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Possibly one of the longest name for bb creams that i've ever ever encountered.  but... as you know Shu is one of the brands that i come back to every now and again because well, it's good quality and it's Japanese, my other addiction in terms of beauty and skin care.
I like the packaging of this bb cream, and yes, it's only 30ml.  no 'protective seal' though, you know the one, the foil sticker thing at the tip of the tube spout end/opening.
Disclaimer: i purchased this bb cream with my own money. I am no way related to Shu Uemura Philippines, and I am not paid by anyone to review this bb cream.
what it looks like.
when blended out.  so it has some pretty good coverage.
Product description from selfridges & co :
"5-in-1 magic formula for the ultimate complexion. Inspired by vast backstage make-up experience, shu uemura unveils BB perfector, a new generation BB cream that integrates five secret tools revered by make-up artists into one innovative formula. BB perfector combines the latest technologies used for hydrating masks, essences, primers, concealers and illuminators to re-create professional artist's techniques to create a natural flawless complexion in an effortless step."
Product description from david jones online shop:
A stage-inspired multi-functional beauty cream to enhance makeup finish and deliver a natural glow. Containing Ginkgo Leaf extract to fight oxidation, it creates instant skin luminous, translucent and smooth skin.
If you're a frequent shopper at Shu, you'd know that they have another product called the stage performer instant glow and if you've been online on beauty products you'd know that they, too, have a bb uv base (mousse) that i reviewed here.  and after about 2 years, this is what the good people of Shu's r&d came up with to make the lives of their makeup artists and faithful patrons much easier by just having one product...
the ingredients are below.
so the box is a mix packaging, fsc as in like forest stewadship council so it's not like virgin pulp it's a mix of pre and post consumed so mix na sya of recycled and new paper.
so before bb cream, supposedly this bb cream is good enough (as per coverage) that you don't need concealer.  so here are a bunch of my old zit scars that have gone gray or violet depending on my mood and time of day, notice the arrows.
me without makeup and no concealer under my eyes
after.  so hmmm it's not AS full coverage as they would like to boast, but it IS medium to buildable coverage.
my under eye violet areas still need work.
it evens out my skin tone with the rest of my neck and chest
and is not reflective with flash photography, no white or gray cast either.
and here i am, not looking like one of the walking (working) dead.
with flash
thank you, shu uemura at trinoma ^_^

  • medium to buildable coverage so on a good day i actually don't need an under eye concealer (eh twing kelan naman kaya yung good days na yun hahaha meaning when i'm NOT afflicted with early morning rhinitis, when i lack sleep, etc)
  • no scent
  • easily blendable on to my skin, it's watery enough but too watery and is also not too thick like some other bb creams
  • has at least spf30 and pa++, it's ok when you're just in the office
  • convenient and handy packaging, no bulky pump (yes this time i like that it has no pump) that requires those easily popped off covers that get lost in my makeup kit. so i can bring this in my travel bag.  
  • does not oxidize on me
  • has a dewy finish
  • does not crack or cake up 
  • does not slide off and i only need to blot off the oilies and i look brand new :P
  • does not affect the shade of my blush (because it does not oxidize)
  • does not break me out, didn't give new millia or make me itch 
  • can easily be removed with facial wash or makeup remover wipes
  • lasts until you remove it from your face
  • no gray cast
  • not reflective with flash photography
NEUTRAL: the price, PhP2250 - Japanese na high end pa, so is what it is.
Recommendations: - i recommend this to women with obviously dry skin.  the ones that hardly get oily throughout the day.  this baby will keep your skin looking supple and really hydrated.  for women who are not clearly/obviously dry skinned, you can still tolerate this, what's blotting off oilies ( i use 1 and 1/2 a day when i use this bb cream.)
Will I repurchase: probably not, i'll just buy the stage performer instant glow na lang.
so? watchateenk?


Nikki said...

May coverage nga siya and looks natural on you! Bihira kasi to find one especially on big makeup brands :D

Marge said...

true, i understand that the big brands are trying to update themselves and keep us on our toes. i think this will be better on you since you say you have much drier skin. it's more of a lightweight foundation than it is a bb cream, in my point of view. (at least compared to the bb creams we're used to)

Aya Mabalot said...

looks interesting ate! i'm thinking if I should give it a try when i get to the Phil. ^_^ It's a good thing that it doesn't oxidize on you coz that's usually my problem with foundis and bb creams.

Marge said...

yep, no shu or japanese brand face product oxidizes on me ^_^ if you dry skin, this should work on you well ♥

Marie Querubin said...

ate may bb bream ka ba na mai-rerecommend sa oily pero di gaano ka-pricey? minamataan ko right now is shu or dior. might just save up as much as I can. do you buy it off the shelves sa mga boutique or you opt buying also online? (really newb in my make-up collection)

Marge said...

ang high end ata ng mga minamataan natin ah ^_^
they generally have the same basic ingredients, hiyangan na lang. hindi hiyang wallet ko sa shu at dior

Marie Querubin said...

Ahahaha! Wala eh. Hirap talaga mag evaluate kapag workaholic and internet lang ang mall. Right now may nabili ako shiso bb cream ng face shop for 500php. Di ko lang sure kung mahihiyang ako. Testing lang muna ang peg. :D
Next question na lang po, naglalagay po ba kayo ng bb over your night cream? Kasu di ba basically it should heal blemishes?

Marge said...

oh you mean the body shop that shiso just didnt do as good as my other korean bb cream partida ang mahal nyan when it came out.
depende sa bb cream, yung iba keri lang haluan ng night or day cream upon application. pero skin care na ang bb cream at cc cream so i dont bother

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