Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I attended a Shiseido Philippines event last February 9 when they relaunched the Shiseido White Lucent for the Sample Room partners and patrons.  Part of the gift bag was one of their eye palettes for spring 2013 and one of their lipsticks also for spring 2013.
the eye shadow palette is below.  has the usual classic sleek packaging, simple and with just the Shiseido symbol.
I like palettes that you can use for more than a year once i open the packaging.  i like long shelf lives considering the amount of makeup i own, i need that time to just have them sit there before they go bad on me :'(
the ingredients of the eye shadows are below.
and each of the spring collection palettes come with sponge tip applicators and an eye shadow brush.
the below are swatches under different lighting without any under eye base.
under natural lighting.
they also provided a lipstick ^_^ yey. I've never tried Shiseido makeup. it's only recently that i've been actively patronizing japanese brands and this is a great opportunity for me to try one of the oldest in the market! this year is their 140th year!
the lipstick also has a long shelf life.

the description.
and the ingredients
swatches under my lamp.
and under normal lighting.  so it's a kind of old rose shade of a glossy dewy nature.
i purchased the foundation since i immediately fell in love with it when it was used on me during the event.
this was inspired by springs new flowers.
not at all the same as the plastic flowers in the women's loo at the office :P
 here's what the shadows look like once blended.
it's supposed to be soft and lilac and more on pastels
but with a hint of depth.
and the finished look
really great for pinays who don't like a very made up look.
so whatchatink?

what i think:
i think the shades are really nice.  very muted and subdued which is a very important part of Asian makeup a barely there look but with depth and highlight.  as for the texture of the eye shadows, i'm not the greatest fan.  i feel that the creamy texture i am used to with japanese high end shadows are lacking in this palette.  though which is not to say that this creamy texture of eye shadow palettes is absent in their regular line the Maquillage.  I'm also not a fan of the very flimsy and not so pino (fine) texture of the sponge tip applicators, they are very UNlike the sponge tip applicator i am used to from their competitive brand.
I am quite in love with their lipstick and the foundation.  i feel i look younger when i use those.
awesome raving review on the shiseido foundation to follow.


Sarvin Sidhu said...

the lipstick looks great!

xo Sarvin

Marge said...

thanks, it sure does ♥

AngelAmhiere said...

Hongondo, Eonni!!! Bagay syo!!! ^__^

Marge said...

uys thanks!

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

love your bright smile sa finished look ^-^

Marge said...

awww thanks, i like the reflection from our filing cabinet that day as well hehehe, thanks

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