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Some of you who follow me on my twitter, my instagram, and if you've liked my fb page you'd know the goings on in my blogging and traveling life.  Some of you also know that my blogging niche is Korean Cosmetics and only Korean brands that are endorsed by KPOP idols and popular Korean actors and actresses, but that doesn't mean I can't also blog about Japanese brands, which i do.
I was invited by Tony Moly Philippines to join them to a Tony Moly event in Korea.  Naturally, with work permitting, I'd say yes and so I did.  
Before leaving the country Tony Moly Philippines gave me a few things to wet my palette. I can do with these as I see fit.  **ahem giveaway ahem!**
and off we were, we took the red eye and landed at Incheon before sunrise.
Truth be told, it's only been six months since I last visited Seoul and I am a big Korean POPular culture fan so going to Seoul is like giving a girl a key to the candy store! 
Anyone in the office close to me know that i'm just not in the right frame of mind if i don't get my morning dose of bacon and decent coffee.  unfortunately, dear Korea, I didn't get either.  there wasn't a smidgen of bacon in this thing and i've never been a fan of mc cafe coffee (i prefer the brew in Jollibee)  
Going around was hassle free, we had a tour bus that took us to and fro our destinations such as the places where all the delegates were to eat. The entire time i had my wifi on and it latches on iptime and even got to download that week's game of thrones just buy walking around with my note2's uTorrent running. hehehe.
 They took us to some spa, a family spa, but by that time i was half dead because I had been awake more than 30 hours because I had to come to work the day before, and i did not sleep on the plane ride.
We finally got to the hotel.
and this is what greeted me and my handler, care of Tony Moly Korea
a goodie loot that their endorsers have campaigned for since they started with this brand...**ahem giveaway ahem**
and I'm ready for the next day.
and here it is.  i'm not exactly sure, my Korean is rusty, i can read well enough but I haven't used enough of the language to know what this flower arrangement is for.  I always associate these with someone who has passed on.
in front of the hall are these so you take a picture of yourself with the endorsers.

 the stage is set
 but first some grub!
 all the flavors of Asia were here .
 more Asian food
 pasta and clams
 some eel 
 and a little of the continental taste
 soup, i think hehehe
 i didn't know what this was so i paid no never mind to it
 sea weed?
 more maki's
 and more food!
this ladies and gents is the skin care of the season.  it's a toner skin care in one, from what i understood.  but then i haven't slept more than 4 hours since i woke up on Monday morning at 5am, the event was a Wednesday.  So I think that's what they said about this really magical thing that's 94.5% something.
and of course, the cc cream.  the new thing that the west came out with that the east made better!
and the spring makeup collection.
the CEO of Tony Moly Korea, Kim Jung Cheon speaks and thanked us all for taking our time away from our families and work to attend this gathering and he hoped that we were having a great time.
The makeup demonstration begins. Celebrity makeup artist Park JooHye demonstrates that makeup routines starts with skin care.

then she applies the cc cream as the base! there maybe tint in cc cream but this brand uses it for a base.  after applying cc cream she applied bb cream, the perfect fit 24 bb cream.
 and here's the model with me and her finished look
and here are the Philippine delegates sent by Tony Moly Philippines as requested by Tony Moly Korea.  yes, folks, there were only 9 of us, one of us was holding the camera.  where this phantom 10th person came from is something of a mystery to us.  there were 9 of us that left manila, and 9 of us Philippine delegates, not 10 but just 9. 2 from sparkling magazine, 2 from meg magazine, 1 from the philippine star, 1 from the PDI, me, the CEO of Tony Moly Philippines, Andrea, and our backup girl from Tony Moly Philippines, Ira (back up since the intended Tony Moly Philippines girl to go with us got her visa application denied).  so there 9.
 here I am with celebrity MUA Park JooHye.
KPOP or Korean Popular culture stars are handled very differently compared to their western counterparts.  Their management have strict rules about touching i.e. hand shakes or high fives and specially hugs, unless the specific agenda of the event is a high five event.  Moreover, because they, the fans, pay a high premium on their idols' looks, management of these stars also dictate that personal pictures are not allowed to be taken at official events like these. Only pictures by official photographers will be allowed to be published.  Yes, these guys are not hollywood actors like Patrick J. Adams of Suits (who visited the Philippines recently and hugged and had a personal photo with just about everyone and their grandma on their iphones and note2's)
The endorsers arrived.  they are JYJ, they are popular as actors and musicians and used to be part of a five member group. 
They greet the representatives of Tony Moly from different parts of Asia.
The 5 question and answer portion began.
Question1: As models/endorsers of Tony Moly, how does JYJ feel about Tony Moly products?
Junsu answered this question quite endearingly: He said that he has already been using Tony Moly products (even before their endorsement for Tony Moly started).  Junsu also expressed that he was happy to meet both Tony Moly and JYJ fans in this opportunity.

Either this is a very common question or one of the questions I submitted were asked:
Question 2: About your busy schedule - how does JYJ cope to maintain physical and mental well being? this time it was Jaejoong that replied. He replied that he doesn't do anything special, he just enjoys life and work.

Another question I distinctly recall sending over thanks to the help of Gigi Melodias of Fangirl Asia and Dek Samson.
Question 3: How do they maintain their skin and who among the three is the most meticulous.  it was still Jaejoong that answered.  He replied that he uses Tony Moly products he doesn't do anything or anymore than what a woman does with maintaining their skin.
If he answered the second part of the question which was who was more meticulous, lady emcee/interpreter did not relay this to the audience anymore.

Question 4: The question was how was Tokyo dome (a three day concert held the week before this Tony Moly event).  Finally, Yoochun spoke and answered:  He replied that they were worried at first but he felt they did well and are very grateful.
Question 5: What are the future plans for JYJ? Jolly lovable Junsu replied that they are working on a new album and hope to release it within 2013! 
There was a bonus question a sixth one - this is in regards of the gifts received given by fans during this event.  Jolly lovable Junsu again replied, that he would most certainly use the gifts specially from this unconventional chance to view fans.
Then the autograph portion of the event started.  Junsu was the first one to sign for anyone.  he was quite the lovely person and always had a smile for anyone who'd come up to him.
 Thank you Junsu, you're too sweet!
a jolly lovely person Junsu was at this event, thus the big smile on my face while he signed his picture.
 followed by gentle and sweet Jaejoong.

It was a very good event.  Representatives of the brand from all over Asia were allowed a rare chance to get to know the latest products from Tony Moly right at the heart of Seoul, the shopping center that is Myeoungdong.  We were graced with the rare opportunity of autographed pictures of one of the most popular boy groups in the KPOP industry.  
We were also allowed 10% discount on our purchases in the Tony Moly stores around Myeoungdong so long as we showed our badges or have our Tony Moly Korea marketing people with us when we shopped. yes, i have this thing with snails hehehe so i bought snail related items. sorry, i'm keeping the passport holder hahaha.
Finally, dinner after the event! so does this make me a cass? hahaha it's still Coors or Budweiser for me folks, i like my kpop i mean i like my beer american y'all!
this is kimchi soy stew, i really liked this! parang sinigang na maanghang na may tokwa!
of course! what's a trip to korea by an americanized gal without eating some BACON!!!
 back to reality folks!
 and zesto was not served!
joke's on me then, i was half expecting zesto in those stupid sachets with the hard to find puncture holes hahaha!
I came away from this trip a with a lot of discoveries.  I became an even bigger fan of Tony Moly and of their products.  I can't wait to try out the Tony Moly CC creams I have.  I got TWO! one is their gift, the aura and the other is their snail cream cc i purchased at 10% discount!  thank you Tony Moly Korea and Tony Moly Philippines for this once in a lifetime opportunity.
I loved my stay and room at the Seoul Royal Hotel.  the location is very convenient, right at Myeoungdong.  The food and amenities were first rate! now you know top dollar was paid if you sit your bum on a heated toilet seat and if your bidet is push button controlled.  all i'm saying is, thank the gods of olympus the buttons were in English. tabo? anu yun? :P
I love my loot and I will make sure to review and share them in a giveaway!  I even loved the weather.  sure it was 2degrees with wind chill but compare that to febrile temperatures back in manila of up to 36 degrees? Throw me back to Seoul, please!
Thank you for your time, that's it from me for now folks!



εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

I envy. lol :)) I really want to go to Korea when I have the means na! ♥ Hay. Nakakatuwa na nakakadepress yung mga ganitong posts mo ate Marge. Hahaha ^_^

Marge said...

iniisip ko pa nga ko anong maisisik sik na panlilibre na ginawa ng Tony Moly para sa amin eh LOL la lang.
sige sis, punta ka ng korea, basta cebu pacific, mura, 6k lang per pax back and forth na yun. may mga hostel naman na tig 1500 a night eh tas sa kalye ka na lang kumain, parang korean drama di ba? yung mga tent na nagsusulputan twing gabi. keri naman dun malinis

CharryReyes said...

Drool! Thanks for this post Marge, parang andun na rin ako sa event. Lol! Mwah!❤❤❤

Marge said...

awww, that's what i was aiming for! to have my readers feel like they were there. thank you for such a lovely comment.

Aya Mabalot said...

Kainggit ate!!! One day makakapunta din ako sa Korea *fingerscrossed* Parang naintriga naman tuloy ako sa tony moly. I hope I can stop by before I leave the country. :(

Lizzie said...

how long did you stay at South Korea?
I was there 2 weeks ago.. and I want to go back again. :P

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