Friday, March 22, 2013


gomenasai, mianheyo, this is a very late post.  and yes, i no longer have the cd and the printed copy of the literature for this product.
this is the fabulous 0 as in ZERO kuma under eye concealer.  that slash in the O does have purpose.  for those who took up math, anything to do with programming we have a slash or a dot in the O to differentiate it from the letter o.
As the usual BeautyBoxCorp, they print a sticker in the back with the English translation of what's written at the back of the product.
I unfortunately got a the wrong shade.  late na kasi ko dumating.  the event was over and the trainer had left so did all the bloggers.  what was left for me was the last press kit and a melted iced coffee drink... that super unforgetful day, July 21.  Apparently may natira pang kamalasan from that day hahaha.  (this was the first day of the ticketing by smtickets for the big bang concert).
the ingredients are below.  this concealer is infused with skin care ingredients.
and voila.  
it's much much darker than what i should be wearing.
so it looks brown on my skin
here are my under eye circles
and on the left.
and after, just a very slight improvement
you can still see some violet/purple in the inner corner of my under eye.
HOWEVER, for someone who's got 
much deeper and warmer skin than i
this stuff is FANTASTIC!
and it even worked for someone with a cooler undertone
 it really evens out the skin under their eyes to the skin on the rest of their faces.
so glad i have my office mates who are supportive of what i do.  yung iba kasi nahihiya or andami pang sinasabi, no lang naman pwede na.
and without further delay:

  • really creamy to apply, you can use the tip of your index finger or ring finger to pat and dab or a concealer brush to apply and blend the product
  • really easy to blend
  • super long lasting and once it's on your skin, it takes a heavy duty makeup remover to remove this. 
  • just look at those results the number 1 shade is perfect for women with nc or nw 35 onwards.
  • no irritation on any of skins or eyes
  • superior coverage, not only did it covered the under eye darkness but fine lines as well
  • no 'elephant skin' looking skin under any of our eyes even after hours after the concealer has settled   
  • doesn't wrinkle up when you smile, in short it just goes with your skin
  • doesn't make any of our lines look deeper
  • available in the Philippines at the Beauty Bar
  • available in three shades 1, 2, and 3, 3 being the lightest and 1 being, well as you can see from the pictures above, 1 is the warmest.
NONE actually, and yes, i may as well buy the shade that is appropriate for my skin tone hehehehe
I recommend this to anyone with dark under eye circles and would prefer not looking like a someone who partied all night the night before when they go to school or work.  let's give the illusion of a stress free life to people who otherwise have no say in our lives anyway.  this under eye concealer also works on old pimple scars and hides them effectively.
I know this product has done the blog rounds but I am hoping that the three pairs of eyes in the pictures above will give you, my readers an even better perspective on how wonderful this product is.  


Elizabeth Rosero said...

anong shade po yung pwede sa medium fair?

Marge said...

yep, yung number 2, try mo rin yung 1, may mga tester sila sa beauty bar ^_^

Cat said...

sis I have never, yes never used a concealer in my whole life. thinking about it due to pimple marks :( Hayz salamat sa stress but still debating on it XD

kmmyp said...

I love this concealer. MY HG!

Jes Roque said...

I super love this concealer! I am actually thinking of getting the 2 other shades! :)

조이 Czjai said...

Uy nice! Ma-try nga din ito. ;)

Marge said...

i agree, it's one of the best in the market, that i've tried.

Marge said...

oo ning, at least 3 shades ^_^

Marge said...

true, it's a very creamy liquid and very forgiving of fine and deep laugh lines under the eyes

Marge said...

yep, this is great din for pimple scars ^_^ because of it's creamy consistency before it sets

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