Friday, March 15, 2013


weeee! as you know, thanks to fuzkittie, i'm so addicted to Lunasol.  and rightly so! if my hard earned money coming to and from work in a traffic infested city, my money may as well go to just one korean/japanese idol group and GOOD quality makeup such as the Lunasol's.
Manila now has the 2013 spring collection of Lunasol!
lovely lovely teal color ^_^

to unveil and celebrate this event, Kanebo Philippines has a beauty (make) over event this weekend (and had one last weekend).  
I attended the one last weekend (March 8) at the Shangri La Rustan's Department Store.
such lovely lovely spring/summer colors!
and they have a new eye brow kit!
and new nail lacquer colors specially launched for this Spring 2013 collection.
oooohhhh lovely lovely palettes! you guys know i'll get at least one right? OF COURSE!
and a rerelease, their high stylized mascara.  i actually like this.
and a new blush! an old rose warm pink with high lighter ^_^
my brows with the new brown eyebrow kit
and my eyes with the eye palette with the teal/green blue color which is the star of the collection imho.
you can apply it as dark or as light as you can.  
thank you Ms Ng for this really summer look.  and take note! i'm not afraid to wear this kind of green! it doesn't look like a bruise!
tadaaah.  i love the blush and this palette! huhuhu
and here we are, makeup artist for the spring launch, Ms Nybie Ng ^_^
today is the second weekend of this launch with beauty make over.  No minimum purchase required.
I'll drop by the makati branch of rustan's this sunday, hope to see some of you there!


rhania said...

wow nasa pilipinas na ang LUNASOL!

Marge said...

yep mga 3yrs plus na sila dito. ang nawala eh yung coffret d'or. meron silang dinadala, paunti unti, itong lunasol at kate yung malakas nila. tas yung impress na pang high end nila ^_^

Monica Santos said...

I've never tried Lunasol yet, would love to go on sunday but there's a shu workshop too. Siguro check ko na lang sa shang. I like the colors nung mga nail polish, summer na summer! The eyebrow kit looks good, parang natural lang. :)

Marge said...

awww, i'm my shu thing is later naman, saturday. since i'm nearer trinoma during the weekends.
but yeah, hehehe i prefer, as in, hands down, the palettes of lunasol over the spring collection of shiseido as per their eye shadow palettes

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

Ate Marge, sobrang youthful mo dun sa last picture ^_^ Ang ganda naman nung blush, gustooooo ko :( Sana matry ko din tong brand na to, sayo ko lang 'to narinig eh ^_^

Marge said...

awww thanks ^_^
ako naman kay fuzkittie ko lang sya nalaman, kako wow, gotta have that! and i haven't looked back since ;-)

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