Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's in my travel kikay kit?

Some of you who follow me on instagram -> twitter -> and tumblr know that I travel at least once or twice a year.  and some of you catch some of the stuff i bring abroad that i tag as the most reliable, long lasting, and easiest/most convenient to use while on the go and on an itinerary.  this post is about how i store them while i travel.
And here it is, one the most awesome things that my sister in law has ever given me.  
my see-through travel bag
that zips up the folds together and is made of a really thick plastic.
that can hold all of my stuff and then some!
and then some!
and all of that and a few more things such as another travel battery pack.
the last time i traveled, it was to Cambodia, and here's what I brought along with me.  yes, different kinds of wet towel sanitary wipes.  one for my nether-regions, the kiddie one for all sorts of wiping to get rid of oilies, sand and soil from our hands from climbing temples ^_^
and my makeup and skin care, sun block for the face and body, and another travel pack battery to charge our technology while we were on the go and not find sockets.
and our chargers and adapters of all kinds and my fan.  a fan i've had since 2010, the very first time I ever traveled and went to Bangkok, Triple S Indonesia gave this to us.
oh yes, this Rustan's Essenses travel bag packs a great deal! I didn't even take pictures of the tooth brushes i brought along and my trusty oil blotting films.
I have a simple rule when traveling.  - to try to bring everything i am accustomed to in the lightest possible way and in containers i can throw away there and not bring back when i have to go back home to manila. i.e. these.
so i always bring samples, that way: 

  • they fit easily in my kit
  • don't break
  • follow the liquids rule of airplanes
  • i can leave them behind without a second thought - meaning, if shiz get lost in the hotel, the airplane, it would not break my heart since the stuff i mostly bring are just a bunch of samples
don't bring tubs of product, they'll just add extra weight and therefore you'd have to check it (your luggage) in and not be able to keep in in your hand carry.
don't bring a hair dryer, regardless of how tiny it (your hair dryer) is, you may find something you might like and buy it while you're abroad, but you can't bring it along or you'd have to leave the hair dryer in place of the item you bought while abroad.  (in filipino- wag na magdala ng platsa, hair dryer at mga bagay na ganyan para may space ka pa sa bagahe for other stuff you'd like to buy)
if going to a tropical country bring those mosquito shields because off lotion is a liquid, so avoid bringing liquids and containers that you'll end up bringing back home. 
don't use liquid deodorants, use them waxy types, why? we are avoiding liquids hehehe paulit ulit? parrot?
don't forget your chargers for your technology. 
hang your technology around your person (your neck and wrist) when at the check in counter at the airport, cameras and phones weigh heavily, so at least if the cam is hanging around your neck you wouldn't have to add its weight to the stuff that's already in your bag.
this includes getting those baggy things you hang around your neck for your papers such as your photocopied/printed itinerary, hotel reservations, boarding pass, and of course your passport.
if you're gonna bring something plenty of, bring undies.  you can buy clothes where you're gonna land. but undies, well, if you're squeamish about that stuff like i am, i bring those. 
I think I've covered everything but if you have questions, i'm pretty sure you do, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
  • i.e. - where did you buy the plastic travel kit? - my sister in law bought it at Rustan's Essenses
  •      -  how do you get so many samples? - i'm subscribed to sample room and i buy a lot of stuff from Korean cosmetics stores and online resellers so i get freebies  


Marge said...

wahehehe, di ko na sya nagamit, ang tipid gamitin nung sa it's skin na sachet LOL

Nikki said...

I love your travel bag! super dami malagay!!! :D I saw your photos on your last trip and super parang worth puntahan ang Cambodia! :D

Valerie Deoferio said...

grabe, ang daming stuff XD galing magpack! ^_^

Marge said...

hi Nikki! hehehe yep ang dami dami nyang pwedeng ilagay with no risk or worry that it will tear ^_^
re cambodia, yep sobrang sulit ^_^ provincial rate lahat, imagine, 6k (in php) for 4nights 5days sa hotel tas yung frozen margarita ko 2usd lang eh magkano na dito ang frozen margarita - at hindi watered down yung alcoholic beverages sa siem reap ^_^

Marge said...

hehehe mai-si-siksik ko pa dyan yung kaka bili ko lang today na digita luggage/weighing scale ^_^

Stephanie said...

super helpful talaga to pack your items using see through bags at ziplock :) it's always a must for us when travelling

Marge said...

oo, dami kong ziplock bags hehehe para di na mag bubukas ng kung ano anong zipper isang tingin lang ng inspector :P

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