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Don't you just love Spring / Summer seasons? Our favorite brands are all out in the changing seasons specially towards Spring and summer when they can go all colorful and come out with new skin care products that can protect us from the harsh sun and the dryness that comes with a lot of outdoor activities.
Laneige is no different.  they came out with the love recipe for valentine's aren't they adorable?
while we waited our turn, since there were three batches for this spa event, we got to eat some mirienda.
i especially liked the pizza sauce tasting filling of one of the finger food.
here i am with a newly washed face, we used the Laneige Multi Cleanser that I reviewed here
we start of with the white plus renew original essence.
all over the face.
followed by the white plus renew eye cream that we should apply on both the under eye area and the eye lids.
and the eye lids.
as shown here
and here.
the last stem is the white pluse renew tone up corrector.
so it's a moisturizer, pink tinted, and your sunscreen, it's spf 40!
so it's a tinted.
that you apply all over your face.
we then get a microscopic view of our skins.  needless to say my diagnosis is:

  • i've got fine lines
  • i've got little to NO dark pigmentation
  • but the surprise was! .... I have DRY skin?!?!? (naaaah i have oily combination skin as evident by my obvious pores and the amount of oil my t-zone)

and tadaaaah they have a new bb cream.  and this bb cream has a vibra-applictor.
i'm in love with this new bb cream.  it has a satin-matte finish and i didn't go oily in this humid weather until about after 4-5 hours! it has great coverage as well. below is Mela, our liaison.  thank you for taking care of us! 
throughout the day that i had all that skin care and the new bb cream, it didn't feel heavy nor did any of the makeup applied on me slid off.  so i'm pretty happy with the initial feel of the white renew plus skin care on my skin.  mind you i have oily combination skin, but i'm comfortable moisturizing skin care so long as my foundation/bb don't slide off and that i don't end up like a grease ball, which i didn't with this line.
and my assignment.  to try these awesome products! they will be out on the shelves by end of March but expect them to be on the shelves by about first week of April, just to be sure.
this though, the firming sleeping pack has been on the shelves for a while, about a month or two.  it retails for PhP1650 for 50ml of product.  but a little goes such a long way.  i reckon before i'm done with this tub, RAIN would've returned to us after his military service (+2yrs punishment stay)
the texture and consistency is similar to that of yogurt jello more on the jello, gulaman.  this is used once to up to twice a week for good skin moisturization but with firming.
what i plan to do is do a side by side review on this and the water sleeping pack on one side on my and this firming sleeping pack? whatchatink? am i nuts? hahaha you know i am!


julie park said...

Oo wow this line looks really nice! I miss using Laneige products. Never tried their sleeping packs but always read amazing reviews on them! Great post! :)

Marge said...

honestly, i've never tried their sleeping packs either, for the last two years it's been Korea's snail creams that is the last thing i apply at night and the last thing i apply on my face prior to bb creams. but since their machine 'claims' i have 'dry' skin...i won't be too cynical and still try out their sleeping packs hehehe anyway it's there already ♥

Monica Santos said...

Natawa naman ako kay Rain. :)) my gehd new bb again, excited for your review on these. I've never tried their sleeping packs but I read a lot of positive reviews about it. How I wish they gave samples dati, pero I just got a pack of wet tissue na may sticker ng water bank line. Anyway, bakit kaya dry sabi ng machine pero you said oily combi ka, I wonder ano kaya sasabihin nung machine sa skin type ko?

disqus_oIGQBfVmHA said...

I hope you'll do a comparison of the sleeping packs! I was initially interested in the water sleeping pack, but I read that it is heavily fragranced so it's a no go for me. I hope the firming one isn't the same way :(

Marge said...

okeedokee, will test it out for a good 2-4 weeks since they adv that either the water sleeping pack and the firming sleeping pack should only be applied up to 2x a week.

Marge said...

hhehehe oo biruin mo 2x a week lang eh ang dami kaya nun bago maubos, naka labas na si rain lahat (kahit pa upto 4 yrs sya for breaking military rules by dating and not asking permission - gaya ni psy, 4yrs din pala si kuya sa military imbes na 2yrs lang).
naku noh, kaya ayoko muna humusga, lahat kaya kami dun panay dry skin di umano hahaha. baka lang naman kasi mali ang placing ng technician ko on my face of that machine. and placed it where it is dry like the sides of my jaw LOL

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

you look so lovely~ would love to see the side by side review ;)

εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

excited ako lagi sa products nang Laneige kasi naman ang ganda :D kahit anong product na itry ko, satisfied ako ^_^ ang daming samples, inggit much ate marge :P

Marge said...

yep, monday is the new day, hehehe hopefully i remember which side of my face got what LMAO

Marge said...

awww thanks, yes, sagana sila lagi sa samples. ^_^

♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

d nmn cguro malayo results mahirap na lol yup ms Marge, if its you, you will remember which is which :) Fighting~ hehe

Marge said...

hehehe thanks

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