Wednesday, April 17, 2013


DISCLAIMER: I bought this brush with my own money.  I am not being paid by Beauty and Minerals to review this particular brush.
When I purchased this in a bazaar, I was advised by Sophie that this brush is supposed to declump my lashes by combing the bristles through my lashes.
description and warning
what it looks like
bristles are made of synthetic hair
 not going to reveal the mascara i used here, ahem dolly wink, ahem LOL
another shot of my lashes before i used the brush
now for a shot of my eye ball :P
come closer!
and after.  some separation was achieved
but the curl relaxed as well
THE LIKES AND DISLIKES BELOW ARE GREATLY AFFECTED BY THE MASCARA USED.  there are mascara formulas that dry quickly.  If you used the quick drying waxy formulas, yari ka hehehe, meaning, it's gonna be hard using this brush through your lashes since the formula has already set and dried. 
  • can be purchased separately, at least when I got at the bazaar.
  • made of synthetic hair so no weird scent
  • handy 
  • most likely, this brush will work better had the mascara formula i had a more watery consistency, more wet.
  • relatively inexpensive
  • locally available
  • works to a certain degree
  • if you're not careful with the formula you use, this brush can weigh down your lashes as you go through your lashes and bring down the curl
  • it all boils down to how you curl your lashes and, how your lashes grow.  no matter how super fantastic your mascara and if you have this brush, if clumps of lashes grow to a point, yung tipong the pulp and hair point to one direction and so do a couple more hairs while the rest are wayward then your lashes are clumped together with or without mascara.  the more clumped they will look when you curl them! UNLESS, you manage to twist the lashes away from each other.    
  • this brush will work on those conditions.  
  1. formula of the mascara 
  2. the way your lashes grow


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