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DISCLAIMER:   I was sent this and two other Gluta-C products as a gift and review. unless i otherwise specify, i am not paid to do these reviews.
As you know i work in an office environment where the airconditioning is set to really low temperatures and the liquid hand soap provided at our loo is really drying to the hands, so when given the chance, i often take the opportunity to do a write up on the hand or in this case body lotions that are given me because i and my office mates really use these.  
product description is below
ingredients are below, it has arbutin a known whitening agent. vitamin c in itself has been used as a whitening agent for a long time now.

what it looks like, it's rather thick which is good for my purpose
unlike other products with spf this one isn't shiny after application and it isn't greasy 

  • has some spf, so it reinforces the whitening and gives us some protection
  • did not give me any harsh reaction
  • the moisturizing effect is lasting
  • it has a flip cap so no twisting of the cap just to get the product out of the bottle
  • kept my skin from drying after washing my hands with our really corrosive liquid hand soap at work
  • readily available at drugstores and department stores groceries
  • the smell, it smells like papaya or some kind of fruit vege, idk, i just don't like it much
  • the container is opaque, i can't tell if i have any product left in the bottle
I am not into whitening but a lot of you are, you can try this product and see if it works for you.  i and my office mates use it for it's moisturizing properties and spf ^_^  so if you are looking for a lotion with sun screen with moisturizing properties AND can whiten you then go for this.  if you wanna try it out first do check out SAMPLE ROOM if they still have this on stock.


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