Sunday, April 7, 2013


DISCLAIMER: I purchased this from my long time (as in long time like when since i first began blogging about Korean cosmetics) Charmaine, Kkochipida, she has a facebook page and it's here <--click link She didn't pay me to review this product and I am not paid to do any of these reviews for her or anyone ;-) all likes and dislikes are from my own experience unless i involve my office mates as my test subjects hehehe.

This is from the Look At me collection.  and since my proof 10 eye base is kaput i thought i was a good time to try a new one.

it's pearly!
on the pan it kinda looks fleshy kinda pink
but has a luminescence to it
a pearly luminescence 
as shown here
sadly it hardly shows up on my browny/yellowy/purply lids
annoyingly it shows up on the back of my hand
cream on cream? LOL so i chose an eye shadow that hardly puts on color this is the lavender shade from the secret recipe collection, the all over color. 
so it does kinda show up on me now that used this base underneath.  ok, at least it works.

  • ALMOST dirt cheap
  • cute packaging, of course
  • clear top lid at least i know what i'm grabbing for since i have more than one look at my eyes shadows and they all look alike and the only way to tell them apart is to look through the top lid.  AT LEAST you don't need to open the product
  • tacky kinda sticky, this is more for eye shadows that end up falling off your lids
  • brings out the shade of the shadow you apply
  • no weird scent
  • didn't irritate my eyes 
  • didn't break out the skin on my eye lids
  • easy to remove even with makeup remover wipes
  • sorta covered the discoloration on my lids, sorta evened them out 
  • creases!
Kindly ask Charmaine of Kkochipida if she has this on hand. or message Etude House Philippines and how much they sell this if they have it.


Dawn said...

I have this one too. I'm quite disappointed that it makes my eye makeup crease faster than if I do not have this primer on. Sayang because it's cute pa naman. :(

Marge said...

yep, pang powder eye shadow lang sya, really good ones pa for this to work

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