Monday, May 6, 2013


I got wind of the GWP with leader's face on the freebie so i just had to get one of the latest items from The Face Shop Philippines.  I forgot how much each cost, just know that buying these two didn't take more than PhP1100.
I will review the concealer and setting powder in one post and I will start with the concealer.
the product description and ingredients at the back of the box
since the concealer is packaged in a metal pen type of casing, it was nice of them to provide a window for the user to see if there's any product left inside
ingredient list below
unlike other pen type concealers where you twist the end to push the product out of the brush,
and here are the synthetic bristles of the pen brush
the product comes out nicely IN THE MIDDLE not squirting out the side of the spout tip of the pen.  AND even after use like the bristles all stuck to each other, the product still goes through the bristles enough for a smooth application and not just squirt out of the tip of the pen (and skip going thru the bristles entirely)
now, to be honest, i my under eye area is not as dark as compared to other women's dark circles but we all have those days when we need it extra.
and now for the setting powder
product description below
the ingredients
a compac with a mirror

that has a lid separator and a section for the puff
the puff, i really really love this puff
it set the swatched concealer on the back of my hand
and here's the finished product
and the finished look
this is a fairly new product from the face shop and with the recent gwp this was the best thing i could think of to buy.  each item is around 500 so i got the post it with leader on it without having to add any other purchase
  • very creamy to apply but not too watery
  • didn't cause any skin irritation 
  • didn't crepe up or give that elephant skin looking skin at the corner of your eyes like some other concealer
  • didn't cake up
  • didn't transfer on to the rims of my glasses
  • or move around or slide off
  • didn't oxidize
  • lasted all day
  • no funny smell
  • didn't feel heavy
  • that window indicator allowing me to see how much product i have left in the container
  • the bristles is just really soft and spreads the concealer just fine and not streaking the concealer
  • has a faint but nice scent
  • spf, not a lot of concealers for the under eye have spf and at spf30
  • well, it's compact! (small, i can carry it around as a regular compact to for touch ups when i'm going out and when i have a small bag)
  • the packaging has a separator / compartment for the puff to keep it hygienic
  • powder is very finely milled
  • can be used wet for a more matte finish, according to the sales girls from the face shop
  • doesn't make me sneeze (when powder gets into my eyes, i end up sneezing)
  • doesn't give the skin around my eyes any irritation
  • medium to buildable coverage
  • the coverage - it's light to medium ONLY, now if you're a girl with much worse under eye circles than i then this might not work for you at all
  • the packaging, the metal thing surrounding the plastic container inside, the paint for the label will scrape off eventually
  • the spring loaded pusher (at the end) to squirt the product out.  i prefer the twisty type, we can always accidentally press down on the spring tip and i'd have a surprise when i open a cap
  • if i apply too much it makes my wrinkles look deeper and much more obvious than when i didn't have any concealer to begin with
I'm a big fan of the compact, even if it can make my wrinkles look deeper and obvious.  i can control the application by using a light hand or use a fan brush instead. it can be used as the compact you do use to set your foundations and for touch ups.  the concealer could do with a little more coverage if women with much more serious dark under eye circles but for just light concealing this concealer is the right product for you.


Marge said...

yes, i'm a very big fan of the compact. great for my travel kit ^_^ yep, and i did like the post it, too

Val Baricua said...

I love that it's relatively cheaper than other concealers. and that, like most other Asian makeup, this is made for a specific area, under the eyes.

Good review as as always. :)

Marge said...

true it's not too expensive and is good enough for not so dark under eye circles.
thank you for visiting and reading my blog

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