Monday, April 29, 2013


DISCLAIMER:  This was a gift from GlamourBoxPH for me to check out.  unless i otherwise specify, I am not paid to review the products sent to me.
Info below is from the website of Eye of Horus Mascara i do think thought that the 30 dollars is in AUD, but anyway it's just a difference of a dollar difference.
the other day i awoken my cougar este, my goddess within :P
product blurb below
product description below
ingredients are below.
i just had to take a shot of it again, not 99% not even 99.99% but 100% waterproof!
errr hiyeah, long wearing it is.
and the logo of the eye of Horus
while it's nice and pointed i take a pic of it
and the smudger end is just a sponge tip, a nice one at that.
you can apply with a light hand for a natural look, the liner look below was achieved by tightlining with a light handed application in between the roots of the lashes.
and the cat eye look
but not a full on cleopatra look, just enough to be noticed since i wear glasses.
and it did say waterproof so let's try that out! and it is!  bar brawl with snooks here i come!  oh but wait, she's a home maker now aint she? hehehe
smudge proof! yes, indeed!
without glasses
with glasses.
  • it's a good SOLID BLACK khol pencil
  • VERY smooth to apply it's like applying solid butter on my waterline and lash line
  • did not irritate my eyes so no sting
  • did not scatter to the whites of eyes, so when i apply it, the product grabs on to my moist waterline or powdered (with eye shadow) lash line and sticks there faster than glue!
  • at no time did this goo and make black eye crust at my tear ducts.  (in filipino: hindi ako nagmuta ng itim using this)
  • does not smudge AT ALL
  • is absolutely waterproof as shown in my under the faucet with the water running test
  • did not melt off my eyes and melt down at the outer corner of my eyes, this thing just didn't budge
  • no weird smell
  • didn't break out the skin on my eye lids or give me a sty.
  • HOWEVER, it was quite easy to remove! baby oil is all it took to remove the writing at the back of my hand and it only took a lip and eye makeup remover WIPE to get this off my lids and waterline. 
  • available in the philippines via GlamourBoxPh
  • takes one line for a good black line.  which is to say that it just takes a little product for a completed look

  • price - some may complain that it's pricey for an eye liner, but if it takes very little for such a black, bold and solid line then a little will go a long way for you
  • the lead is just a few notches harder than the maybelline gel liner so sharpening this baby will be a b!tch.  for this country that actually goes up to febrile temps i suggest anyone who has this is to freeze it first then sharpen it
Whether you're the kardashian or song hye go with just the black liner on her upper waterline, this is a very good liner.  I highly recommend this so long as you don't forget it in the freezer hehehe 


celyn_lifeisashoe said...

this looks like a great product! I really love the name!

Marge said...

ooohhh ikr, love love the name

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