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I've been very reluctant to post a review on this product.  some of my loyal readers know that i'm just not into whitening, brigtening, glow in the dark, see from outer space anything kind of a gal.  and if i do receive products for that effect i generally toss it in the 'give-away' bin.  The reason for this? it's simply because I feel I am the last person to have visible and noticeable results with any whitening/brightening product.
this is and another line will be my exception(s). 
I do apologize though for posting this late, I became quite busy with personal ahem fandom stuff and was not able to review and try this out after my Ankorwat, Cambodia trip when people thought i would actually get dark since it's very sunny and hot there.  Well, I didn't get dark or have dark spots while over there.  I did however, get dark with just a few hours during my day trip to Corregidor! So here I am, testing this out and did the week trial period thing.
the ingredients of the serum are below.
and i have 12 months to finish this in case i don't finish it up right away (so if you have a lot of skin care and you rotate them, just right the day or month when you opened the product, next to the number and the letter m that way you know when you first opened your product).
this is a pic of me after, as in the next day i had gone to the corregidor and i did get slightly get darker, that'll teach not to use my snow bb cushion phffft.
and when i go under the sun too much these shows up more, please see the arrows.
i don't know what they are, i didn't know they were even there.  they didn't pop up too much after my angkorwat trip (i was using my beloved snow bb cushion as my sun screen).  but for corregidor i was using the precious minerals sun bb and i got this after about a couple of days.
now to the serum
it surprised me that it has a nifty pump, but it does
it dispenses the right amount.  it's quite watery and easy to spread.
after applying the serum, it dries very quickly.
and as you can see on the back of my hand, hardly leaves a trace.  i apply this religiously twice a day (before bed time and after my morning shower).
and now for the mask.  the mask is used twice a week.  melanin growth and dark spots don't show up instantly anyway.  so don't use this daily.  once having used the serum for more than 4 days, i used the power brightening mask.
ingredient list not provided at the back though :'(
after the serum dries i can immediately put on the mask and keep it on for at least 15 minutes.  there so much of the soak left behind in the sachet.  what you can do with this is NOT throw it away, have gauze and have a flat paddle foundation brush and still use the treatment serum here for your next time!
there's a lot of it for next time and your entire neck!
what the mask looks like.
the mummy returns...'are you my mummy?!' hehehe sorry two fandom mash-ups :P ang maka gets henyo.
well, brightening without looking like a kabuki girl
and the sorta yellow brown dots sorta faded.
and there's of my yellowy brown areas around my eyes.
For Sample Room because we should always try before we buy, I attended the relaunching of the White Lucent line from Shiseido at the Makati Branch. After they had removed my makeup, and applied the serum they put on the mask on my face.
isn't great lighting and a dslr deceivingly awesome to ones looks?
This is me getting pampered. and making sure i don't have serum from the mask run-off.
I get a makeover at the relaunching, too. this is Ms. Jhinky of the Shiseido Trinoma branch doing my makeup
Me and Ms Jen for Shiseido Philippines
and this is me having love at first application for their Perfect Refining Foundation.  review on that foundation to follow.
it was a partner blogger event so i got to meet up with a few beauty bloggers.
like Shen, under the mask and Phoebe and of course, Sophie ♥
I realize this is a late post.  Sample Room had their run of the White Lucent TWICE! but I only felt i could really review and blog about it when i actually had a need for it, which was when i got a bit dark with spots and this time I actually did, and I can honestly give a review.
  • the packaging, it has a pump.  this is a no mess no fuss kind of packaging.  no wastage because of the precise amount of product that you pump out.
  • has a very faint scent that isn't matronly or something that makes me sneeze.  i like it, it's quite soft and flowery.
  • the consistency, in all honesty the texture and consistency reminds me of the texture and consistency of the tsuya skin serum. so i like it that though it can be a tad runny, it is easy to blend and really easily absorbed (the tsuya skin being more runny than this white lucent from Shiseido)
  • doesn't conflict with my current skin care, so i apply this first as per instruction then when it's absorbed which is pretty quick, i apply my usual skin care.
  • it's a good primer for your regular skin care.
  • i feel moisturized but don't feel oily
  • it doesn't exacerbate the oiliness of my t-zone
  • gradual in lightening my skin.  on the 6th day i though it wasn't working but on the 7th day and after i had used the mask then i saw that is actually working.  i prefer gradual now than an instant surprise brightening.  just because i know that brightening doesn't happen over night.  it's a combination of your own skin working with the product and not just ON THE TOP LAYER of skin lightening like what scrubs do.
  • works great with the mask!
  • did not break me out
  • none to mention
MASK - the point of the mask is to drive out from the skin any darkness that is being made more soluble by the serum.  so the serum loosens it up and makes it more soluble while the mask sucks it out of your skin. 
  • fits my entire face, and it's NOT TOO BIG which is my usual problem with a lot of these Asian treatement masks
  • does not have that stiff plastic that sandwiches the mask that some korean masks have with their their sachet. i really hate that, makes getting to the mask that much harder and there'd be more serum on your fingers before you even put on the mask on your face. 
  • no weird scents that make me sneeze - many a time when i use and do these mask reviews is that the scent is too strong that i end up having a VERY difficult for me to keep the mask on to begin with.  i had no issues like that with this Shiseido mask so i got to keep it on more than the required 20-30 minutes.  
  • i also got to milk that sachet and got a lot of residual content of the soak.  YET i had enough of the product to soak my face well enough.  
  • stuck to my face yet i got enough soak on my skin.  so i got to walk around the room looking like hannibal lecter.  so i didn't have to be stuck lying on the bed, but i could be seated and be on the pc doing something else while having the mask on.
  • so i'm getting more out of that one sachet just by getting a big wide square gauze make eye, nose, and mouth holes and i can use the serum FROM the sachet by just applying the serum on my face with a flat paddle synthetic fiber foundation brush ^_^
  • didn't irritate my skin while i was wearing it.
  • IT WORKED! and i even noticed a little rosy cheeks somewhere in the pic above.  
  • NONE!
So of you have tried this, leave a comment below.  did it work as well on you?


kmmyp said...

I wish sample would have a 3rd wave of Shisheido ;p

Rae said...

Was able to get a sample from sample room. It was love at first use. Didn't notice that much difference on my darks marks though esp. the old ones. But it did great in preventing dark spots post-pimple.

chondon chondro said...

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Monica Santos said...

" glow in the dark, see from the outer space anything kind of gal." haha:)) really pretty! Ang cute nung picture with the mask on during the relaunching of white lucent line. I read from the Sample Room that this product has the Melano sensor system that *crushes the melanin, parang ang promising/ powerful pakingan. :)) Glad to hear its effective, dapat lang siguro because the price is a whooping P5650 for a 30 ml (for me ang mahal), pero yun nga worth it naman, and good to know that you already saw that it works in 7days, hindi super duper tagal. Yung mask nakakatuwa ang daming serum, good for another use pa :)

Marge said...

hahaha oo, di talaga ko mahilig sa kahit anong whitening LOL baka kulang na lang mag damit puti ako, pahabain ang buhok ko pwede na ko gumapang mula sa isang balon :P
yep, effective naman sya withOUT making me look like a kabuki / geisha woman, at may konti pang rosy cheeks na nalalaman hahaha.
yikes 5k errrr, japanese product kasi? hahaha

Marge said...

ey there, yeah, i do think it works faster on newer 'arrivals' on our faces

Marge said...

i'm sure if many people email sample room enough times, they will eventually contact shiseido for another wave ^_^

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

eh ate marge, you don't need whitening naman eh! sobrang puti mo na XD hahaha. pero in fairness, at least, naglighten ang dark spots ^_^ Di ako masyado sa shiseido kasi ang mamahal naman kasi XD

Marge said...

hahaha at kaya ang tagal tagal bago ko nakapost nito. nakaka hiya nga sa sample room eh. but i had to be honest with myself nahindi ko sya gagamitin pre cambodia and pre-corregidor nung hindi ako umitim...and well na prove ko hindi effective ang sun screen ng precious minerals sun bb. :'( na mas bago pa kaysa sa snow bb cushion ko na still effective

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