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DISCLAIMER: This is one of the Christmas gifts that Tony Moly Philippines sent me for Christmas 2012.  AND kindly inquire with
Tony Moly Philippines directly how much this is, i could not find the item on their online store here.
"Make-up starter for ideal facial expression" that's the description that sent me giggling.
but wait there's more from this website/online store:
Morning pack ♥, ♥, Tony Moly Latte, the Art the Milk-the Tea
Mask 100ml ♥ ♥ << NEW >>, Tony Moly Morning disposable makeup moisturizing skin care
The unique mixture of tea ♥ --- milk protein extract, corn, tea and natural caffeine made ​​♥
♥ allows morning the skin of the spirit of glory ♥
♥ special milk ingredients to give 5 seconds of super-nutrition of the skin feeling and moisture feeling of 10 seconds and 15 seconds to lock the water sense ♥
♥ Tu skin more supple, completely absorbed very easy on the makeup.
♥ make BB CREAM / foundation and skin completely fit ♥
♥ new clothes no longer have to mix the creamer, toothpaste mounted easy to use ♥
♥ use: the morning after cleansing, before using this product, and then use a toner ♥
♥ or after the completion of basic care in the use BB Cream or Cream ♥:
what a gold mine of awesome! kaloka yung toothpaste mounted noh? at yung "allows morning the skin of spirit glory!"
but i suppose this is what they meant, it's a squeezy tube.
hangul description if you wanna practice reading.
description in engRish, ah ideal facial expression.  ano kaya yun?
ey the ingredients are in english!
has a shelf life of 12months
this is what it looks like.  so it's unlike any makeup primers i've tried.  it's supposed to be a combination of both primer and skin care.
i apply this after i apply sun screen if my foundation will have very low spf.
영앙 & 보 습 & 실키 30초 피부케어 - just means good skin care with silky finish within 30seconds
it actually doesn't look like anything after it has been absorbed by my skin
and here i am with the full office appropriate makeup look. hampucha parang milagro lang di ba? the power of makeup talaga! oh don't mind me i'm on a love / hate relationship with my non-made-up self lately.  if i'm not pms-ing it's the weird weather allergy if it's not that it's my monthly hahaha the fun never stops, i tell ya!
  • the packaging much more convenient in the mounted toothpaste kyeme - in other words the upside down squeezy tube.  you may recall this 
     where in you had to mix something in the cup to activate the ingredients etc, so this newer version is a more travel pack friendly version and no mixing so this new packaging is more hygienic
  • no weird scent
  • easy to apply 
  • absorbs easily
  • i only get only at the tip of my nose, i'd say on a scale of 1-5 1 being the lowest 5 the best oil control like no need to blot (impossible dream) this allows me just one time blotting in the middle of the day so i give its oil control a 3.5 over 5
  • didn't break me out
  • does make my foundation last longer
  • doesn't let my foundation oxidize on me
  • allows for a smoother application of my foundation
  • doesn't feel heavy on my skin
  • made the pore coverage of my foundation better than it would if i had just used the foundation on its own
  • takes just a little product to cover my entire face
  • available in the Philippines.
  • this does not have sun screen therefore you'll need an extra step to apply sunscreen over or under this for sun protection 
it's a good primer for the size and has beneficial ingredients for skin care, i recommend this to some of you out there who are too lazy with a skin care regimen but like to wear makeup or at least bb cream for a presentable fez to the public.  people skin care is more important than a full face of makeup at the end of the day, your non-made-up face is what you bring to bed and sleep in.  so take care of your skin.


Marge said...

bwahahaha, omg...mianheyo/gomenasai.
sobrang I JUST HAAAAAD TO SHARE THAT LOL. pati yung picture ng bRing bRing shop :P

Seo Eun Kang said...

Hi. I have a question. What is the best bb cream, concealer and under-eye concealer that has got coverage but still looks natural? By natural, I mean it doesn't look like you're wearing make up. Is there anything like that? I have oily skin. Sorry, my english is not good.

Marge said...

i like laneige and kanebo products, i think they work really well on my skin.
if they're too pricey, you can also take a look at tony moly and the face shop products. they work well, too.

Seo Eun Kang said...

Hi again. Any specific for tony moly or the face shop? Sorry, I really have no knowledge about this stuff and I'm conscious about some acne scar appearing on my face. I hope for something that can cover my scars but still look natural. Is there any product like that?

Marge said...

from tony moly i like the bb cream with snail cream and the expert triple. really high coverage, while from the face shop you can try the smart digital vibrating bb cream

preciousgold161 said...

Lovely the power of medicine for the small peas of powder you will be presentable at time
Oro Gold

Kat Bulaong said...

Ohh I thought this pack is a wash-off type.. So I just apply it in the morning after skincare or before? Thanks for the review btw Ate Marge!

Marge said...

hi beh, after skin care and before bb cream/foundation. so skin care / primer - base sya

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