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DISCLAIMER 1: this firming pack is part of the press kit given when i attended their launch.  a press kit is literature/information about the products that was featured in the event.  in a press kit you get samples or full size items of the products you were presented.
Some of you may recall that I attended the launching event of Laneige's White Plus renew several weeks ago that i posted here
The Firming Sleeping Pack, though already in shelves at the different Laneige Philippines location, was also part of the launch.  and here we are.  The reason why it took me this long to post a review on this is that, this product is only used once to a maximum of twice a week.  so i had to wait and use it about 2-3 weeks. to see any results.
Here are the collaterals for the new product
further description below.
sleepop - teeheee ^_^
shape memory gel, it's kinda nifty in real life.
and the real deal.
i always like how Laneige products are packaged, so sleek and pricey looking
ingredients are below
provided in the box is a spatula.
and what it looks like, it's a cross between almond gulaman (jell-o) and hard boiled egg whites.
yes, it wobble wobble when you shake it or dab your finger in the middle sadly no boing boing boing sound :P
and it kinda does look like egg whites that's about to be overly fried
but it dries to an almost supple matte finish.
but here's the oldie but goodie!  this thing that makes Laneige popular and has made Laneige what it is today.  the Water Sleeping Pack
both products have a shelf life of 12 months
the ingredients of the water sleeping pack is below.
and what the water sleeping pack looks like
it has a watery gel like consistency but more more watery than the firming sleeping pack
this takes just a tad longer to get absorbed than the firming sleeping pack.
so i'm ready for bed
because i have oily to combo skin, it takes the right moisturizer, usually in gel form to moisturize my face and not leave me looking like a grease ball when i wake up.  and here i am the next morning.
well, i kinda looked refreshed?
Aspect Firming Sleeping Pack Water Sleeping Pack
formula gel but more on jell-ogel but more hair gel
Moiturizationsame as water sleeping packsame as firming sleeping pack
Finishalmost mattesatin dewy
Lasting Powerskin is moisturized til the next morningthe same as firming pack
Oil Controli didn't get greasy the next dayjust slightly oily
Break Outdid not break me outditto
Scentvery mildy scentedsmells a little perfume-y
Applicationa little awkward just like applying jell-ostraight up moisturizer application
absorptionmuch faster than water sleeping packslower than the firming sleeping pack
Purpose-Resultmoisturizing, eye bags less visiblejust a tad less effective in lifting my eye bags moisturization is the same as firming pack
Packagingtub spatula providedthe same, tub spatula provided
Packaging2i actually agree that this should be in a tub containercan (should) be bottle in a pump bottle to be more hygienic
Tightening abilitydidn't notice too much of a difference please refer to the discliamer belowno tight feeling at any point i.e. during application, during absorption or upon waking up
Overall Effectvery mildy scentedsmells a little perfume-y

DISCLAIMER 2: with regards to tightening. i have deepening lines under my eyes that you can plainly see when i smile but are hardly noticeable when i just look ahead and expressionless. So it's hard for me to notice if my lines got shallower because of the plumping action of the firming sleeping pack. i just noticed that my cheeks are a tad more plump like more full compared to some 'dehydration' before going to bed.

RECOMMENDATIONS: I recommend the the newer firming pack for people (regardless of gender) over the age of 33. while the water sleeping pack should be good for all ages but even teens regardless of gender can and should use the water sleeping pack at least once a week even if their skin is on the oily side. remember just because you have oily skin doesn't mean you should skip out on moisturizers. for the simple reason that your skin may be thinking that your skin is getting dry so your sebum glands are over compensating by producing too much oil. also for women who claim to be oily skin and live in the tropics. try to analyze your situation as well, check the humidity where you are. that 'oil' your blotting off your nose is mostly like more humidity moisture rather than oil produced by your sebum gland in your skin. ;-)


εïз ღ ValerieDeoferio ღ εïз said...

I love love love the Water Sleeping Pack ^_^ I once had a dreadful dry face case, as in my whole face, and only 1 night with this made everything alright the next morning (as against a few more nights with other creams/moisturizers) :D I don't use it once a week lang before, minsan every other night. hahaha XD

Marge said...

lol, i like both equally hehehe

Kreamiblush said...

I did a review on this and I think I will buy the firming water pack even though I am still young since it does the same job as the sleeping pack but plus the firming but nice review! x


Marge said...

go, it's a very good product regardless of age recommendation

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