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DISCLAIMER: Some of you who do follow my trekking may recall that I was graciously invited at the Laneige launch for the White Plus Renew which i posted here.  This Whit Plus Renew Original Essence Special Set is part of the press kit/gift given during that event for us to try out.
I have now been using this for at lease two weeks.
The product description for the items can be seen below, kindly click on the picture to enlarge and make the details more readable

here's what it looks like.  i'm not the greatest fan of the medicine dropper way of dispensing skin care, i always and much prefer the pump.
it is milky white and just a smidge / tad thicker than the white lucent and the tsuya 
it absorbs just a tad longer than the white lucent and the tsuya but all three get absorbed without any oily residue

the ingredients of the products included in the special set are below.
and below is the spot treatment, much thicker than the original essence

but is absorbed easily as well
and does not leave a sticky oily residue
and the tone up corrector
the pink / beige hue does not appear on my skin, sadly, so i do still apply either bb cream or foundation on top of this when i know i'm going out for walk.
but it dries semi matte on me
and as you can see below, i still need at least bb cream to at least not look like i'm auditioning for the walking dead tv series season 15.
After my trips to Cambodia and day tour at Corregidor, I must admit I am no longer the NC15-20 for Mac or a 117 for Makeup Forever and people can tell that my coloring is slightly off compared to what they are used to.  It's half the reason why i even used the white lucent to begin with.  (some of you may know that i really am not into whitening anything but thanks to my Corregidor trip, I am able to test these products out for my self)

How I was advised to use this set is:

  1. skin refiner first, it's like a toner
  2. followed by the emulsion
  3. then lastly - if at night time, the original essence
  4. if during the day, then apply the tone corrector for sun screen

As a whole - set:
  • almost the complete set i would need if i go travel the packaging is quite handy and easy to store
  • all of the products even piled on on top of each other does not feel heavy on the skin
  • all are easily absorbed by my skin
  • did not break me out
  • very mild scent that doesn't make me sneeze
  • works albeit not as fast or with shocking speed as the white lucent, this  white plus renew offers the same brightening as the white lucent just at a slower rate (it's even slower than the tsuya)
  • the price of the original essence by itself is much cheaper then both the white lucent and the tsuya
  • the original essence is available in stores but this special set has yet to reach the robinson's galeria branch (i checked last Tuesday), hopefully it's available by now.
  • quite moisturizing by themselves without either the water sleeping pack or the firming pack on top before i go to bed
  • does not make me oily throughout the night or the day
  • does not work as fast as the white lucent but for the price, i think it's rather commensurate to the rate of brightening per peso ratio
  • the medicine dropper type of dispensing the product, even if i know i have clean fingers, i still feel weird touching the tip of the dropper because i'd feel much weirder dropping a drop of product having the tip an inch away from my ring finger
As you know, I'm not one for brightening and specially whitening.  I'm for just keeping status quo and enhancing what you have as per skin color.  But a great deal of women prefer to be fairer than how they currently are and feel they look younger and more attractive with brighter and whiter skin.  Soooo, if that's what you are looking for the white plus renew special set could be something you can check out before investing in the full sizes.  I will say that I will buy the white plus renew eye cream and the tone up corrector full size. I like Laneige sun screens and i believe in their skin care.  

I'm still using this set and will continue to do so. I'm trying to even out the skin tone of my face to at least my neck. if that's a fair assessment of how I recommend this product then so be it.  


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how much is the Whit Plus Renew Original Essence

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Thanks :)

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no prob

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How Can I Order it ?
And Please contact me on my email

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i don't sell

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