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DISCLAIMER: I got this in Myoungdong at the Holika Holika store.  the sales agent there SAID this was CC cream.  so when i saw that tony moly's cc cream is as white as this, it... well, made sense to me.  but many cc creams are tinted and cc cream just means Color Corrector cream.

without flash, i put it 
with flash. i have bb cream underneath this skin finisher.
so the bb cream underneath could very well be what's causing this very white face due to the reflection of the  flash off of my face.
but once i've applied the rest of my makeup and NOT have the flash on.
it actually does NO correcting hehehe.  
what it DOES though is make my bb cream last much longer and when i was using this i almost did NOT have to blot the oils out at all.
my only issue with this, and this is probably because of too much sunscreen, i got two pimples when i using this, and i only used ONE small sachet, well, granted, it only takes very little of the product to apply it on my entire face.  this little sachet actually lasted me an entire week.  meron pa nga yata eh, the sachet is in an old lotion tub.  yun lang when i was using this nagka pimple ako, dalawa.  coincidence? that i was pms-ing at the time? well anything is possible.  but i've since moved on to other face products with more or less spf than this holika holika cc cream and i haven't had any zit even during or pre menses.

  • kept my oilies at bay
  • very faint scent hardly noticeable 
  • easy to blend out
  • made my pores less visible (less obvious)
  • brightening effect it had a sort of satin finish but kept me NOT oily
  • two varieties, this one for oily combo skin and the other for normal to dry

  • i got a couple of zits while using this. hay, i like it pa naman
  • not available in the philippines yet. but do ask my suki kkochipida to give you a quotation on this product as her store sells holika holika products
RECOMMENDATIONS: if you're not pimple prone, this may work for you.  i don't know why cc creams even came out in the market.  but hey, new things keep us on our toes, right? again, let me remind people, i am going by what the sales lady SAID, cc cream DAW ito.  and tony moly's is also sorta fleshy white.  but a lot of cc creams in the market are JUST LIKE tinted moisturizers, to which a lot of makeup youtubers are annoyed at such as gossmakeupartist. so don't take my word for it, research some more.  ^_^  but shu uemura has something like this already, even before bb creams and  now cc creams ever made it big on the intarwebz.


Dawn said...

Waaaah! I'm pimple prone! I was beginning to like it pa naman. :(

Jess lee said...

Since Rachel K launched her first Mineral CC Cream almost two years ago now everybody is following her and want to do CC Cream. Strange that they say here it is a CC, it is not even mentionned on the packaging :(
And looks like there is no Sun Protection too. The Rachel K one has a SPF35++ which is I think the highest on the market today.
I am sceptical about this Holika Holika ... It does not look like a CC Ceeam for me.
How was your skin after 5 days ?

Marge said...

well di naman ko sure if it was just my pms or the fact na may spf na yung bb cream ko may spf pa itey LOL - yeah i like it din pa naman.

Marge said...

like i said, the girl at the holika holika store at myoungdong in seoul said that this is their cc cream and even tony moly's cc cream sorta milky fleshy white.
and i did say that a great deal of cc creams in the market are very much like tinted moisturizers. meaning, i get it that this holika holika cc cream is white unlike other cc creams in the market. and i did research most of the bloggers that have reviewed this and online stores say that this cc cream from holika holika has an spf of 25 such as this review here where as I actually didn't list under likes that there is spf in here as compared to other cc creams. but apparently there is.
my skin, if you read my review had suffered a couple of zits after about 5days of using this cc cream. but i'm quite spf sensitive so it's possible that the spf fr the bb cream i put under this cc cream AND the spf in this cc cream could've caused my two zits.
i am not familiar with brands from Singapore such as the Rachel K that you mentioned. i mainly blog about Korean and Japanese brands and sometimes Filipino brands but that's about it.

couchpotato_md said...

akala ko when i saw this at gmarket, it is a make-up base and you put the bb cream on top or the foundation on top. Mali pala intindi ko, ang hirap naman kasi walang english sa ads. he-he! Its a big come on for me that it has a variant for oily combi skin and that it kept your oils at bay. Mahanap nga 'to. And I like the dewy-not-oily finish.

Marge said...

oo, susubukan ko ulit yung isa pang sachet, baka naman kasi may pms lang ko nun.

Phoenix Tin said...

Hi kikay trekkie!

Awesome beauty blog you have here. Was wondering where do you buy holika holika? Is it Manila already?


Tina from

Marge said...

i bought my holika holika while i was in Seoul.
When in Manila I buy from trusted seller - kkochipida

rhen beautyAnon said...

you put this and also your bb cream? doesn't it feel heavy?? Looks good by the way ^^ Mine is from Nature Republic..also bought from Myeongdong (arrgh! miss that place already...) Does kkochipida have FB store? parang may sira Multiply e...I'd love to check out her Holika Holika products :)

Marge said... - fb page ni kkochipida.
multiply is having a maintenance and upgrade so it's for all stores who have accounts on multiply

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