Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's here! AND it's April. the Cure! at the Beauty Bar branches for PhP1500
ok, so?
and therefore?
sige nga?!
and there's this O.o
so let's see now.
thank you Beauty Box Corp, this is always helpful for us non-readers of hirigana / katakana ^.^

and the ingredients
let's try it!
on my unsuspecting office mate's elbow!
and a little after. 
on my hand it still got some top layer off
and made my skin look less groovy hehehe i mean wrinkly :P
  • now available in Manila at the Beauty Bar
  • at a not too pricey SRP of 1500 for almost 9 oz or 250g that you will only use at least once a week will last you a long time.
  • mostly water but exfoliates ♥
  • a little product goes a long way!
  • cooling and refreshing to the skin while you're rubbing
  • makes what ever skin care you are on much better (rationale - since you are rid of the top layer of 'dead' skin cells or epithelials (feeling CSI) then there is less product wastage of whatever skin care you're using because there is less skin that will block the absorption of your serum/emulsion or snail cream, thereby making your current skin care more effective.)
  • effects are almost instantly seen as shown by the pictures i posted above
  • comes in a convenient packaging with pump, ey! it's hygienic!
  • can be used in other parts of the body as shown by my office mate.
  • didn't give him any harsh skin reaction like reddening or itching, nor did it give me any weird skin rash so this is safe at least for me and my office mate
  • no preservatives so those peeps who are paraben-phobic do not be afraid of this product
  • for those who care, this can brighten your skin (not so much as whiten because that's really up to you, the sun, your DNA, and sun screening products you may or may not use.) brighten because it removes the dull dead skin layer that's about to be shed anyway.  so what's left is rosy brighter skin.  so melanin production kyeme, you'll have to see that for yourselves please, don't ask me if this helped me whiten my skin.
  • Butylene Glycol - this is actually an accepted and allowed organic molecule with two alcohol groups (thank you nuskin) that binds moisture and hold water to the skin.  Deemed currently safe to be used in cosmetics. -- some people are still wary since it some people's skin do not react too well with any type of alcohol or petroleum derivatives.
  •  NONE so far ^_^


Kath Rivera said...

Thanks for sharing. I saw this cure natural agua gel 2 or 3 years ago and highly raved sa mga forums. is this the same formulation kaya sa dati? parang nag-iba din yung look ng bottle.

Marge said...

it's most like the same ^_^

Emi Mj Zapanta said...

Hi there~

I like this product... though, is this product the same with the one Tony Moly has? the peeling gel? they technically have the same effect?

Nice review btw~! :)

Marge said...

yeah, the thing in the green apple container? yeah i have that, lemme try it this weekend ^_^

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