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DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by The Face Shop Philippines as a gift.  This is now available in The Face Shop Philippines branches in major malls all over metro manila and retails for PhP1195. (you can question me on this as far as i can recall this product is NOT MORE THAN php1300, so di sya mamahal sa 1300 pero lampas ng 1100, better yet, tanong nyo mismo sa the face shop ^_^ )
The product description is below:
A liquid type of sunscreen that enables easy application with a cushion sponge.
Just like my beloved, this, too, comes in a compact type of container
has a mirror and a rubber sponge applicator
the mirror is covered with a plastic sheet
and these things, i love the application of these rubber sponges.
there is no grain so application is smooth and without streaks
the product has a lid and below it a safety seal
as shown here below once i've peeled off the seal
this is a little less sticky than my beloved.  this has more of a foundation feel
but it blends out well and gives my skin a nice healthy looking sheen
the directions are below.
and below are the ingredients
product description from the box
a picture of me with no flash used.  the smart bb on the right side of my face while no product on the left side of my face.
with the flash on, the smart bb on the right side of my face while no product on the left side of my face.
and with the powder to set and some blush.  the thing i like about most bb products is that they really make me look healthy.  they brighten up my skin yet unlike full on foundations, you can still see my skin underneath.  so most bb creams are like tinted veils.  

  • just like my beloved, the packaging is a compact style so it's great for travel
  • it has lid cover that contains the sponge applicator for hygienic purposes
  • available in the philippines
  • can be applied with brushes specially like the ones i shared here 
  • has spf 50 and pa of +++
  • long wearing
  • does not oxidize 
  • did not break me out
  • easy to blend
  • easy to remove from my face at the end of the day
  • coverage is medium to buildable
  • has a very mild scent
  • does not affect the blushes or powder i use on top of this
  • does not melt off or transfer on the rims of my eye glasses
  • oil control is so so i give it a 2.5 over 5 (1 being no oil control at all and 5 having the best oil control)
  • finish is semi-matte so not completely flat
  • none that i can think off except maybe the price, my my beloved costs php1950 for the compact and a refill while this is php1195 without refill. 
RECOMMENDATIONS: Apart from samples, which you know from my beloved, that it is possible for Korea to release samples for these, in the tiny little tubs and cute little 1 inch diameter sponges with 4 grams of product, this product from the face shop is a good investment for you to try if you think that shelling out 2k on my beloved is too high and for two that you may end up not liking.  [MEANING - kahit wala pang ni-rerelease na samples ang face shop korea / ph for this smart cushion, kahit alam nating posibleng magka samples ng mga ganintong item, I RECOMMEND for you gals to try this anyway isa lang naman di gaya ng kabila 2 agad eh baka naman di nyo magustuhan, at least itong sa the face shop isa lang.]


Analyn Fritz said...

i want to ask if this product good for oily skin type?

Blaise Shang said...

so, what's your "beloved"?

Monica Santos said...

Oh, so TFS also has this cushion thingy na din pala. If almost the same lang sila nung beloved, I think I'm going to skip it muna, I haven't used the refill pa kasi nung isa.

couchpotato_md said...

Hi marge! which was one has better oil control this one or your beloved? I also love your beloved. I have a refill pa but I already made pabili another set.Hoarding lang! One refill last me about 3 months so not bad for the price and its just 1,300 for a set with refill if you make pabili from whomever is vacationing in Korea. But glad to know, that there is an alternative to the beloved that has spf 50 also and available locally. Btw, I'm currently loving the Baviphat Magic Girls BB cream which I picked up base on your previous posting.Super love your BB cream reviews, humahaba listahan ko. he-he!

couchpotato_md said...

sayang nama that baviphat is bankrupt na. i really like the BB cream pa naman, its less grayish/dark kc most of the bb creams I have, and less browinsh orangy than my sand beige beloved.

Ayase Chiharu said...

Hello po alin po ang mas prefer nyo, ito or yung laneige snow? Thanks po :)

Marge said...

one is my beloved the other one is not

Mira said...

Oh, I was searching for a review and finally found a good one. Thanks Marge for this awesome review! I think I'm gonna get this when I finished my Etude House Any Cushion.
xx, Mira |

Marge said...

ey thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm glad you found my review on this product helpful ^_^

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