english ingredient listing for this bb cream
but here's how it's packaged.  it has a very reliable pump.  it pumps out the right amount of product with almost precise control.
what it looks like, it's a tad watery
and the coverage, it's a powdery satin finish which i am appreciating these days since it's becoming hotter and humid.
it has a bit of a gray cast but someone like me with nc15 to nc20 skin shade for mac liquid foundations can pull this off.
and once my face is complete with blush and lippie and eye liner

  • powdery satin soft finish
  • SUPERIOR OIL CONTROL, i'd say from a scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst to almost no oil control and 5 to be have absolute oil control this bb cream ranges between 4 to about 4.5/5
  • shade match is almost the same as my neck so no floating white head
  • no weird scent, almost baby powdery
  • easy to blend out
  • does not cake up throughout the day
  • does not break me out, no new milla, black or white heads
  • medium to buildable coverage but in real life not in pictures like you see in my final pic, i don't look too made up which is what i prefer if i'm just gonna be at the office
  • spf 30 pa++ enough to go around under the shade in the city
  • lasting oil control i forget to even blot the oilies from my nose and forehead sometimes!
  • does not oxidize on me 
  • does not affect the shade of the blush i am using
  • has that gray cast
  • reflective on flash photography
  • watery, this is a bb cream? more like a foundation, a matte but not flat kind of foundation
  • not available available in the philippines in the local market but it is available through online resellers such as Kkochipida on multiply
  • do ask Kkochipida on multiply about this bb cream, i think a lot of our pinoy brothers and sisters will be happy with the superior oil control from this bb cream specially now that summer is upon us. good choice GD, as usual ^_^


Askmewhats said...

wow..has oil control? that's nice to know maraming gusto niyan! and I love the coverage it gives ha! and the color matches you well :D

shasha88 said...

thank you so much for the review. when I heard that GD will endorsed this brand, I was really happy and want to try their product~ the fact that, this BB cream have a great oil control, makes me want to try it even more <3

Marge said...

every two years ata lang ang contrata sa ganyan, gaya ni Dara for Etude or Lee Minho for Etude as well, after 2 years wala na, lipat na.
yeh, awesome oil control :-)

Marge said...

may cf na sya for the saem hehehe may ng pa nga sya he spelled eco (correct word) with an H so echo. hehehe er, baka lang naman hindi sinabi sa kanya na ecology yung word and not the bouncing sound waves

Marge said...

oh UEE, yeah, parang si IU yung pumalit sa kanya, so from the same label/manager LOEN?
yep, does not oxidize :-)

Shirayuki's Beauty said...

This looks so great on you ^__^. By the way, I'm having a giveaway at my blog, just in case you want to join, its only 4 days left (:

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indah cahya savitri said...

looks great on you dear. i'm so intersted the saem brand.
i wanna try skin care from saem.
btw, i'm make a post abaout the saem lip tint ^^ whehe

Marge said...

i have their top selling bubble cleanser, i'll try that soon. thank you for the compliment ♥

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