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Nature republic, this is one of those brands i unfortunately haven't had the time to make too much room for in my blog.   Hopefully, that will change.  I think Nature Republic has a good range of skin care and cosmetics and whose prices are competitive, specially if you buy them in Seoul.  this is only SKW7700 and there are always discounts or lots of freebies so it doesn't feel like i felt i paid that much for this blush.  Got this at myeoungdong last april.  yes, this is available here in da pilippeens, kindly ask Nature Republic Philippines for pricing and availability. 
the packaging is a bit tricky, i have a habit of twisting the cap off when all i need to do is to pull it off. still, even by just pulling it off, it's still tricky and it gets jammed.  but at least there's a diagram at the back of the product insert and a demo of sorts on how to use it.
the ingredients are below and are in English
i'll tell you two things i dislike about this blush, the silly pull out cap, it's gotten so tricky that there was this one time (at band camp) i pulled it out but i ended up digging one of my nails into the product, it's a cream product so it got in under my nails. this is NOT like the maybelline sorta dome-y bouncy blush where it actually does bounce (back) if you press it long enough and make a finger impression (it will form back to its original dome-y shape).  so this nature republic dome shape blusher is a cream type of product but isn't spongy to the touch, it's just packed like a dome.  so don't hit your cheeks too hard with this item, it can hurt.
BUT I TRULY TRULY love this cool PINK blush.  i've discovered no matter how i love orgasm-y like shades, you know the sorta golden peachy or want to love those kinds of shades, those shades just doesn't love me as much back.  my face oxidizes blush and eye shadows (but not so much face products like bb creams, cc creams and foundations).  so blushes like angelika that's actually cool pink ends up looking peachy on my face.  and theBalm's hot mama ends up looking like a bronzer on me. i never ever wear bronzer.  i'm too pale and i end up looking muddy.  so me? no to bronzer.  jaz lyk tEh fez below, NOOOOOO to bronzer for me please.
  • the shade this number 1 pink apple is very similar to my lioele pink tint but this is more opaque
  • matte finish for those who are avoiding the oily shiny look this 'summer'
  • lasting on my oily cheeks, so there is still some blush left even at the end of the day while waiting for a cab
  • no weird scent. no scent
  • doesn't give me zits, black or white heads, or milla (the white tiny bumps that suddenly appear and just as suddenly, disappears)
  • does not oxidize stays pink the entire day
  • i don't need to set this
  • makes me look healthy and not like a clown
  • doesn't smear or melt off
  • doesn't transfer onto the rims of my glasses
  • goes with any lipstick, imho, or eye shadow look
  • a little goes a long way
  • can be applied with a synthetic brush
  • and it's not too pricey when i bought it in myeoungdong (i don't know how much this is in our nature republic boutiques in those malls i try to boycott)
  • quite easy to remove at the end of the day with just makeup remover wipes even if it's a long wearing type of blush (at least on me it wears long)
  • as mentioned above, the packaging, it's bulky
  • the cap, it's tricky to pull off its base, BUT  it wasn't tight on the lid i'd be complaining that it's too loose, so this can't win :P
  • not springy, so if your mind is wandering while applying makeup (ahem, ako nagmumuni-muni) you might hit yourself too hard with this blush, and like i mentioned it isn't spongy springy like the maybelline one so be more mindful when you use this.
OVERALL - i really love this blush, in fact i'd buy it again, i can live with the dislikes i mentioned above, i just have to be really care opening it and not poke myself in the eye with this.  i like the color, the lasting power, the fact that it's not a pale sort of pink yet does not turn orange on me the way many a pink blush do.
that's it for now.  sorry i've been away so long.  aiissshhh i've been sick!


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